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I bet you know the original fairy tale "The little mermaid".

The little princess who pursued and stuck to her dreams was so fascinating and heart-breaking.

Basing on this love story, the Princess Ariel alias the little mermaid, refilled with a sunny and rebellious character, ending up with a happy life with her prince, captured the heart of almost every young girl.

Under the Sea or On Land Just Works

Little Mermaid Child Costume

I’ve got two variations here for your little girl to dress up like the Princess Ariel and fulfill her dream of being a princess from the exotic water-world:

Little Mermaid Ariel deluxe costume and Disney Princess Ariel deluxe costume.

The Princess Ariel was a mermaid and lived in the sea until she met her prince. That’s why you will always have a mermaid inspired type of gown with long flowing sides that look like fins.

Disney Princess Ariel Child Costume

The turquoise color stands for the sea where she used to live. A sprinkle of purple represents Ariel’s signature color.

The look of Ariel is so unique as is her bubbling personality. Sure other princesses can dress in fancy gowns, but this mermaid marches to the beat of her own drum!



It’s All About the Details

Ariel Deluxe Tiara

No Princess Ariel costume is complete without the accents. Try your hand at some of the most fitting accessories such as:

  • A Ariel Deluxe Tiara that is unlike any other. With the likeness of Ariel, this stands out from any other tiara that your princess could wear
  • A beautiful red wig because this was one of the unique features of this gorgeous princess
  • The perfect Ariel Deluxe Shoes will really add to the look as they are beautiful and functional
  • Every good Disney Princess Ariel costume must have some fins that your little girl can safely put on and walk around with
  • Ariel Deluxe Shoes
  • An Ariel Wand completes the look with the flowing turquoise ribbon and image of this mermaid princess

If you’re searching for something classic and yet beloved this Halloween, then the Princess Ariel costume may be a perfect fit. No matter by land or by sea, she is always beautiful and always sure to bring on a smile!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at BuyCostumes.com



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