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Looking for a fabulously fun theme for your kid's birthday? How about celebrating it with man's best friend and have a dog birthday party? It's a great idea. With fantastic pups like Scooby Doo, Snoopy and Bolt around, your kid's birthday party will be a big celebration that full of "barking"!

Are you going crazy planning your Birthday dog party? No worries. There are dog birthday party supplies available online that will suit your needs. Get the dog deluxe party pack and the following are added: Mylar balloon, crepe paper rolls and curling ribbons in three colors, confetti and cake candles. All this in just a click of a button!

You can also compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the child birthday items you'll need:

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Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Dog Birthday Party Ideas to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own dog birthday party ideas. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" kid birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Dog Birthday Party Invitations

The Dog invitations are perfect to announce a little boy's birthday party. It features the mug of a very cute pug in front of the blue and green card while the details of the party are found on the inside. Little girls, meanwhile, will love the glamour dogs pink, blue and green invitation card. Both are available online and come in sets of 8 (envelopes are included).

If you want to make it more personalized and handmade, you may try making invitation cards using card stock quality paper and cutting them up in the shape of a dog bone. You may use a dog bone cookie cutter to draw the shape. It measures around 4 inches and is made of plastic material so it is safe to use, even for kids! To jazz it up a bit, you can use stickers from the dog sticker sheets, plaid pals sticker sheets or disney's bolt sticker sheet.

Another idea is to have the invitation in the image of a doghouse. Make it more eye catching by using basic colors like red, blue, green and yellow to decorate it. You may also put the details of the party in the different parts of the doghouse (the date and time may be placed on the roof section, RSVP on the side of the doghouse, etc.).

Wanting something simpler? Try this:

  1. Start with a standard 4 in x 5 in card
  2. Drizzle some fast drying clear glue
  3. Sprinkle some dog bone confetti (it comes in red, blue, brown and white colors)
  4. Let the whole thing dry
  5. Blow away excess confetti
  6. Print on a regular bond paper details of the party, cut and paste on the confetti-ed card - just make sure that the paper is smaller than the card so that the shimmery confetti can still be seen.

Send your invitations out early and don't forget to request for guests to RSVP. This is a valuable tool to help you correctly estimate the supplies that you will need for the party (including the party favors, game gears and food!).

Don't forget to check out these cute & printed Dog birthday party invitations:

The DOG Invitations

The DOG Invitations
Price: $3.59

THE DOG 1st Birthday Invitations

THE DOG 1st Birthday Invitations
Price: $3.59

THE DOG 2nd Birthday Invitations

THE DOG 2nd Birthday Invitations
Price: $3.59

NascarT Mylar Balloon

THE DOG Personalized Invitations
Price: $7.99

Dog Birthday Party Decorations

Transform your place to a woofingly happening party place by having lots of balloons in basic colors or you may want to use paw print balloons too (white balloons with paw prints all over it). Accentuate the place by having a specific theme that will cover the decor, plates, utensils, cups, cake decor, table centrepieces and tablecovers. For example, if you have The dog personalizd birtheday banner greeting your guests once they arrive at the party, you may also want to tie The dog mylar balloon on the birthday celebrant's chair, serve food using The Dog 9 inch dinner plates, 7 inch dessert plates, 9 ounce cups and paper napkins.

If your child likes a certain breed of dog, you may want to use that in the personalized birthday banner which comes in Golden Retriever, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Beagle, Pug, Labrador, German Shepherd, Poodle and lots more!

Decorate the walls using dog giant wall decals that include 1 large dog, five smaller dogs and 13 blue and lime paw prints. What's great about this is it is reusable so your child can put it in his room after the party and be reminded of what a fantastic dog birthday party he had!
Instead of name tags, guests can wear plastic dog tag. You can make them yourself using cardboard paper, dog bone cookie cutter, ribbons and some charms. Have the guests wear them around their necks. Also, provide your guests with dog cone hats and arm them with the dog blowouts for more puppy pandemonium.

I recommend these awesone Dog birthday party decorating kits:

Nascar� Wall Graphics

THE DOG Giant Wall Decals
Price: $39.99

The DOG Removable Wall

The DOG Removable Wall
Price: $14.99

The DOG Sticker Sheets

The DOG Sticker Sheets
Price: $1.99

NASCAR Full Throttle Sticker Sheets

Personalized Dog Stickers and Buttons
Price: $0.49 each

Kids Dog Birthday Party Costumes

Bark it up and have some fun dressed like your favorite dog! What is one homemade costume idea for kids that is so easy to create? That's right, a dog! In this costume, you either use an existing dog costume or dress them all in one dog color like white, black, or brown. Give them some fluffy ears and of course put a big black nose on their face. Kids love dogs and they certainly love to dress up as them. Just dressing in all one monotone dog color can work quite well, or if you can give them a few dog accents like the ears, that will work well too. You don't have to too in depth, but just let them feel like they are embracing their inner Fluffy!

Here are some awesome children Dog birthday party costumes:

THE DOG Beagle Child Costume

THE DOG Beagle Child Costume
Price: $39.99

Dog Ears and Tail Child

Dog Ears and Tail Child
Price: $9.99

Clifford the Big Red Dog Deluxe Child Costume

Clifford the Big Red Dog Deluxe Child Costume
Price: $49.99

Dog Party Icebreaker Activities

Bring Your Own Dog

Kids just love their dogs—so why not turn that love into a great dog party icebreaker? This is a great way to get the kids and the dogs having fun, so long as both can exhibit good behavior! If you are brave and have the right space for it, then invite the kids to bring their dogs or a family dog to the party. You can have refreshments for both kids and dogs and make it a combined and fun affair. Kids can show off the tricks that their dogs can do and let the dogs mingle with each other. So long as the kids can control their dogs and you are ready for anything, this can be a really dog birthday party as much as it can be fun for the kids too. You don't have to do much except give them room to run around and offer refreshments to both.

Dog Obstacle Course

As much as kids love dogs, they love to act like animals too. If you are looking for a fun dog party icebreaker, then why not create a little obstacle course in keeping with the dog theme. Here you will put out items that they have to jump over, sticks that they have to grab and bring back as in a game of fetch, and even put out a toy cat that they have to catch. This can be so fun for the kids and yet so fun to watch for the adults too. Not only will kids get to enjoy a fun dog birthday party theme as they love, but they will also get to burn off some energy by going through the obstacle course. Be sure to offer up fun prizes for the winner and even for participating.

Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere

If your kids love dogs as so many do, then this can be a fun and easy theme to execute. If you can keep with something like Clifford the Big Red Dog or even 101 Dalmatians, then it keeps your job even easier, but any sort of dog theme will work. Just adorn the entire venue in all that is dogs. Let the kids dress up in fun doggie costumes, and invite them to take a look at everything that is around them that is doggie themed. You of course have to include a game of pin the tail on the dog to make it authentic and fun.

Find the Hidden Bones

What is one thing that dogs love? Bones of course! So why not use this fun dog item to help create a dog party icebreaker! Here you just hide dog bones anywhere that you can find, but rather than using actual bones you can simply hide doggie treat look alikes such as graham crackers. This is so easy for you to execute, yet the kids will love to find all the bones throughout the house. Really hide them everywhere and in some hard to find places as the kids will have a blast trying to find and uncover them all! This is a great way to carry off a fun dog theme in a simple way.

Kids Dog Party Foods

A dog birthday party needs a dog birthday cake. It may come in the exact shape of the dog character such as Scooby Doo or you can also have a plain white or chocolate cake adorned with cake toppers of your kid's favorite dog. Another idea is to have a cake shaped in the form of a dog bone. An expert at cake making? How about a dog house cake or even a dog bowl cake?

After cake comes the ice cream. Serve doggie ice creams - plain vanilla ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips (call it a Dalmatian) or chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirls (name it Mutt).

Include hotdogs and corndogs in your menu. Have finger foods that are delicious and easy to prepare served in unused, clean dog bowls. If you have more time, make dog biscuits using simple cookie dough and your dog bone cookie cutter.

Dog Birthday Party Favors

Send off your guests with doggie bags filled with goodies like dog bone crayons, disney's bolt bounce balls and dog bone cookies! Or you can order The Dog party favor boxes already filled with a blowout, sticker sheet, bean bag, whistle and glitter ball.

Also check out these wonderful Dog birthday party favors:

Dogs Deluxe Favor Set

Dogs Deluxe Favor Set
Price: $7.99

The Dog Empty Favor Boxes

The Dog Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $2.99

Toy Story Dog Tag Necklace (1 count)

Toy Story Dog Tag Necklace (1 count)
Price: $3.99

Dog Birthday Party Games

There are several games that you can change to suit your dog birthday party theme such as pin the tail on the donkey which becomes pin the tail/paw/nose on the dog.

Feed the Dog is another game the kids can play. All you need is a medium sized box decorated with a dog on one of its sides. Place a hole on the dog large enough for the kids to toss bean bags or small plush dog toys through it. Have the kids line up a good distance from the box and provide them with three beanbags or plush toys to throw. Best aim wins.

Print 5 x 7 pictures of dogs of different breeds. Cut them in half and give each contestant one half of the picture. He or she must look for the other half to complete the set. First child to finish the game wins.

Have a Dog Barking Contest and include categories like longest bark, loudest bark, most creative bark, etc. Make adult guests judges.

Here's an excellent selection of printable child birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

What's a kid birthday party without a piñata? Yes, it always a "hit" to your dog party and kids love it as addition to their activities!

Here are some super creative Dog birthday party pinatas:

Dog Bone 20 Pinata

Dog Bone 20” Pinata
Price: $15.99

Plush Dog Toy

Plush Dog Toy
Price: $3.99

Your Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Dog Birthday Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own dog party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!



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