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Celebrate your teenager's next birthday with a dress-up birthday party.

A fashion party is the perfect way for her to celebrate a milestone birthday that she and her friends are sure to love!

You don't have to search forerver for the best deals on Fashion party supplies, just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the girls teenage birthday party items you'll need:

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Dress Up Birthday Party Invitations

For a dress up birthday party teeming with glamorous guests, consider one of these invitation ideas.

  • Design a press release. "Don't miss the action! Premier gala event to take place at (location) for (name)'s birthday party! Be backstage by (time) on (date). Dress stunningly! By invitation only!"
  • Perhaps a formal invitation is in order? "Please join us for the occasion of (name)'s (age) birthday party. Location: (address). Time: (time). Date: (date). Please wear formal attire. Attendance by invitation only."
  • Alternatively, try this one: "Get ready to rock the runway! We're throwing a fashion show in honor of (name), so wear your most smokin' gear for your time in the spotlight!" Add event details: date, time, and location.

Don't forget to check out these Fashion party invitations:

Fashionista Invitations

Fashionista Invitations
Price: $0.99

Little Fashionista: Chenille

Little Fashionista: Chenille
Price: $1.99 - $3.99 per card

Fab Fashion: Tea Rose

Fab Fashion: Tea Rose
Price: $1.29 each

Dress Up Party Decorations

Fashion party guests will feel like Hollywood royalty when they are greeted with a red carpet outside! Lead them right up to the door. Place a strobe light at the entry to mimic the flash of cameras as they enter the glamour of this exclusive dress up birthday party event!

Inside, let a runway take center stage. Use a line of disposable table cloths or a sheet if you have one. Alternatively, mark the runway edges by a rope made of streamers or balloons. Line the walkway at ground level with yellow or white balloons to create the illusion of a line of lights.

Create a balloon archway at the start of the runway, using pink, purple, or white to match the dress up birthday party theme décor. Hang at least two sheets or plastic tablecloths behind the archway to create a curtain for each girl's dramatic entrance.

Over the runway setup, hang a Fashion Angels personalized birthday banner. It's the premier way to make the birthday girl the star of this teen fashion party!

Set up several small tables throughout the rest of the room. Each will serve multiple purposes, including acting as the "backstage" area, dining tables, and as preferred seating when the show begins. Cover each one with a flowing pink tablecover and surround it with two or three chairs.

For "backstage" at your teen girl birthday event, use the tables for hair, nails, and makeup. Set up plenty of mirror so the girls can fix one another up. When it's time for the show, the audience can sit at the tables just as they do for real runway fashion shows. Finally, when it's time for dinner service, seat guests at these tables, restaurant-style.

To set the table, use place settings from the Fashion Angels deluxe pack. Use the included table cloth and centerpiece on a main buffet table, while the smaller tables serve as dining tables. The set comes with service for eight guests, including place mats, cups, napkins, plates, and cutlery. Supplies are available for additional guests.

You can't overdo it when it comes to streamers, balloons, and confetti at a gala event, so use them liberally all over the room. These festive touches are easy, inexpensive ways to amp up the party atmosphere.

I recommend these awesome Fashion theme birthday decorating kits:

Fashion Angels Foil Balloon

Fashion Angels Foil Balloon
Price: $0.99

Bratz Fashion Fierce Balloon

Bratz Fashion Fierce Balloon
Price: $0.84 each

Dress Up Birthday Party Costumes

Dressing up is so fun to do! When you consider homemade costumer ideas for kids, especially girls, this can cover so much ground. Help them to create something fun and memorable using what you have in the house. Give them long scarves and colorful clothes and let them dress as a gypsy. Give them some fun accessories, lots of glitter, and sunglasses and let them dress up as their favorite Hollywood celebrity. The best thing about this theme and party is that dressing up is the main event and they can really use their imagination. As a parent, the fun part is that you can use whatever you have in the house to dress them for a fun time!

For a great fashion show, have plenty of outfits on hand for the girls to change in to. If you have one, a clothing rack is a real back-stage accessory and the perfect place to hang extra clothes. (If not, make one with a rope and a couple of chairs or pile clothes on a table).

Invite the girls to bring extra outfits to share, or raid your own closet. Alternatively, you can head to the thrift store. It is the ideal place to obtain inexpensive clothing – oftentimes very expensive, high end outfits which are sure to delight your guests! Complete your collection of fashionable girls' teenage party ideas with plenty of shoes and other accessories. Hats, sunglasses, feather boas, and costume jewelry are all essential to a walk down the runway.

Here are some wonderful girls Dress Up Birthday Party costumes:

Glamour Girl Child Dress-Up Set

Glamour Girl Child Dress-Up Set

Hot Pink Material Girl Costume - Adult 80's Costume

Hot Pink Material Girl Costume - Adult 80's Costume

Bratz Fashion Emergency Bratty Nurse Child Costume

Bratz Fashion Emergency Bratty Nurse Child Costume

Dress Up Party Icebreaker Activities

Dress for Glam

Kids simply love to dress up, especially little girls—and this works well for a dress up party icebreaker type of party and event! You can invite girls to dress up as glamorous as they can and give them everything that they need to do so. This is easy enough if you just invite the girls to dress for glamour and glitter because it's as simple as letting them come in their favorite attire. Then the girls can ooh and aah over the beautiful gowns, the tiaras, the boas, and any other accessories that the girls adorn. This can be as simple as pulling from the dress up clothes bin, but yet the girls will just love a special occasion where they get to dress up for!

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Let each of the little girls at the party embrace their inner princess at this fun and easy to plan for dress up party icebreaker. Give the girls everything that they need to dress like a fairy princess–and have plenty of it on hand! Give them crowns, beautiful dresses that they can dress up in, wings, jewelry, and even play makeup. Then create a beautiful special occasion that they can all sit down for such as a tea party, except make it somewhat real in this instance. Give them special princess plates, beautiful tea cups, and of course special little princess munchies that they can enjoy with their little girl friends. This is not hard to pull off but the kids will love to embrace their inner princess!

Dress for a Theme

When you think of a dress up party, you think of certain themes. If you want to keep it stuck to a special theme, then by all means invite the girls to embrace this dress up party icebreaker. Give them a special theme such as Hollywood star, pirate princess, or even something more specific like Dora. Then have the girls all come dressed for the theme and set out special activities that work with these. You don't even need much in the way of special activities because the girls will get such a kick out of dressing like their favorite themed character that will be fun enough. The girls will love to admire each other and how beautifully they are dressed and really that's what a dress up party is all about now, isn't it?

Create the Dress Up Fun

You can let the girls dress up as the big dress up party icebreaker and let that be the activity and the theme because that's all you need. Have out racks of dress up clothes and let them dress up as anything from a sailor to a clown to a princess, and anything in between. Invite the girls to pick something creative and out of the box for them, and be sure to help them. Then give them what they need in the way of dress up such as mirrors, instant cameras, and ways to enjoy this special party and these special moments. The main feature of this party is the dress up theme with all of the fun accessories, and that's all the girls need for a day of fun. Have them come to the table for snacks dressed up as their favorite character and then be sure to get plenty of pictures!

Dress Up Birthday Party Foods

Try one of these beverages for your dress up birthday party.

  • Serve sparkling grape juice in High-Heeled boot cups for a funky touch.
  • They may think they're ready for cappuccino, but try this look-a-like instead. Blend chocolate milk and cream until frothy, then pour into glasses and top with whipped cream.
  • Delightfully exotic mango shakes are easy to prepare. Blend fresh mango with ice cream until smooth, then add milk to get the desired consistency.

Dish some of this elegant fare for a meal worthy of any fashionista!

  • Fruit tray – Cut up strawberries, melons, and apples. Serve with cream cheese dip or melted chocolate.
  • Finger sandwiches – Make sandwiches of choice then carefully cut off the crust. Cut the remaining square into four smaller squares or four triangles.
  • Veggie tray – Serve cut veggies with a creamy ranch dip.
  • White pizza – White pizza is an elegant alternative to traditional versions, so carve up a store bought pie into finger slices, or order one hot and fresh for delivery.
  • Sugar cookies – Turn these holiday favorites into party favors with a lot of glittering sugar on top.
  • Brownie bites – Cut brownies up into one-inch squares. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and shaved chocolate sprinkles.

Celebrate your teen girl birthday with one of these fun cake ideas!

  • Put her name up in lights! Bake a sheet cake and cover with white icing. Create a marquee by writing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY (NAME)!" on three lines. Surround the borders of the cake with yellow icing circles for the lights, inserting a marshmallow on each light fixture to give a 3D light bulb effect.
  • Serve an elegant dessert by generously icing cake with cream cheese frosting. Garnish with fresh fruits such as strawberries or cut melons.
  • Serve up fashion at your dress up birthday party! Bake a sheet cake and cut it slightly to resemble the shape of shirt or dress. Decorate in your favorite colors for an edible fashion plate!
  • Bake two round cakes and place them side by side. Decorate to look like sunglasses. Be creative! The shades don't have to be black. Consider using bright pink for the rims and a subdued pink for the lenses.

Dress Up Birthday Party Favors

All great fashion events end with goody bags, so be sure to provide one for your own fashion party.

For a lot of great girls teenage party ideas in one convenient place, give them Fashion Angels favor purse. Each kit is easy to assemble and comes with a shoe keychain, cell phone notepad with pen, bead bracelet activity, sticker sheet, and roll on body glitter. It's everything a polished young lady needs to end an enchanted evening.

Also check out these perfect Dress Up Birthday Party /fashion theme party favors:

Fashion Angels Empty Favor Purses

Fashion Angels Empty Favor Purses
Price: $1.49

Fashion Style Trio - Fashion Emergency Kit

Fashion Style Trio - Fashion Emergency Kit
Price: $9.99

Fashionista Party Favor Purse

Fashionista Party Favor Purse
Price: $4.79

Dress Up Birthday Party Thank You Notes

When the girls walk the runway at your dress up birthday party, be sure to take plenty of pictures. After the party, do a quick news write-up of each model and include a picture. In your "article", talk about her stunning fashion sense and thank her for attending. Include a personal message for each guest to show appreciation for her gift.

Here are two wonferful Dress Up Birthday Party thank you cards:

Fashion Angels Thank-You Notes

Fashion Angels Thank-You Notes
Price: $0.99

Fashion Angels Thank-You Notes

Fashion Angels Thank-You Notes
Price: $3.59

Your Dress Up Birthday Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their dress up birthday party ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own Dress Up Birthday Party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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