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Easter is about fun and lots of cute animals…namely, the Bunny! This Easter Bunny game provides a great opportunity for people to have a ball, and be a little silly, by trying to figure out the names of baby animals.


Easter Party Game Ideas - Animal Babies Matching

How to play:Easter Bunny Games

  • You will need to print out the Animal Babies sheet for this wild Bunny game for easter party. You can decide on the size that you want to make your copies, just be sure that the print is legible so that everyone can participate.
  • You will need to provide everyone with pencils or pens for this activity.
  • Each person receives a sheet that includes the many names of animals. This game will get guests thinking, while offering times when they will just get a good laugh with the animal names.
  • There are a couple of ways that you can play:
    • Game play 1: Set a timer and whomever finishes the list first, with all of the correct answers wins a prize
    • Game play 2: You don’t require the guests to answer every question, but will give a prize for the most correct answers.



Easter Bunny Game Ideas - Easter Picture Bingo

Easy to set up and fun to play, and it’s even educational as people may learn the real scientific names for all of those cute little baby animals.

Easter Bingo GamesBecause Easter is a time for kids of all ages to come together in celebration, it is always good to have some games available that can keep the masses entertained. The Easter Bunny games that you opt to include in your Easter celebration should be easy enough for a little one and engaging enough for older kids. That can be tough to find. But this game, Easter Picture Bingo is exactly like that.Playing is easy and lots of fun!

How to play:

It’s played just like regular bingo! That’s the great part of this whole game, that’s it familiar and simple to master.You will need to print out the Easter Bingo play cards to get started.

Provide each participant with something to use for placeholders on their bingo cards. You can go with basic plastic chips, pennies, or get really creative by using Easter candy like jellybeans, chocolate candies, or gummy bears! That will be even more exciting for the kids.

Since this easter bingo game uses pictures, it can be played by very young children. But, to ensure that everyone enjoys the game, the very young should have an older helper to assist them as they play, so that they don’t miss the pictures that are being called. Remember, you want EVERYONE to have a ball!

You will need to assign someone to call out the pictures for each round of play. This person can be older or younger also. Just be sure to stress the importance of fair play with them to ensure that the game runs smoothly. If you are using a little one, you wouldn’t want any hurt feelings over someone “not playing fair”.

The first player to get 4 in a row should call out, “Bingo”!

This is a new take on an old-time classic, but the results will surely be the same as any other Easter Bunny game…fun, fun, and more fun!


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