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Easter Egg Hunt GamesLooking for a fun and non-religious Easter Game that will be sure to be a good time for the kids, while giving you a moment or two of down-time in between Easter Egg Hunt Games? This could be the perfect piece in your perfect Easter day activity plan.

This & That Match Easter Game will be both challenging and mentally engaging for kids. This game would normally be for children that can read on their own, but you can get creative with the playing by pairing kids into teams, a reader with a non-reader, and then EVERYONE can participate.


Easter Party Game Ideas - This & That Game

How to play:

  • For this game, you will need to print out copies of the This & That Easter Game sheet. Print more than enough just in case you have more children show up than originally invited. People love a good Easter party!
  • You will need to provide something for the participants to write with. It can be a crayon, pencil, or get really wild with it and give them glitter pens!
  • Set a timer for this game. You could even set it up so that the kids play in rounds. One group of 5 goes, then another.
  • In each round, you can have a winner. The winner is the person or team that completes the sheet first!
  • Be sure to have prizes for the winners and have the answer key ready in case you have a lot of “wrong” answers.

The questions and answers that are to be matched up during this game are all about the fun side of Easter. So, you are sure to see lots of smiles and get lots of giggles.



Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas - Eveything Easter Game

Easter Egg Hunt GamesLet’s have fun from A-Z! What’s silly and funny, and all about EVERYTHING?? Well, the Everything Easter game of course. This game is designed for children that can read and write on their own, but if you find that the kids that you invited to your Easter celebration are too young, simply have them buddy-up with an older guest. The Everything Easter game will work perfectly as an “intermission” game between Easter Egg hunt games!

How to play:

You will need to print out the Everything Easter game sheet. You always want to print out more than you need because you could have a larger crowd than you originally anticipated. Everybody likes to get in on Easter fun!

Suggest that young children pair up with older children so that everyone can participate. The event won’t be as much fun if some children feel left out simply because they cannot read or write like an older child. Because children have to come up with things that are relative to Easter that begin with the alphabet, you are sure to have some letters that stump the kids.

To add to the fun, give out prizes to those that are the first to come up with words for the tough letters:

  • The child or pair that finishes the entire sheet first gets a prize.
  • If you find that most of the kids are stumped with the hard letters, you could throw out some clues for words that they might be able to figure out to fit into those spots.

Having a ball during an Easter celebration is as easy as A, B, C. But, getting a prize for the Everything Easter game could make you take a little further, with the fun and figuring out lasting all the way to Z!!



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