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Party planners, are you looking for a little more than the traditional egg hunt this year?

These party items are a great way to spring forward with fresh and exciting ideas for your easter party for children!

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2012 Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt GamesThis could be the perfect piece in your perfect Easter day activity plan. We have some creative easter egg hunt game ideas that will be both challenging and mentally engaging for kids. The games would normally be for children that can read on their own, but you can get creative with the playing by pairing kids into teams, a reader with a non-reader, and then EVERYONE can participate.

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Egg Hunts for All Ages

If your Easter party for children includes kids of all ages, your egg hunt will quickly become unfair to the little ones if you don't take a few extra steps Here are a couple of Easter party ideas for using plastic colored eggs to make this Easter tradition equally appealing to bunnies of all ages!

When you stuff your plastic eggs full of candy, one option is to switch some of the parts so that some eggs are two-colored. For example, exchange the tops of one pink and one yellow egg so that you have two multicolored pink and yellow eggs. Hide the multicolored eggs in "easier" spots than the solid colored ones so that you can accommodate novice and advanced egg hunters in a single event. This method works well for large groups of children by eliminating two big problems.

Egg Hunt GameFirst, by making a rule that only children under a certain age can pick up the multicolored eggs, the older kids won't shortchange younger hunters. Second, children of all ages will easily remember which ones they can pick up, creating a very fair egg hunt for even the littlest guests!

You can try these printable Egg Hunt fun ideas.

Alternatively, if you've got a smaller group of children consider giving each child his or her own color to find. By assigning one child blue, another green, and so on, you can hide each egg to the exact skill or age level of the child who will be searching for it. Toddlers will delight in finding their eggs lying in the open, while older children may need to climb a tree to find that last hidden egg.

For a more challenging easter party ideas for older children or teens, provide searchers with a regular selection ofeggs and have each person write his or her name on a select few with a permanent marker. Hunters will not only have to find the eggs, but they'll have to locate the ones with their names on them. This makes for an exciting hunt for everyone!


Easter Bunny Game Ideas


Easter Bingo GamesIt is always good to have some games available that can keep the masses entertained. The Bunny games that you opt to include in your Easter celebration should be easy enough for a little one and engaging enough for older kids. That can be tough to find.

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Visit here for more kids easter party games.


Jelly Bean Tasting Contest

Easter is jelly bean season, and there are dozens of flavors out there to make this game really interesting and, best of all, a real treat for kids! Start by dividing assorted jelly bean flavors into groups by flavor –empty cupcake cups make perfect sorting containers – so that you have as many jelly beans per flavor as you have kids to play the game. For example, a group of ten kids would require ten of each flavor.

Jelly Bean Flavor Guess GameHere is the printable version of Jelly bean flavor guess.

In order to play, you'll need a helper to keep score. Give each child a jelly bean, one at a time, and ask him or her to name the flavor. Allow each child a turn with each flavor, but in a random order so that no two children taste the jelly beans in the same order. For example, don't give everyone a cotton candy flavored bean as the first taste because the game will quickly lose appeal for waiting players. After each player has had a taste of each of the jelly bean flavors, with your helper keeping track of whether guesses were correct or not, tally up the responses to see who had the most right.

For extra fun, if you have enough leftover jelly beans hand each child a candy of each flavor for a second taste and ask them to guess as a group as a bit of a review before you announce the winner.



Balloon Decorating

If you use balloons to decorate at your Easter party for children, keep a few markers and stickers on hand to allow kids to turn them into giant floating Easter eggs. They'll delight in fun of this unconventional egg decorating while you use the time to aid in the transition from one activity to another.


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Enjoy these easter party for children of all ages. You can be sure that they'll love the twist on tradition with all of the expected joys of the holiday!

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