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If you want the perfect little Halloween costume for your new little bundle of joy this year, then why not try for an Elmo baby costume?

This perfect little theme works well for babies and children of all ages because it's centered on a character that we've all grown up with and all love and adore. This is not only a cute costume idea but also a comfortable one and that's why it works for even the most discerning taste.

If your child is old enough to watch Elmo then they probably love him. If not then you can show your love for him by dressing them up in the most adorable Elmo infant costume.

An Adorable Little Number for Babies

Elmo Halloween Costume

Consider the Elmo Plush Deluxe Infant Halloween Costume as the perfect and adorable little sample. What's so great about this is that it's an all in one piece costume. It's furry and plush which means it will help to keep your little baby warm in the colder Halloween months. And, this is a great way to show off a love of the show or just of this cute little character that so many of us grew up on.

Many parents wonder what they can dress their infants up in that is fitting and that won't make them feel uncomfortable. A lot of times costume ideas don't take the comfort of little ones into consideration. That's what helps to make this Elmo infant costume so unique is that it's not only cute but comfortable too. Since it is one piece it's easy on, easy off and that's great even for diaper changes!

They will love wearing it and you will be in awe of just how adorable they look—and how much they capture that cute Elmo look and feel!

A Theme That Sticks With Them in the Younger Years

Sesame Street Toddler Costume

You can find cute little Sesame Street Elmo costume ideas for every size, but they are especially popular in the younger years. Perhaps it's because this is such a popular theme with the toddler and infant set. If you have a slightly older baby such as a toddler consider something like the Sesame Street Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler Costume as your best bet.

Toddlers can be a bit more difficult to manage and that's why an Elmo baby costume made just for their size and their interests works so well. They will be so happy just to see that they get to dress as their favorite Sesame Street character that they won't even mind you putting them in it.

This Sesame Street Elmo costume is a great one because it's so easy to put on and they will not only feel like their favorite furry red monster, but they will look like him too.There aren't too many complicated parts or too many pieces and that's crucial with this age group. They are on the move, they don't want to be held down, and they are all about comfort.

That's perhaps just some of the reason why an Elmo baby costume just works with the toddler set. No matter how fast moving your little one is, this comfortable and cute costume idea will keep them happy and carry off a classic theme this Halloween!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at BuyCostumes.com



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