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Your baby's first birthday is the culmination of one whole year of amazing milestones. When it's time to party, why settle for an impersonal store-bought invitation?

Instead, create your own first birthday party invitations!

It's a fun, easy, and thoughtful way to celebrate that favorite little person in your life. Here are some ideas to get you started

Playful Photo Prints

Do you have a little character on your hands? These special handmade 1st birthday party invitations are full of great memories, and you'll have fun making it!

In this example the monkey and the banana bring the theme to life, but you can easily substitute it with any print that you'd like.

Playful Photo First Birthday Party Invitation
  • Begin with a sheet of scrapbook paper. Cut each sheet into pieces that are no smaller than a post card.
  • Select three or four of your favorite pictures, with at least one newborn and one recent in the group. Make enough prints of each picture so that you have one for each invitation.
  • Choose a color that compliments the background – in this example, it's brown. Cut the secondary pictures to size, then cut a shape out of the complimentary color that's ¼" larger all the way around.
  • Center each of the small pictures on the accent piece and attach with two-sided tape or scrapbook glue. Set aside.
  • For your main picture, carefully trim around the form of your child as in the example.
  • Gather all of the pictures and arrange them on the background page, leaving appropriate spacing for the words. Once you have an arrangement that you're happy with, tape or glue them down carefully. Allow to dry.
  • Use a marker or stick-on letters to add your message. Don't forget the name, date, time, and location of the party. What adorable first birthday invitations!

Silly Silhouettes

When it's time for your little monkey to celebrate, this idea makes great first birthday party invitations!

Best of all, you probably have everything you'll need to make it at home – no need to visit the store first.

Monkey 1st birthday party invitation

  • First, decide on a theme. In the example above, a simple monkey head shape is used. You can easily substitute another silhouette – cats, puppies, and butterflies are common baby favorites.
  • Choose a piece of construction paper that matches your theme. Pink butterflies, blue puppies, and yellow kittens are all good ideas, or simply use a favorite color.
  • Cut out a basic outline shape. Use one quarter to one half of a standard sheet of construction paper for each one.
  • For the wording of first birthday party invitations, you can easily type the invitation into a word program and print it from your computer, using fonts and colors to match your theme. If that's not an option, use markers and fun or silly handwriting. Before you print, be sure that the message will fit on your cut shape as shown.
  • Trim the finished message to any shape that you'd like (decided in step one).
  • Next, pick a second color that nicely compliments or contrasts the background color. In this example, the banana yellow is a perfect choice.
  • Lay the message sheet over the accent color, and lightly trace the shape.
  • Remove the print and cut the second shape out, allowing at least ¼" extra around the entire shape for the "framed" look.
  • Attach the words to the background, then the background to the shape. You're finished!

Your baby's first birthday is a wonderful occasion, so gather loved ones around with these handmade 1st birthday party invitations and celebrate together!

More 1st birthday party ideas with animal themes.



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