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Great football party ideas let you make memories and fun that are vital when it comes to first birthday party ideas.

The wide rage of decorations, food, cakes, and fun let you make personalized and unique party that will stay with you forever.

You can also compare between the football party packs below which cover pretty much all the child birthday items you'll need:

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Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Football Party Ideas to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own Football Party Ideas. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" kid birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Football Party Invitations

Fun Shaped Invitations

Cardstock cut into fun football shapes make great invitations. How about some of these:

A football shape can be cut from brown cardstock. Then, with a sea sponge and brown craft paint, make a spotted pattern on the paper. To join the two sides together, use a hole punch to make holes across the top of the footballs. Then, you can use white shoelaces or white yarn to lace up the football.

A football jersey can be cut from cardstock in the colors of your favorite team or your child's favorite color. If you fold the cardstock in half and start the shape at the fold, the two sides will be connected when you cut them out.

Words for inviting the guests:

Use fun headlines for the cards like "Ready for a day of football, food and fun?" or "Come, Join the team" or even "(Your child's name) is making the X (age) year touchdown!"

On the inside of the invitation, write, "You are invited for an afternoon of football fun at (your last name) field (your address). Game Day: (Date) First quarter starts:(time). To join the team (your RSVP information)".

Don't forget to check out these perfect Football Party invitations:

Ballerina Stage: Tea Rose

Football Fan : Hunter Green
Price: $0.99 each

Game Time: Football : Chocolate

Game Time: Chocolate
Price: $1.04 each

Football Invitations (8-Pack)

Football Invitations (8-Pack)

Football Invitations (8 count)

Football Invitations
Price: $3.59

Football Party Invitations

Football Party Invitations
Price: $2.99

Football Party Decorations

Football Party Ideas For Room Decorations

When thinking about first birthday party ideas for decorations, consider simple lines and bright colors. A Lil' Quarterback personalized birthday banner makes a great start. You can have a great saying like “(your child’s name)’s First Touchdown.”

The room can then be decorated with child-friendly items like an airblown inflatable cupcake, a football 18" piñ and a 1st door sign. Bristle board can be used to make pennants and football posters can be used too.

Lil' Quarterback 1st birthday party pack Oversized plush bears and other soft animals could be sat around the room too.

To get the cuddly little friends into the football party theme, make them little pennants from card stock or get a few Lil' Quarterback 1st caps. (The kids will loves these too!) Other items like a climbing tunnel and kid's tents will help to get the kids going too. You can cover them with football themed material to make them fit into the décor.

All first birthday party ideas for the table should keep the mess under control and be safe and easy for the kids. The Lil' Quarterback 1st birthday party pack is perfect.

It has streamers, curling ribbon, balloons, and a Mylar balloon to decorate the room. It even takes care of the football party ideas for the utensils. The plates, napkins, and cups carry a "Lil Quarterback" theme that coordinate perfectly with the tablecover that will save your table from the mess. This kit even includes cute little party hats for the kids and thank-you notes for afterwards.

I recommend these super creative Football Party Ideas for decorating kits:

Lil' Quarterback Foil Balloon

Lil' Quarterback Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Football Photo Prop

Football Photo Prop
Price: $6.99 each

Spinning Football Latex Balloons

Spinning Football Latex Balloons
Price:$1.69 pkg/8

Football Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece

Football Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece
Price: $3.49

Football 3D Centerpiece

Football Party Invitations
Price: $2.99

Football Inflatable Cooler

Football Inflatable Cooler
Price: $16.99

Football Party Costumes

Coming up with football party ideas for costumes can be tough. These items need to be kid-friendly and look great for pictures.

For the little guests, purchase inexpensive white t-shirts and large foam cutouts in football-themed shapes. Then, you just have to use fabric glue or a series of small stitches to attach them to the shirt. The birthday boy's shirt can have a cute little saying made from foam letters or fabric paint on his shirt and a pair of coordinating sweat pants.

Are you ready for some football? If you are and you love the game, then you may be wondering how to find the best homemade costume ideas for kids. No matter how old or young your kid is, dressing up for football is quite easy. All you have to do is start with a jersey because that's what the entire uniform is centered around. If you have access to an actual uniform then great, and if not then no worries. If you can get a helmet that really helps to make the outfit, but a football hat for your favorite team will work quite well. Then complete the look with some black paint under the eyes and you will see your own mean, lean football player staring right back at you!

Here are some wonderful Football Party costumes for little boy:

Football Costume - Newborn Football Bunting Costume

Football Costume - Newborn Football Bunting Costume

All Boy Football Longall with Socks

"All Boy" Football Longall with Socks
Price: $28.00

Football Party Icebreaker Activities

Score for the Winning Team

In this super fun and super interactive football party icebreaker, you actually create a touch football game. Keep in mind that the guest of honor and some of the fellow guests may be young as this is often a first birthday party, but you can still create a fun and low competition game. Invite guests to dress up ready for a game and then put together a fun and slow game of touch football. This gets fans ready for a big game, gets them talking and interacting with each other, and introduces this fun and classic game to guests of all ages. No matter what your age or skill level, you are bound to enjoy this game and it makes for one of the most interactive football party ideas. Score some points and have a blast doing so!

A Feast for a King

Part of what people like about football is watching it with some good food. If you happen to be planning a football party during the actual season, then you can embrace that for a fun football party icebreaker activity. You put on football for all to enjoy and then put out a feast fit for a king. Half of the fun in watching the game is eating all the goodies. So put out plenty of wings, dips, chips, and other munchies. Be sure that there are plenty of fans of every age to enjoy and perhaps even involve an activity for the kids such as decorating their own football cookie. This is a great way to introduce the game early on and yet gets the guests eating a feast, all centered around a favorite classic game that people love!

Dressing the Part

You want to let guests know early on that this is a football party and that they should come ready for some football! In this football party icebreaker you give the guests everything that they need to dress up as their favorite football player. This can create some rivalry and yet be fun for them to get in the act and dress up for. Put out some helmets, jerseys, pads, and uniforms if you can get your hands on them—be sure to put out the black paint for their face and watch the fun begin as they feel like a football hero in this fun costume.

Run the Drill

Football players have to be in good condition to play the game and therefore this involves a great deal of drills and conditioning. Create your own football boot camp in your own backyard for this fun football party icebreaker. Set up drills such as running into a stuffed bag, running laps back and forth as fast as you can, and putting on the pads. Let them reenact what real football players do at their training camp and let them feel as though they are part of the team. This is fun at any age and you can just gear the activities around the actual age group of most of the guests. Be sure to finish up with a big meal as they are sure to work up a big appetite in this fun activity!

Football Party Ideas for Foods

Football Party Ideas For Cakes

Use a shaped cake pan such as a football or player to make the cake. Then, use toddler safe foods such as cereal to decorate around the outside of the cake. The Lil Quarterback 1st birthday party supply includes #1 candle for the top.

Some more great first birthday ideas, try a rectangular cake. You can use an edible image of your child's face to make him into a football star. Coat the cake with white icing and transfer the image onto the cake. You can then use a toothpick to mark out the shapes of a helmet and body. Colored icing can then be used to fill in the design and make fun borders. Shaped sugar decorations purchase from a bakery or specialty store can be used too. Just be sure to take them off the cake before giving them to the little guests.

First Birthday Ideas for Food and Drinks

Little ones like simple food, so keep that in mind when looking for football party ideas for food. Try some of these simple ideas:

  • "Footballs and Yard lines": Hotdogs cut up into macaroni and cheese.
  • "Helmets" These are dinner buns with meat, cheese and veggies.
  • Milk and fruit juice can be used with creative names like "Superstar Punch" and "Touchdown surprise"
  • The older guests might like "Super Super-bowls" Purchase bread bowls from the local bakery and fill them with your very own homemade chili.

Football Treats

  • Large marshmallows can be coated with milk chocolate to make "footballs." Just flatten them a little first before dipping them.
  • Make a little treat table with items such as cheese chunks and sandwich meat in fun football shapes. Bowls full of cereals, cookies, and fruit can be included too.
  • For the bigger guests, use things like chicken wings, potato salad, and chips and dip.

Football Party Favors

Football party ideas for party favors give you a chance to get creative. Music like a boy's first birthday CD, a plush football toy set, and toddler friendly cars make a great start. You can also add snacks like cheese sticks and snack packs of mini cookies.

Here are some awesome Football Party favors:

Football Sports Bottles

Football Party Mints

Football Party Mints
Price: $4.99

Football Birthday Party Favor Kit

Birthday Party Favor
Price: $4.99

Football Favor Pack

Football Favor Pack
Price: $3.99 pack

Football Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable child birthday party games you can buy and print out right away:

What's a kid birthday party without a piñata? Yes, it always a "hit" to your football party and kids love it as addition to their activities!

Here are two creative Football Party pinata:

Soccer Ball Pinata

Soccer Ball Pinata
Price: $14.99

Football Pinata

Football Pinata
Price: $14.99

Your Football Birthday Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Football Kids Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own football party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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