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4th of July party by Suling Luu Prayitno from Kent WA.

4th of July Party


The weather is getting warmer and your children are off from school. There is no better way to kick off summer than 4th of July party. And that's exactly what I had in mind: to create fun, simple, and memorable 4th of July party for both of the kids and the adults as well.


Fourth of July Party Invitation

I started out with the opening invitation such:

Tired of crowded place……
Finding something Fresh & Fun for girls…………….
Come join us on …. (Date and Time) with flags and banner flying high
Bring your bikes decked in red, white, and blue so we can march with you
There will be crafts, tasty food and swimming too…..
So bring your bathing suits and sun block if the sun finally shines
It will be priceless memories…Everything handmade….


Fourth of July Party Decorations

All the crafts are made from inexpensive and easy to find materials around the house. I also took some of decoration ideas from couple of websites to create splendid decorations for my backyard 4th of July party!


Confetti Popper Rockets. The rockets are very easy to make (I used recycle toilet paper tubes) filled up with star confetti inside.

Confetti Popper Rockets

When the girl pulled the string, all the star confetti fell to the group. This game creates an excitement for the girls.


Lanterns. This cute 4th of July paper lanterns are simple to make and look great when you string them up as decorations. You can add more sparkle by putting star stickers to them.

4th of July Party - Paper Lanterns




Chair Cover. For chair cover, I used red, white, and blue designed to be the shape of American flag, by simply gluing them together with the glue gun. Then decorated with beads.

4th of July Party - Chair Cover



Pom Pom. I used eight pieces of tissue paper make a white blue and red pom pom. Make a pointy edge to give the look of the star.

4th of July Party - Pom Pom


Place card. To make it more special, I decided to make a small tiara with their names on the top of the flag, then placed on their place setting.

4th of July Party Place Cards



Flower Basket. A dollar basket can be an elegant goodie bag simply decorating with flowers all around it.

4th of July Party Flower Baskets




Fourth of July Party Foods

Most of the foods are simple and easy to make. I also put the entire name to match with the theme, for example:

  • Rocking rice crispiest
  • Shortbread with attitude
  • Independent day shrimp
  • Patriotic Salad


Watermelon Pop Stars. The starry fruit pops make a cool treat for the kids while they are having fun in the pool and were a big hit at the party. Use star cookie cutter to cut from 1 inch thick slices of watermelon. Then, insert a Popsicle stick into star, place it in aluminum foil, and freeze them for an hour.

4th of July Party - Starry Fruit Pop



Cupcakes. The cupcake comes from local bakery with banana filling for all the guests.

4th of July Party Cupcakes



Jell-O. Every kids love jello!!! Cut the oranges into half, then take out the inner, place the halves in a muffin tin, carefully pour jello into the halves and stored in the fridge for couple hours. Happy girls are happy with orange jello wedge.

4th of July Party - All American Jell-O




Orange Cups. I want to make something special and healthy for the kids. So I simply cut the top of oranges; shapes it like a cup holder; and filled them up with berries. This is a perfect snack in hot summer day. Then, I initial them with the first letter of the kids' name.

4th of July Party- Orange Cups



Fourth of July Party Entertainment


Splish Splash. Water slide. Playing with water toys. Nothing more fun than playing in the water during a hot summer day. My daughter and her friend were having fun and excitement sliding thought the inflated water pool.

4th of July Party - Splish Splash



Decorated bird's house. All the girls get to decorate their own bird house with red white and blue.

4th of July Party - Bird House Decoration



Playdoh. They get to make star shape using a star cutter using red white and blue playdoh.

4th of July Party Playdoh



Bike Parade. No independence day was complete without a parade. Therefore, we let all the girls riding their bike decorated with US flag around the neighborhood. This was a blast as the girls simply enjoyed the ride.

4th of July Party Bike Parade



At the end of the party, I just took a note that simple handmade party with some creativity that come from your heart provided a joy and happiness to the four lucky little girls as well as their mothers.

4th of July Party


I also learnt at the end that simplicity is the key to satisfaction and happiness. And that is the end of my story folks. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it and see you again on the next party!


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