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Most folks will react to the news that they have to host a dinner party in one of two ways. Either they'll think it's easy as pie or they'll be horrified with the thought.

Both camps will benefit from my secret weapon for hosting funny dinner parties: Dinner Parties Made Simple!

When it was my turn to take over the family hosting duties, I couldn't help but think of the endless teasing my brothers, sisters, and I gave my mom over the years.

Burnt or undercooked food, late dinners, dessert disasters, and even the occasional minor fire or two – and my mom is an excellent host! Mild concern turned to panic when I realized that if these problems could happen to her, they could happen to anyone … myself include d. The panic got worse when it hit me that with just one mistake the taunting would make an ugly turn in my direction!

A desperate search for ideas for fun dinner parties led me to Dinner Parties Made Simple.

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I wasn't immediately convinced. Of course they're simple if you forego the fancy ideas and serve something basic like peanut butter and jelly. I needed to get to the meat of the problem, so to speak. After all, following mom with her years of experience and mouth watering menu ideas for dinner party celebrations was not going to be easy!

My family has a long history of fun dinner parties, so I had quite a task on my plate. I was delighted to find that Dinner Parties Made Simple was true to its promise.

Quick and Easy Dinner PartyIn fact, their dinner party ideas are perfect for any occasion! Here's an appetizing list of what they have to offer.

  • Quick and easy dinner party ideas for any skill level – from mom all the way down to me!
  • Wine lists and suggestions – I barely know my reds from my whites, but the list of suggestions from Dinner Parties Made Simple made me look like a genius!
  • Dinner party decorations to create unforgettable ambiance, whether for a romantic dinner for two or a huge family bash.
  • Dinner party table settings and ideas – tips for creative place settings and suggestions for keeping guests at a tactful distance along with other seating quandaries.
  • Dinner party entertainment – one thing I never learned from mom is that there are more creative ways for entertainment than watching Uncle Jack balance a spoon on his nose and crush cans on his forehead. Dinner Parties Made Simple was a lifesaver on this one!
  • Dinner party favors – who knew you should send guests away with more than a fully belly? They have so many great ideas that I'm trying to come up with another reason to host already!

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Not everyone is a culinary genius, and I certainly fall into the category of those who aren't.

But even those of us without natural talent want the feeling of hosting fun dinner parties, and that's where Dinner Parties Made Simple can help absolutely anyone. They offer a simple ten step process that works for any event, from a romantic evening for two to a rowdy full house.

Dinner Parties Made Simple will show you how to set the table and how to clear it, what to put on the menu and what to avoid, and even offer a few interesting tidbits that I never saw coming. For example, did you know you should never put salad dressing on a salad? There are plenty more where that came from!

The folks at Dinner Parties Made Simple are experts, and when it comes to helping the uninformed to host fun dinner parties they're worth their weight in gold!

Funny Dinner Parties EbookMy first dinner party was so successful that I was unanimously elected to host the next one.

I may have figured out the secret to hosting thanks to my years of watching mom and Dinner Parties Made Simple, but there is one thing they can't do. Old Uncle Jack is still crushing cans on his forehead, and that's one problem they didn't mention anywhere!

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Fun Dinner Parties Made Simple

Fun Dinner Parties Make Simple

The folks at Dinner Parties Make Simple are experts, and when it comes to helping the uninformed to host fun dinner parties they're worth their weight in gold!

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