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Costumes aren't enough!

Next time you throw a kid Halloween party, make it a spooky, silly good time with these Halloween party games that kids can't get enough of!

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the category from the drop down list below:

EERIE Ice Breakers

Get the party started and help shy monsters come out of their coffins with these fun Halloween activities guaranteed to get things off on the right foot!

Trick Tac ToeTrick-Tac-Toe is a Halloween version of the classic.

Kids can pair up as they arrive, and a little friendly competition will get them in the party spirit! This game is great for kids of all ages – even preschoolers can play easily!

Color Match is designed to be a "follow the leader" type of coloring page, where everyone tries to match the colors of the leader. If your guests are a mix of older and younger children, younger kids can also use it as a regular coloring page. If your party is exclusively younger children, opt for Halloween coloring pages instead.

Harvest Word Find is a simple word search activity with a list to get guests in the holiday spirit! Best suited for older kids, who can challenge one another alone or in groups to find words the fastest. Younger children can work the puzzles as a group.

Guess How Many cards are a great companion to a large jar of candy corn! Hand one to arriving guests and invite kids to write down how many pieces of candy are in the jar. Kids make use of many strategies when they play this game – some will be occupied for quite some time as they figure it out mathematically, while others will quickly write down their guesses. Either way, a lively conversation is sure to spark!

Frightfully Fun for The Whole Group

Scare up some fun for the whole spooky group with some of these fun Halloween activities to do together.

Blindfold Fun Halloween ActivitiesPin the Face on the Pumpkin is a happy Halloween twist on a party favorite, creating a well-loved kid Halloween party game!

Begin with a jack-o-lantern made from construction paper. Use orange to create the pumpkin, add black cutouts for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and use green for the stem. Once you've made one for the wall, cut extra pieces to "pin" onto the pumpkin. Blindfold kids one by one and see who can get the pieces closest to the original spots on the wall.

Another fun blindfold game is to create a craft for each child.

Have them cut out pumpkin shapes plus jack-o-lantern eyes, noses, and mouths. Once the pieces are ready, blindfold kids or have them close their eyes and decorate their pumpkins sight unseen. Kids will be in hysterics when they see the goofy, mismatched results!

Halloween Picture Bingo is the ultimate party game! With so many ways to play and easy picture matching, even pre-readers can get in on the fun. In addition to the traditional five-in-a-row, create a pumpkin face pattern from the squares on the card for a very special BINGO!

Witch Hunt is delightfully simply and frightfully fun! Before the party begins, secretly hide these witches around the room. (For a bigger challenge, hide them outside or throughout the house). Turn out the lights and give the kids flashlights, challenging them to find as many as possible. Divide them into teams and challenge them to see which team can find the most.

Halloween Word Twist is a great kid Halloween party game for the older set! This game can be personalized with any phrase you'd like, and there's more than one way to play! The premise is to use the letters of the word or phrase to make as many smaller words as you can think of. You can play with a time limit to see who can come up with the most words before time is up, or alternatively give players as much time as they need. With the latter option, give prizes to players who had words that no one else thought of or for the longest word or phrase made from the letters.

Tricky Transitional Times

Bubble Kid Halloween Party GameThe time between activities can be difficult. Without something to keep them occupied, it's easy to lose control of a room crowded with little monsters! Try these fun Halloween activities for maintaining control without ruining the fun.

Bubbles are fascinating for young goblins, and they provide an easy distraction for kids while you're switching from one activity to another, especially when you need time to set up.

Have older children blow bubbles for younger ones or set up a bubble machine. Challenge kids to catch a bubble or try to keep one from hitting the ground by blowing on it. Another alternative? Give each kid her or her own bubbles and divide them into groups. Assign each group a jack-o-lantern (real or plastic) and have a contest to see which team can fill the pumpkin up with bubbles the fastest.

Halloween Picture Puzzle is one of those fun Halloween activities that kids can do quickly or in groups. Play by the rules and use it as a memory game, or scatter the cards around the room and challenge kids to match pairs up, with the player coming up with the most matches declared the winner.

Halloween Secret Message is a quick, five minute game that involves simple instructions for crossing out certain letters. The remaining letters form a secret message that is written across the bottom of the page. This game is best suited for older kids, and the thrill of the competition and being the first to discover the secret message will easily distract them for a few moments, allowing you to change activities or set up a new game.

Remember the Guess How Many game? Kids will be so excited to know who came the closest to guessing the right amount that this announcement is sure to keep them at rapt attention. When you need a transitional activity, have an adult gather them around and share the big news – then let them share the jar full of candy corn!



Throwing a Halloween party can be enjoyable for the host as well as for the guests, but you need to choose fun Halloween activities. You can find some great and affordable ideas by using Halloween printable games and other suggestions like the ones below.

Movie Theme

One example of fun Halloween activities you might incorporate into the party is the scary movie. Whether you want to watch classic films like black and white Dracula movies starring Bela Luigosi or newer fare like the Saw series, you might want to add supplemental activities, too.

Ready Set Scream
For example, if you want to incorporate some Halloween printable games into the mix you could try Ready, Set, Scream! This game lists characters from twenty different horror films, including Rosemary’s Baby and The Ring, and guests need to match the character to the correct scary movie.

Great prizes for winning the game might include a DVD or Blu-Ray version of a horror movie, tickets to a movie screening, or a huge bag of movie popcorn.

Music Theme

Nothing sets a party for the season apart from other events like asking everyone to come in costume. Why not choose music or even a rock ‘n’ roll theme for your party? Ask all of the guests to come dressed as their favorite musician. You can hire a DJ if you want or you can find some great Halloween printable games to keep the guests entertained.

Rockin Around The Haunted House

One example of fun Halloween activities is Rockin’ Around the Haunted House. To play the game guests have to match Halloween-themed songs, such as “Frankenstein” and “This is Halloween,” to the artists who performed them.

For a prize, the first guest to answer all of the questions correctly could receive an iTunes gift card or gift card to an electronics store.

Mystery Theme

Nothing says Halloween celebration like putting together a mystery that needs to be solved. You can find fake murder mystery scenarios online that you can act out with your guests, for example. These types of events work great as part of dinner parties. Of course, if you are having a larger party you might instead choose to watch mystery movies. You could also play one of the Halloween printable games known as Midnight Mystery.

Midnight Mystery

With this game, one of the guests leaves the room and the others need to answer questions about who left to test their memory. Alternatively, you could use the questions as clues to help guests decipher the mystery of which guest is missing.

You could also have guests dress up in mystery-related costumes. They could come as their favorite detective, such as Sherlock Holmes, or even a victim.

Kids Party

While the above fun Halloween activities are more appropriate for older guest lists, you don’t have to leave out the little ones from the seasonal celebration. Young children can enjoy Trick-Tac-Toe in pairs.

Trick Tac Toe
This twist on the classic tic-tac-doe game uses black cats and carved pumpkins instead of X’s and O’s to fill in the spaces. You can print off as many sheets as you want for your guests with printable Halloween games like this one.

Halloween Word Find

Another option for older children is the Halloween Word Find. Players receive a list of appropriately themed words, such as mummy, and have to find them in the jumble of letters. This game is also one of the fun Halloween activities teachers can use to celebrate the season with their students.

No matter which types of fun Halloween activities you choose for your celebration, you can use Halloween printable games to enhance your party theme and to add variety to your entertainment. Guests will appreciate your efforts.



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