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Looking for great party ideas? When you have a Pokémon fan on your hands, those little critters quickly invade and take over your house.

Now, you can invite them to you child's birthday party! Here are some great party ideas for a Pokémon birthday party extravaganza!

No need to search forever the best deals on Pokemon birthday party supplies, just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the child birthday items you'll need:

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Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations

Make sure that guests get there on time with these Pokémon birthday party invitation ideas!

  • Purchase an amazing pokemon guidebooks for each invitation (sold in sets of 8). Insert clues throughout the book, using little cutout Pokémon characters from coloring pages or printed coloring sheets. Attach a note to the front of the guidebook with alerting guests to the clues inside. Suggested messages: "It's a Pokémon birthday party!" "(Name) is turning (age)!" "The battle for birthday fun is on (date) at (time)." "Meet us at the gym at (location)!" As guests look through the guidebook, they will be able to piece the invitations together.
  • kids pokemon pikachu costume Dress your Pokémon fan up in a kids pokemon pikachu costume. Attach a picture to cardstock with a caption inviting guests to "A Pokémon birthday party for (Name)!" Tell them to "Meet us at the gym at (location) for a winning birthday battle! Trainers bring your favorite characters and don't be late! (Date, time)."
  • One of the great party ideas is to print or copy pictures of your child's favorite Pokémon characters and glue them to the front of a card. Write a caption such as "(Character name) can not be defeated! Join the birthday challenge!" Inside, add "Trainers, bring your best weapons to capture Pokémon birthday fun! (Name) is turning (age). Help us celebrate on (date) at (time, location)."

Check out these nice printable Pokemon invitations for your great party ideas:

Pokemon Invitations

Pokemon Invitations
Price: $0.99


Pokemon Invitations (8-Pack)
Price: $3.29

Pokemon Party Decorations

Start the decorating outside by positioning your child's Pokémon toys on the lawn, in the trees, and along the drive if the collection is large enough. If not, print or copy pictures of the creatures, help your child color them, and then position them outside using lengths of wire hanger or thin dowels. For best results, cut a solid piece of construction paper out to shape and tape the dowel or hanger to the front of the construction paper before placing the picture on top of it and attaching. Alternately, hang them from trees or fences, using the construction paper backing to stiffen the picture and prevent rolling as great party ideas.

Inside, make sure everyone knows who the guest of honor is with a Pokemon personalized birthday banner. After the party, your Pokémon fan will be proud to display this 61" banner for some time to come!

Next to the birthday kid, the Pokémon Standup may be the hit of the party. An impressive three feet tall, this cardboard full-color action shot of kids' character favorites is not only a great decoration, it's a fun way to pose for party photos as well.

Hang plenty of red, yellow, and blue balloons and streamers to match the party colors. If you're feeling particularly creative, cluster balloons to resemble character favorites. For example, a large bunch of yellow balloons will pass for Pikachu with a few well-placed details drawn on with marker.

The ultimate Pokemon party pack is full of great party ideas! There are enough plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery for eight guests, plus a table cover, centerpiece, balloons, and streamers. In addition, the Ultimate Party Pack comes with Pokémon Favor Boxes and fillers for eight guests. You'll also find Pokemon drink cups for everyone. The Pokemon twist and flip watch, included, make perfect game prizes, or you can leave them with place settings on the table.

The Ultimate Party Pack also comes with a Pokemon® 18" pull-string piñ and fillers for the ultimate character battle!

I recommend these Pokemon birthday party decorations for your great party ideas:

Pokemon Removable Wall Decorations

Pokemon Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $14.99

Pokemon Foil Balloon

Pokemon Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Pokemon (TM) Tablecover

Pokemon (TM) Tablecover
Price: $6.99 each

Pokemon Standup

Pokemon Standup
Price: $34.99

Pokemon Birthday Costumes

Here are some great party ideas that will keep kids happily entertained for a long time!

Gather plenty of large boxes (big enough for kids to wear) and have at least one for each child. You'll need any number of other supplies: clear packing tape, washable paint, washable markers, rolls of craft paper, scissors, and construction paper. You'll also want to have full color pictures of Pokémon characters on hand, or simply bring out a few of your child's toys.

Once you have all of the supplies assembled, challenge the kids to transform themselves into their favorite Pokémon character using one box each and any of the other materials on hand. Help younger kids cut holes in the boxes for their arms or heads. Take pictures of them as they work, and again as they pose with their completed costumes. Don't forget to take a group shot!

Pokemon Party Icebreaker Activities

Misty Says

“Simon Says” has never been so much fun! This is the version that every Pokemon fan will love because “Misty Says” is so geared towards the theme from the very beginning that the kids will love it. This is a very easy Pokemon party icebreaker to create and yet the kids are so engaged and don't want to miss a beat. You can yell out simple commands or make them more related to Pokemon directly. It doesn't matter what you mix in and you can sort of think things up on the spot, it just needs to keep their interest. You are bound to be dealing with kids at an age that want to be quite active, so mix it up and keep it interesting in this classic but perfectly themed game.

Pokemon Cookie Fun

The signature Pokemon shape is undeniable and such a symbol of this game and cartoon. So why not capture that into something delicious and fun? Making Pokemon cookies isn't hard and as a matter of fact you can even find the cookie cutter in this perfect shape. Get creative or purchase them from a bakery as this tends to be a very popular theme. Then let the kids go crazy with the decorating because they will really have fun with it. They can make one cookie to eat with their birthday cake at the party and then one to take home so their imagination can really run wild. This is a classic activity but yet when it's in that undeniable shape, the kids adore it and will eat it right up!

Freeze Dance

There are so many great Pokemon CD's out there now and such great music on them to enjoy. So if you can get your hands on the Pokemon music, turn this into a Pokemon party icebreaker. You are essentially playing a game of freeze but it's set to music and gets the kids up and dancing. Even the quietest kid is sure to love this game because it gets them out of their shell, gets them dancing, and allows them to embrace the beloved theme and music. It's perfectly age appropriate and therefore works well at this type of party for loads of fun.

Hot Ash

Did you ever play “Hot Potato” as a child? Chances are that you did but this is a different type as it keeps with the theme. Rather than using an actual potato or related item, you are using the Ash cartoon figurine which works quite well. You can choose any of the characters from it, but the point is that you turn this into a great Pokemon party icebreaker and the kids will have such fun. They try to get it out of their hands before the music stops and before they get caught. The laughter will be undeniable and they will be entertained. You only need the little figurine to pull this game off and it's perfect because it all fits into the theme you are trying to carry out. Win win on all accounts!

Pokemon Birthday Party Foods

Keep those characters from getting too hungry with these great party ideas for Pokémon fans!

Drinks: Coordinate colors with party theme for a creative twist. Consider yellow lemonade, red fruit punch, and blue Kool-aid or Gatorade. For a fun twist, freeze small candies, such as Skittles or Gummy Bears, into ice cubes to resemble small Pokémon figures ready to be captured.

Food: Keep critters full and happy with one of the Pokémon birthday party snacks.

  • Fresh fruit – think balls. Melon balls, grapes, apples, strawberries, and blue berries are great choices.
  • Popcorn balls -- Toss popcorn with corn syrup before forming into balls.
  • Ke-bobs (best for older children) – pile sticks with cubes of cooked meat (available in the deli) and cheese (from the deli or dairy sections of the store).
  • Chicken nuggets – Serve with a side of ranch or bar-be-que sauce for dipping.

Cake: If they get wild with sugar, remind them that their trainers are watching! Try some of these great party ideas for Pokémon cake.

  • Try this easy idea for a cake without the mess. Simply bake cupcakes, coat with yellow frosting, and draw facial details on to make cute, edible Pikachu characters.
  • pokemon cake toppersFor the more artistically inclined, bake a round layer or sheet cake. Frost the whole thing in your child's favorite color (red, blue, and yellow match the party wear theme) and draw in the Pokémon logo on the center. Line the edges with Pokemon gummy poke balls to create a fun border that kids will love.
  • This fun Pokémon birthday party cake idea will give kids something to play with long after the cake is gone! Simply bake a cake and ice it with your choice of colors and trim. Then arrange pokemon cake toppers on top. The set of five includes a Blastoise figure that doubles as a squirt toy when his cake duties are finished, along with four Pokémon rings that can be worn (once the icing comes off!)

Pokemon Birthday Party Favors

Pokemon favor boxes are great party ideas to send guests home from your Pokémon birthday party! Each colorful, easy to assemble box features a high action scene including some of their favorite characters. Inside, they'll find these great party ideas: a laser spinner, Pokémon notepad with crayons, a ring, a bouncy ball, and a sticker sheet. Have one on hand for each party guest.

Here are some very cute Pokemon party favor kits:

Pokemon Party Favor Kit

Pokemon Party Favor Kit
Price: $3.69

Pokemon Twist and Flip Watch (1 count)

Pokemon Twist and Flip Watch (1 count)
Price: $2.49

Pokemon Party Favor Box

Pokemon Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

Pokemon Bouncy Balls

Pokemon Bouncy Balls
Price: $4.99

Pokemon Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable child birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

What's a kid birthday party without a piñata? Yes, it always a "hit" to your Pokemon party and kids love it as addition to their activities!

Here is a ceative Pokemon birthday pinata:

Pokemon 18 Pull-String Pinata

Pokemon 18" Pull-String Pinata
Price: $19.99

Pokemon Birthday Thank You Notes

Here's a fantastic way to show your thanks for making your Pokémon birthday party such a special one!

Collect pictures of each guest from the party and cut out each child from the background. Don't forget to include a shot of guests in full Pokémon costume! Once you have a selection of cut outs, glue them to a piece of bright yellow card stock and let dry. Ask your child to describe each picture in just a few short words – for example, "You made the best costume!" or "You made me laugh so hard!" and add a caption to each picture based on your child's description.

Be sure to mention what your child loves about the gift that each guest brought. Allow the birthday kid to decorate the collage with Pokémon stickers (such as those which are included with the pokemon favor boxes) before delivering this one-of-a-kind, keepsake thank you.

Don't forget to check out these perfect Pokemon thank you cards:

Pokemon 8 Invitations and 8 Thank You Postcards

Pokemon 8 Invitations and 8 Thank You Postcards
Price: $3.99

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