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For adolescents, choosing the perfect teen Halloween costume is just as important as picking out the right clothes for the school day or having the right kind of MP3 player to make a stellar impression on your peers.

Young adults have high standards when it comes to deciding what to wear on the spookiest night of the year so here are some ideas for great Halloween costumes for teenagers.

Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Halloween Costumes to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own halloween costumes ideas. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" costume ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Cool Halloween Costumes for Guys

For the teenage boy who also has a bad attitude, the Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch costume might be the perfect choice. The bottom of the costume is the Oscar’s traditional garbage can home while the wearer’s face appears in the open mouth of the angry green muppet.

Sesame  Street Oscar the Grouch

This costume would be a great choice for a group who wants to go as the cast of Sesame Street: Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Elmo costumes are all available as Halloween costumes for teenagers, too.

For a “sweeter” teen guy, the M & Ms Blue Deluxe Teen Costume might be a better choice. The costume includes the tunic depicting the face of this beloved candy characters and the white gloves he wears.

M&Ms Green Deluxe Teen Costume

However, you’ll want to pair the costume up with a pair of black pants and maybe a black sweatshirt. If you’re going as a group, you can find other colors of this chocolate candy available, including the M & Ms Green Deluxe Teen Costume for girls.

These candy costumes would be perfect for a sweet treat themed party.Other guys might want to keep things a little more traditional. And what’s more traditional than a superhero costume?

The Captain America Deluxe Muscle Teen Costume will make you appear to have been working out a lot recently.

3-D Zombie

It’s a great choice for a superhero-themed costume party.

Of course, another traditional costume is the movie monster. You could go with a teen Halloween costume such as the 3-D Zombie which comes with everything but the shoes or the Freddy Krueger costume that you’ll need to pair up with his infamous knife-tipped glove.

All of these choices for Halloween costumes for teenagers would make a great impression.

Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls

Guys don’t have the cool teen Halloween costume market cornered, however. Girls can find some great choices, too.

For a unique twist on a traditional Alice in Wonderland character, you can dress up like the Mad Hatter in an adorable skirt.

Mad Hatter

You could also go with something more traditional like Snow White but with a shorter and more fashionable yellow skirt. You can pair this costume up with a cute apple purse as the perfect accessory.

The Snow White costume would also be a good choice for girls going in a group and looking for a shared theme. They could all go as Disney princesses, including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine.

Busy Lil Bee

For the teen girl looking for an innocent and adorable costume, the Busy Lil Bee teen Halloween costume might be a great choice.

You get your honeybee wings and a cute headband with antennae along with the rest of the costume which looks great if you wear some black leggings under it.


If you want to be a bit sexier and a little less sweet, then Pirate Princess might be a better choice. But don’t forget your sword.Some teen girls don’t want to go too crazy with their costumes. For them, the Spongebob Costume might be perfect.

Instead of dressing like a sponge, you wear a yellow shirt with his face and a brown skirt instead of his traditional shorts. Or you could dress up like a Penguin in a full body suit with coverings to go over the shoes.

Finding the perfect Halloween costumes for teenagers can be tricky but can also be a lot of fun. Let us know your favorite teen Halloween costume. We’d love to see and hear about your creative costume choices, too.



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