Halloween Party Games for Kids

***halloween-party-games-for-kids-brd.shtml***Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween parties can be a lot of fun for guests of all ages.

While adults might be entertained with movies and music, younger audiences might enjoy playing a few holiday-themed games to get them in the spirit of the spooky season.

If you need some ideas of great Halloween party games for kids, you can find some possibilities below.

Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Pin the Tail on the Cat

If your guest list includes kids under the age of 6, you want to choose Halloween party games for kids their age so they can play and enjoy themselves as well.

One idea is a twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. In this printable Halloween kid game, the guests are trying to Pin the Tail on the Cat, specifically on the black cat.

When you print off the sheet and the tails, you’ll have everything you need with the exception of the tape or adhesive to place the cat on a wall and to put on the back of the tails so they will stick. You’ll also need a blindfold so they little ones can’t see where they are placing the tail.

Halloween Picture Bingo

Another fun game for the younger guests is Halloween Picture Bingo. Like traditional bingo, guests will try to mark their cards in a row, column, or diagonal before the other guests.

The difference is this version doesn’t use letters and numbers but Halloween-themed pictures, such as a ghost or a mummy.

The host can show the picture and read off the name of the thing depicted so guests can mark their cards.

If you want to reuse the cards to play multiple times, let the kids use chocolate coated candies as markers.

School Age Children

Older children are going to have more options when it comes to Halloween party games for kids, but they are also a little more difficult to please. You want to pick activities they will enjoy doing and steer clear of those traditional games like bobbing for apples which almost always flop while also making a tremendous mess.

Halloween Costume Match

If you want the kids to have some creative fun, you can purchase those small gourds found in grocery stores in the fall (they look like miniature pumpkins), along with colorful markers and other art supplies.

Let the kids pick their own gourd and decorate it as they desire. They can even name their new “friend” and play the other games at the party with it. This is a much safer than letting kids carve their own jack-o-lanterns, too.

Older kids also enjoy playing word puzzles. Ask any grade school teacher and they will tell you that a word search or other puzzle can keep a rowdy class occupied for a little while. For your guests, you might instead choose the Halloween Costume Match.

Halloween  Charades & Pictionary

This printable Halloween kid game has guests matching different types of popular costumes with their descriptions, such as “Young Wizard.”

Make sure the guests know they are racing to be the first one finished and choose an age appropriate prize for the winner. Candy is one idea, but you could also choose gift certificates to toy stores, art supplies, or other goodies, too.

If your guest list includes children of around 10 or older, you could give Halloween Charades & Pictionary a try.

This printable Halloween kid game lets the host print out 140 different cards in several spooky categories, including “creepy things” and “popular costumes”.

You can use the cards as the basis for a round of charades with the guests working in pairs or teams then acting out what is on each card so the other person can guess. Or you can use them to play Pictionary with teams drawing the word or phrase on the card so their partner or team can guess what it is. Either way, the guests are sure to have tons of fun.

With any of these Halloween party games for kids, guests will have a great time at your party. Just remember to choose games that are appropriate for the age groups represented at your bash. If you have mixed ages, you might need to divide the guests up into groups so they can all have games they enjoy playing.



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