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Below you'll find the web's coolest collection of Halloween party ideas.

You'll get inspired from these ideas and how-to tips that teach you how to throw a Horrible event for your kids' birthday parties or any type of family celebration.

Of course, if you have the most wackiest Halloween ideas, such as the deviled eggs with black olive spiders on them or even made a "dirt" cake with a graveyard on top of it, we will be thrilled to hear from you.

Some of our site visitors LOVE Halloween so they always get together and throw a party at their houses, and they did make tons of spooky things:


Kid Halloween Party: Beanbag Toss

Kid Halloween Party submitted by Suling Luu Prayitno from Kent WA.

coolest graveyard dirt cake

Halloween Annual Party submitted by Mikay from Marianna, Florida


And if you want to know how spooky you can decorate for your house, Maryjo from Canada did a great job that you can learn from. You can even ask all the parents wrapped in toilet paper jump out and scare ;-)



If you have thrown the spookiest wackiest Halloween party, tell us about your ideas. We will select the Contest Winner in December, 2012!


More information about our Coolest Party Ideas Contest

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:

Halloween General Party Ideas

Here are some of the spookiest Halloween party ideas to get your started:

Halloween Kids & Teenagers Activities

Blind Fold Fun Halloween Activities

I'm also collecting the most creative games for kids and teenagers

Here are my favoriest printable Halloween party games of all time:

All the Halloween party games are easy to print for fun - meaning you'll save lots of time and just watch the guests enjoying a whole day for party!

Adult Halloween Party

Adult party with Halloween themes:


Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are lots of creative homemade halloween costume ideas and photos and we can't wait to get them all up and share them with you. They're all being added to the Halloween costume photos' gallery on a regular basis.

To help you quckily browse which costume you'd like to pick up, we've grouped all the costume ideas into different ages that include:


Submit Your Coolest Halloween Party Ideas Here

Whether it's a homemade Halloween craft or a "Pumpkin Drawing" competition for your family, share it here for Your Chance to Win!

Sending MORE than four Halloween party photos: From homemade Halloween craft, creepy party invitation to a "Pumpkin Drawing" competition for your family, there is something to "WOW" your party guest (even for your cat!). I would love to hear all about your spookiest Halloween party "secret"! You can use this form to include up to four photos and/or files. To add more of your coolest pictures and ideas, you can email them, along with your relevant contact information, to: coolestpartyideasATgmaildotcom

Halloween Party Ideas Submitted by Visitors

Click on the links below to see what other visitors talk about their Halloween party.

Coolest Halloween Party 
To me, as far as decorating for a party, Halloween is way up there with Christmas on the fun scale! I decorate early in October so we can enjoy the results …

Mummy Wrap 
Have all of the kids pair up in teams, and an adult who will be willing to play if there is an odd number of kids! Don't let anyone be left out! Each team …

Zombie Dance Party - The Apocalypse  
Everyone likes a good zombie movie; well, take to the next level, and get you and all your friends to dress up as zombies and dance your heart out for …

Halloween Story 
Late on one late night there lays a troubled man. He was very angry so he decided that the only way to get rid of his misery was to trouble the towns. …

Kids Halloween Party Game 
A 'terrifying twist' on an old favorite, this kids Halloween party game will make them scream with delight! What you'll need: 1 sheet or tablecloth …

Halloween Bash 
We go all out and decorate for Halloween. It's awesome. Never join a contest before but whatever. I would really like for you to have a look at my photos. …

Coolest Halloween Annual Party Not rated yet
Me and my sister Claire LOVE Halloween so sometimes we get together and throw a party at her house. We always have a good time decorating and making all …

Elvis and Priscilla Halloween Party Not rated yet
The invitation stated that everyone was to dress as either Elvis or Priscilla Presley. Everyone did; however, some of the men dressed as Priscilla and …

Spooky Flashlight Tag Not rated yet
One person is chosen as "it" and the rest of the people go and hide in the completely dark area. The person who is "it" has a flash light to help them …

Horrily Haunted Death Party Not rated yet
8 people and 8 murders!!! Body parts as food ,create a cave around door with spooky lighting ,create graveyard in front yard with guests names on them, …

Halloween Party Not rated yet
This year a few day back on the day of halloween i had a party at my home. All my friends were invited . All of us decided to have a really scary party …

Spooky House Not rated yet
Every year my friends and I come together and have a spooky house and just thought you would like to see the Halloween decoration photos. We have a …

Click here to write your own.



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Party Ideas Just Added

Halo Birthday Party

Ok Gamers this is for you!! Beki has a gamer chic in her house who is all about Halo which led to her 13th birthday party idea (this could work for boys too). Super creative!

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