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There are as many ways to have a scavenger hunt as there are things to hunt for, so where do you start?

These tips will have you ready for the best Halloween scavenger hunt your guests have ever been a part of!

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The Thrill of The Hunt

You can get your scavenger hunt started long before the Halloween party begins! Get guests excited well head of time by including information in the invitation.

These ideas will get things going.

Include a photo, such as the one below, with your invitation. To recreate the picture, visit a local store or shopping center and pick up a few Halloween items. Candles, candy bars, and inexpensive décor are all great ideas.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Swap

You can make your own bag or simply buy a Halloween-themed gift bag from the store. Take two photos – one with the items on display and another with the bag neatly packed. Be sure to mail your invitations out a couple of weeks ahead of time so guests have plenty of time to play along!

Instruct guests with one of the two following options for play.

  • The first option requires very little investment on the part of guests. Challenge them to find each of the items in the picture and photograph it in the store. They should then bring their collection of pictures to the party. The guest that makes the most matches to the products you put together wins the gift bag full of goodies.
  • The second option is similar, but instead of taking pictures of the items, they should buy the items, with each guest or family bringing a gift bag to exchange. (It may be helpful to put a limit on how much each guest can spend.)

Once the party begins, the scavenger hunt may be over but the fun is just beginning! Offer the gift bags as prizes to party games, or turn them into creative party favors, with each family that brings one able to take another one home. A slight variation is to have guests purchase each type of item, but not necessarily the same one. For example, they need to find a full-size candy bar, but it doesn't have to be a bag of M&M's. This version of play results in bags of similar value, although each one will be quite different from the others.

Tips for Your GOBLINs

If your party is family-friendly, then you'll want to include the kids! Get them in on the scavenger hunt fun with these awesome Halloween party activities!

Scavenger Hunt Halloween Party Activities

Who doesn't love a good leaf fight? Bring back this fall classic in a big way by incorporating a scavenger hunt just for the kids!

Rake leaves into one huge pile and toss a few Halloween goodies among them, taking care to make sure they are all hidden. On the word "go" let the leaf fights begin!

Kids are sure to discover hidden treasures as they play in this unforgettable version of a scavenger hunt. Best of all, even the youngest kids can play, making this activity perfect for the whole family!

Here's a Halloween scavenger hunt idea that is great for young children.

Engage their sense of discovery and their self awareness with this creative idea – all you'll need is a digital camera and the ability to print photos during your party! First take pictures of each child – in costume – as they arrive. Once you have pictures, print them and put them in plain envelopes. Allow each child to choose an envelope, and then challenge him or her to find the guest pictured. A pint-sized "scavenger" hunt is as easy as that!

If you are having a Halloween party for kids, you might find a Halloween scavenger hunt to be the perfect form of entertainment. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can find some unique ways of hosting such a fun event.

Hunting in the Dark

Before you try this game, you want to make sure none of the guests get scared in the dark. That can ruin the whole thing for the other players.

Witch Hunt
The game is called Witch Hunt, and you’ll need to get the printable Halloween game pieces cut out and ready before the event. You’ll also need some type of adhesive so you can attach the witch pictures to different parts of the search area. All of these steps should be completed ahead of time.

Now give each of your guests a flashlight, turn off the lights, and have them look around for the witches. The guest who grabs the most witches gets a prize.

Also, one great thing about this Halloween scavenger hunt is that you can print off as many of the witches as you want so you have more control over the length of the game.

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Another option for a Halloween scavenger hunt is to combine it with picture bingo. You can find two versions of this printable Halloween game: Halloween Picture Bingo and Harvest Picture Bingo.

Halloween Picture Bingo
Instead of calling off the items depicted or just showing their pictures, place the things or images of the things around your party area ahead of time.

As guests go through the area, they can cross off the pictures on their bingo card as they find them on the Halloween scavenger hunt. You could give prizes to the first two or three kids who “bingo.”

Additionally, this type of game could be fun in a pre-school, daycare or other facility because it can help children learn the names of things and can be combined with fall or Halloween festivities.

Traditional Versions

If you want to put together a more traditional Halloween scavenger hunt or one that would be appropriate for older guests, you can easily do that as well. This can work well if you are hosting the party for a large number of people and in a larger venue. Create a list of things you want each person to do or find in that area. For example, you might want them to find a carved pumpkin or you may want them to say trick or treat to another person.

Remember to keep the tasks in theme. You don’t want to have guests looking for a swimming suit as part of a Halloween scavenger hunt. Also, keep safety in mind if you have guests running all over the place. Consider putting people into pairs or small teams since they will be safer in numbers and because it might make some of the tasks easier.

Set a time limit on the scavenger hunt and arrange a meeting time. For older players, you might want to make reaching the designated meeting spot within the limit a mandatory requirement for winning. Younger kids may not need the extra challenge.

Regardless of the type of Halloween scavenger hunt you choose to do at your party, you should offer some great prizes. You might want to have prizes for first, second, and third place instead of only allowing for a single winner. If you choose to use a printable Halloween game, be sure to make plenty of copies for your guests. Preparation is the key to a successful event and fun games.



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