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For your next birthday, take a trip to the tropics with the coolest Hawaiian Luau party idea!

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Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations

These easy invitations will entice the whole gang over for your Hawaiian luau party!

  • Purchase blank luau birthday invitations – the tropical scene is a great way to set the mood! Add your party details as follows: "It's a luau! Sway your way over to (Name)'s birthday party on (date) at (time, location)."
  • Send a real message in a bottle with tropical bottle invitations! These fabulous invitations are filled in, then curled up and tucked into plastic bottles that you can mail out to friends – what a great Hawaiian luau party idea!
  • Create the traditional island totem pole with pictures of the guest of honor and perhaps even the invited guest! Print pictures of totem poles onto a glossy or photo paper. Cut out faces of the birthday guy or gal from other photos and do the same for the guest if you have a photo handy or can find one online. Glue the photos into position on the totem pole and add a message such as "You're just what we need to complete this picture! Please join us at a luau birthday party for (name) on (date) at (time, location)!"

Don't forget to check out these wonderful printed Hawaiian Luau party idea for invitations

Aloha Leis Invitation

Aloha Leis Invitation
Price: $2.79 each

Aloha Luau Invitations

Aloha Luau Invitations
Price: $4.99

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations

Greet guests in the front yard with luau signs to point them in the right direction, or place signs throughout your party for a quick, exciting way to get into the luau party spirit!

Take a trip to the islands with the Hawaiian Paradise kit. This set includes palm trees, a surfboard, portions of beach, and an island hut that you can personalize. Arrange these beach basics throughout your party scene for an immediate tropical effect! Add some heat to your party when you include a Hawaiian Volcano standeehawailin luau party idea.

The Hibiscus personalized lighted archhawailin luau party idea stands nine feet tall to welcome guests! Featuring your own personalization at the top, this floral arch really pops with twinkling lights and raffia. A spectacular lighted luau waterfall includes flowing gossamer "water" for an incredible 3D effect!

Transform your party room with a breathtaking background mural! The Paradise Sands photo muralhawailin luau party idea provides a daytime escape to the islands, while the Hawaiian Photo Sunset Mural is sure to heat up your night!

Feel the sand between your toes with beach background roll. This breathtaking stretch of sand is sure to take your spirit away to the salt and scent of the sea air!

Decorate with luau hanging paper garland throughout the party. Hang it from the ceiling in lively angles to add interest. For a nighttime scene, you can't go wrong with lighted round lanterns dangling from the ceiling in celebratory hues. Or, add some heat with flaming decor. Choose from hanging or torch styles for a great realistic fire in the night!

It's not a party without balloons, and when you need a Hawaiian luau party idea you've got plenty of choices! The Luau Party 18" Foil Balloonhawailin luau party idea is perfect for a luau with its bamboo design and funky "Luau!" proclamation. Add the charismatic monkey balloon to amp things up with this comical guest or enjoy a lush tropical garden with Hibiscus balloons and mylar palm trees.

Cover your luau tables with the Hibiscus table roll, and then top them with tropical leaves. The table covering and leaves can also be used as hanging decorations or to create banners or flags. Tissue paper pineappleshawailin luau party idea make the perfect centerpiece for your luau party table!

For the finishing touch, add the spectacular luau tableware to your setup. The beach-themed plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery add a great tropical flair to keep guests in the party spirit!

I recommend these great Hawaiian Luau party decorating kits:

Hawaiian Sunset Photo Backdrop

Hawaiian Sunset Photo Backdrop
Price: $80.99

Luau Hibiscus Foil Balloon

Luau Hibiscus Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Luau Table Decoration Package

Luau Table Decoration Package
Price: $24.99

Luau Party Registration Personalized Banner

Luau Party Registration Personalized Banner
Price: $14.79 each

Hawaiian Luau Party Costumes

Ask guests to wear their Hawaiian party favorites. Tropical shirts, cargo shorts, bathing suits, and grass skirts are all full of island flair! Hand out floral leis to guests entering the party to ensure that everyone gets in on the fun of this classic Hawaiian luau party idea!

Welcome to paradise and enjoy your stay! If you want to figure out the best homemade costume ideas for this big luau then just check out your closet. For the men, all you need is a flashy but classy Hawaiian shirt and everybody has one. For the women, go for a tropical and colorful sundress because that's what the natives wear and that's what you will likely be comfortable in. If you want a nice and authentic touch then throw a flower in your hair because it will make you beautiful and ensure that you embrace the culture. This is something that everybody can dress for, just go for colorful and tropical in your costume ideas and you are sure to find something to wow!

Here are some awesome adult Hawaiian Luau party idea for costumes:

Hawaiian Hunk Adult Costume

Hawaiian Hunk Adult Costume
Price: $19.99

Fever Luscious Luau Adult Costume

Fever Luscious Luau Adult Costume
Price: $36.99

Adult Hawaiian Luau Icebreaker Activities

Learn the Dance Like the Natives

One of the best parts about Hawaii is all the culture and rich tradition. If you want to embrace that at your own luau, then by all means you must include this very fun and very easy to pick up Hawaiian luau party icebreaker. You can either hire an instructor, get a video that teaches you how, or simply wing it and just have fun. Whichever method you go for, you want to teach guests all about the luau as this is the traditional dance of this region and it's so fun to do. If you can swing your hips back and forth, then you can absolutely pick up this dance. Half of the fun is to laugh while you try to learn it, but the point is that you all have to take turns and enjoy the learning process.

Recreate a Tropical Garden

The lush vegetation is one of the things about this beautiful region that so many people embrace and celebrate. If you happen to love the look and all that it stands for, then why not use this as a perfect Hawaiian luau party icebreaker because it doesn't take much but imagination. Use an area that is adorned with beautiful flowers such as a standing garden or recreate your own with a bunch of potted plants and gorgeous flowers. You can use this as a backdrop to serve Mai Tais and other Hawaiian drinks for guests to mingle, chat, and enjoy some fun. Sometimes the environment itself is as much the activity as a game, and this is an instance where enjoying the scenery can keep guests amused and lingering for hours.

A Real Live Luau

If you want something interactive and yet theatrical then you can create a real live luau right there in your backyard. If you want a fun Hawaiian luau party icebreaker that gets guesses watching in amazement and maybe even trying out some new moves, then this is what you've been searching for. You can hire real luau dancers to come in for the guests entertainment, and be sure to create the perfect scene with a fire that you've built and all the bells and whistles. Then offer up a fresh flower lei to each guest as they enter along with a Mai Tai and let them sit back and watch the show. Invite them to get up if they feel the beat and want to be a part of things. This is so interactive and yet so entertaining!

Roasting of the Pig

One of the traditions in Hawaii also happens to be one of the most enjoyable of the Hawaiian luau party icebreaker. You just hire a company that specializes in pig roasts or you try it out yourself if you are brave enough. The main scene and backdrop is the actual roasting of the pig just like it's done in Hawaii. The best part is that you also have your main meal selected and cooking for you, so all you have to do is serve up the sides to go with it. You want to be sure to make it authentic with great music, great drinks, and great surroundings so that guests can enjoy one of the most excellent Hawaiian luau party ideas. It doesn't take much but an authentic touch to get guests in the spirit of things and having a blast!

Hawaiian Luau Party Foods

Guests will build up quite an appetite dancing and mingling at this Hawaiian luau party, so an incredible selection of food is in order!

Serve drinks with tropical flair when you set up this inflatable palm tree coolerhawailin luau party idea! Each one stands a full six feet high and spreads to four feet wide, but the best part is the 36 can capacity cooler at the base! Position several of these cheery and functional decorations throughout your party so an ice cold drink is always close at hand!

Luau party food is delicious and easy to put together. Consider some of these Hawaiian party favorites!

  • You may not be able to roast a whole pig, but bar-be-que is a great Hawaiian luau party idea! Serve it with buns and coleslaw on the side.
  • Tropical fruit will be a great addition to your luau menu! Pineapples, mango, bananas, kiwi, papaya, and oranges are all good choices.
  • Macaroni salad is a Hawaiian party favorite. Toss cooked macaroni with a dressing made from grated carrots and mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Fried rice is an island staple. Toss cooked rice with chicken, seafood, or vegetables and fry in soy sauce and sesame oil to recreate this taste of the tropics.
  • Huli-Huli chicken is a Hawaiian mainstay. It is first roasted, and then tossed in a sauce made from brown cane sugar, soy sauce, and ginger.
  • Pipikaula is traditional Hawaiian beef jerky. Pile trays high with the treat that folks can grab without missing a beat on the dance floor!

Serve up one of these sweet desserts for your Hawaiian luau birthday party!

  • If you've got an abundance of coconut, break shells into three or four pieces to create small "dishes". Serve scoops of ice cream or sherbet directly in the shell for a creative tropical twist on the party favorite.
  • Pineapple upside down cake is a tantalizing leap from traditional birthday cake for a luau! One easy version is to mix melted butter with brown sugar for a gravy-like consistency. Spread over the bottom of a 9" x 13" pan until coated, then arrange pineapple rings across the bottom. Plop a cherry into the center of each before carefully pouring prepared yellow cake mix into the pan and baking. For more tropical flavor, add the juice from the pineapples to the yellow cake mix.
  • Create a fun tropical cake by coating a yellow cake with white icing and shredded sweetened coconut. Use chocolate icing to write out "Happy Birthday" in blocky bamboo print.

Hawaiian Luau Party Favors

For a really unique favor, consider luau party yardshawailin luau party idea. Each baton-shaped "cup" comes with a straw and lid and reads "Luau party." They hold an amazing 25 ounces each – perfect for filling up with your favorite cold party drinks! This is a Hawaiian luau party idea that you just can't pass up!

Don't forget to check out these wonderful more Hawaiian Luau party idea for favors:

Luau - Body Butter Personalized Birthday Party Favors

Body Butter Personalized Birthday Party Favors
Price: $2.59

Luau Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Luau Favor Set(For 1 Guest)
Price: $3.49

Luau Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Aloha Luau Personalized Bookmark(Each)
Price: $2.99

Luau Party Thank You Notes

Try this new version of an old Hawaiian luau tradition for a creative way to say thank you! Aloha leis are beautiful floral leis cardshawailin luau party idea that come with a tag that has room for your ten line personal message. Share you thanks with by handing these out after the party or hand-delivering them later as a way to bring back the memories of your fabulous Hawaiian luau birthday party!

Also check out these super creative Luau party thank you notes for adults:

Hawaiian Girl Thank-You Notes

Hawaiian Girl Thank-You Notes
Price: $3.59

Aloha Luau Personalized Thank You Note

Aloha Luau Personalized Thank You Note (Each)
Price: $3.49

Aloha Luau Thank You Notes

Aloha Luau Thank You Notes
Price: $4.79

Your Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Hawaiian Luau party idea to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own hawaiian luau party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

Summer Luau Party

Shannon's Summer Luau Party





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