Jungle 1st Birthday Party

by Chinda
(Stockton, Ca)

To let everyone know that it was a jungle theme party, I created a picture invitation of Jack and a monkey swinging from a vine on Microsoft Paint and had it printed at Costco. For 27 (3x4) invitation pictures, it only costs me about $5.00. The invitation was sent out two and half weeks before the party.

Our main party attraction was the jungle cave. Our guests love walking through it to get to the restroom which is near the formal living room. It was constructed in the hallway that connects the family living room and the formal living room. To constructed the jungle cave I used a brown paper roll that my sister purchased to wrap presents a while back. I bought two tubes of brown and green paints from the craft-store that costs $2.00 each. I have some gray paint for the rocks that was left from a paint job we did for one of our bedroom. The construction brown paper roll was also used to create vines that goes all over the place inside the cave and out. I cut out big leaves from green construction paper and struck it on the vines. The cave looked great considering I did not spend a lot of money. We used staple gun to stick the sections of the jungle cave and vines to the wall and ceiling.

I had so much fun that I decided to do it for the door leading to the garage and the fireplace. On the fireplace I added moss and little frogs to make it look natural. We got a lot of compliments on that one because it looked real. To add to the jungle scene, I decorated the mantle with a gorgeous painting of a tiger and add some exotic fruits, jungle stuff animals and vines.

Also, I put twigs around the ceiling fan so it looks jungle/rain forest like and stuck three big snakes from those twigs so when people walk by, it will creep them out.

Since it's jack 1st birthday, I created a collage on a foam board of him from the time he was born. I found some great cupcake borders to put around it to make it festive. Then to set the scene, I had my husband set our flat screen from the bedroom in the party room so we can put on a rain-forest video that I purchased on amazon.com for $7.00. Between the TV, we set two birch tree trunks from the floor to the ceiling. To get this birch tree I made my husband haul it from a neighbor's house and cut/measure it exactly the height of the inside of our house. We were lucky, this tree was blown down by a windy storm. I hung a stuff monkey, a parrot and some ivy plants on that tree. It looked so cute! All around the sitting area I set stuff jungle animals to set the mood. The tables were covered with green tablecloths from the dollar store and has a basket of fake exotic fruits. The only table that has a different tablecloth is the buffet table that I purchased at a party store for $5.00. It has pictures of a panda, tiger, and parrots. All the stuff animals I have decorated for the party. The stuff animals were all purchased at a second hand store because I did not want to spend too much when the stuff animals will not be played with; however, I did make sure they looked clean and have not been played with much.

We used the zoo plates for the party. I had my husband hand fold the green plastic utensils with green napkin and use a brown construction strip to wrap around it. All these were purchase at the dollar store. This make it look formal and like we went through a lot of trouble to make our son's 1st birthday party great. The party was successful, we had a lot of foods and the kids love their treat bags that matches the buffet tablecloth. Thank goodness, I had the treat bags in a bowl that state "If you're a kid, grab a good bag." this takes away one less job I have to do. Also, I have a sign that request the guests to sign his first plate that is in elephant shape that I found at the dollar store.

It's really hard when you're child is at the age he requires all your attention and there were like 40-50 people to entertain. Hope this help.

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