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Spooky Kid Halloween Party


It is the time of the year again. The weather is getting colder. The maple leaves start turning red and falling down all over the place. Fall season is around the corner and what are the most events to celebrate this time of the year is undoubtly Halloween. Yes, it is Halloween and I love it.

Halloween Party Guests

My friend, Diana was planning to have a kid Halloween party at her house and she asked me if I could help her as her cohost for this event. She planned to invite some of the girls from our pre-school group, so I volunteered in with such an excitement. It took us two weeks to come up with the plan such as games, foods, and decors. And here are some the plan that we came up with:

Halloween Party Decorations


Kid Halloween Party Decoration


Halloween Party Banner


Kid Halloween Party Decoration



Kid Halloween Party Invitations


No tricks, just treats join us for Spectacular costume party @......

There will be crafts, yummy treats, fun games and a monster mash dance, Carve a pumpkin with your little one and bring it for our pumpkin contest

it's the season for pumpkin decorating.



Kid Halloween Party Games

As we realized that bring a group of kids at age of 2-3 years old were going be quite challenging. Therefore, we came up with some plans to make this gathering as a fun, entertaining, and of course excitement. Here are the games that we created:

Fun Halloween Party Games


Fun Halloween Kid Game


Portrait time: Nothing is a kid Halloween party without a costume. I would bet you folks will be just like me, spending a great deal of time and efforts to find the perfect costume for your little angels. I was so excited when all the girls showed up. There were Miss Little Red Riding Hood, a unicorn, a little kitten, a Tinker Bell, a fairy, and a pumpkin. It was so colorful and perfect for portrait gathering.

Girls in costume


Eva and Lily


Wrap the Mummy - It’s always a big hit at the party. Give Mom a roll of toilet paper; instruct them to wrap their own child as the Mummy. It also built a bond between mommy & daughter.

Mummy Wrap


Mummy Wrap Game


Monster Mash dance - Play Halloween party music and let your child unlock their dance with all spider balloons thrown in the air.

Halloween Party Monster Dance


Spider handprint: Using this crafts ideas not worried about getting messy will keep them happy and provide a nice keepsake for parent.

Halloween Spider Handprint


Bobbing Apples - How about old-fashioned favorites, filled a big tub with water and float some apples for apple-bobbling contest. This was a blast!

Bobbing Apple


Bobbing Apple


Beanbag toss: Cardboard was cut into Pumpkin shapes and they were used for decoration and also bean bag tossing game.

Beanbag Toss


Doughnuts on strings: Its sweet reward for girls. Simple buy donut that sprinkle it with orange and black color hung from chair tied between two strings.

Kid Halloween Party Game: Doughnuts on Strings


Child Halloween Party Game


Paint pumpkins: Buy some small pie pumpkin and some acrylic jewels, feathers, sequin for girls to decorate their own pumpkin with glue.

Kid Pain Pumpkin


Child Paint Pumpkin


Photo Booth: All girls get to play with feather, fun glass and hats.

Kid Halloween Portrait


Kid Halloween Portrait


Kid Halloween Portrait


Kid Halloween Portrait


Seeing those girls participated in the games made my heart so joyful and blissful. The girls were having fun from one game to another. I also noticed some of their mothers were just as excited as theirs when they saw their kids were able to complete the game and won.

Happy Girls


Kid Halloween Party


Kid Halloween Party


Kid Halloween Party Decoration

Diana, my friend did an excellent job in decorating her house. I gave her a high mark on this. The house looked spooky yet charmed, even one of the little girls that walked into the house was fascinated and made a comment “This is amazing”. Adding to the festivity, the entire mom brought their carved pumpkins for the pumpkin contest.

Pumpkin contest


Pumpkin contest


Pumpkin contest


Caterpillar squash Found these ideas from Halloween magazine. First, sprayed the paint all over the squash to light green color, after that, decorated them with some circle felt. It does make wonderful decoration and last very long time.

Caterpillar squash


Caterpillar squash


Place card : The pumpkin paper is made from orange cutting card paper into small stripe. Bring them together and staple the top. Decorated with some leave and girls’ name, place them on the plate.

Halloween Party Placecard


Halloween Party Placecard


Candy corn Spider I find this idea form etsy. Simply put 4 candy corn together wrap with black tulle add some pipe cleaner to make the legs. After that, add the wiggle eyes on the front of the spider.

Candy corn Spider


Game sign using water color paint on the cardboard box to make the look of the wood. So it feels like all the girl is at the farm.

Halloween Game sign


Napkin rings using black and orange felt cut into rectangle wrap around white napkin. Then glue small craft spider on the top.

Napkin ring


Apple tree making green, orange and brown pompom with tissue paper. Put together on the wall as a tree; decorate with some cutting apple from card paper.

Apple tree


Ghosts Stuff toilet paper in the circle shape wrap with white tulle into a ball. Put some eyes and ribbon hang with fish string from the ceiling.

Ghosts Stuff Toilet Paper


Lollipop ghosts Wrap the lollipop with white cloths decorated eyes and ribbons.

Lollipop ghosts


Spider balloons All kids love balloons. Blow balloons up with black purple and orange color twist them together as a spider.



Kid Halloween Party Foods

No party is complete without food. We tried to emphasize on healthy menu for our little one, yet served well for the theme by simply named it to the Halloween flavor, such as:

Halloween Party Food


Halloween Party Foods


Halloween Party Foods


Buffet together


Veggie platter Cut some celery cucumbers into slices on a platter.

Veggie platter


Creepy Crawly pasta salad Kids loves pasta why didn’t try pasta salad.

Pasta salad


Ghost potatoes Simple cut potatoes in half and baked them with cheese. Then decorate the eyes with olive and the mouth with green onion.

Ghost potatoes


Hunted Hummus Forest Filled the hummus in the square baking platter. Decorate with some broccoli, crackers and eggs to make the look of forest.

Haunted Hummus Forest


Kale Salad Mixed color of Halloween vegetables. For sample orange tomatoes Mummy Wrap Making from hotdog wrapping with croissant ,then decorated the eyes with yellow mustard.

Mummy hotdog


Pumpkins pie Filled individual. Decorated with whip cream on the top and MM candy for eyes.

Pumpkin pie


Jack-O-Latern Jello These pumpkins are actually orange peels. Simple cut off the top quarter of an orange scrape the pulp from the lid, carefully scrape out its pulpy inside using a spoon. (As you would on a pumpkin) Use the knife to gently cut out the eyes and mouth of Jack O lantern face. Filled with some colorful jello for kids.

Jack O Lantern Jello


Jack O Lantern Jello


Goldfish bucket: Find the small silver bucket from craft store filled with goldfish and decorate with some stickers and ribbon.

Goldfish Bucket


Goldfish Bucket


Popcorn trail mixed filled the white cups with popcorn and trial mixed decorate the cup with some cute face made a great snack during the kid halloween party.

Popcorn trail mixed


Witch Broom sticks Making from fruit roll up and the rice stick.

Witch broom stick


We also used the owl fabric table clothes as a mat which we ordered from Big Dot of Happiness website.

Owl Fabric Table



Kid Halloween Party Goodie Bags

Flyaway Favor bags

Unfold one brown bag and push out base fold in the left and right sides, Use the knife cut the bag into thin strips about 12 inch wide. Make sure you stop short of base. Filled bag with goodie sample orange bubbles, Halloween ducky bath toy, then Bring shredded bag up cinch top of bags together. Wrap with ribbon. Put some sticks in to make the look of broom stick.

Flyaway Favor bags


Witch wands

Simply filled the clear tubes with some candy corn, and then decorate with some Halloween color ribbon. You also can find some sticker to make the tag form local scrapbook store. It will make wonderful as the kid to play with:

Candy corn wands


Homemade Plahdoh

For trick and treat, we replaced the usual candies or sweet stuff with homemade orange playdoh. Simply put some pumpkin spices for the flavor, wrapped it with sparkle tulle and added ribbon to make an elegant keepsake.

Homemade Orange playdoh


I hope you guys are enjoying my story. All of the stories that I have sent, this kid Halloween Party is the most beautiful and picture perfect because of the vibrant of its color. I simply love party even though it is very time consuming. It makes me feel good and a sense of accomplishment when all those little one, especially my daughter are happy. Thank you to my friend, Diana, who has a big heart and gives me a permission to write this story and sends it to you.

Big hug



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