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Finding Nemo is one of the most popular under-sea adventures ever.

Kids love the friendly clownfish, and he makes the perfect party guest. If you're hoping to Find Nemo at your house for big birthday fun, these Nemo birthday party ideas will tell you everything you need to know!

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Finding Nemo Birthday Party Invitations

When there's something fishy going on, make sure everyone knows to be there! Try these kid party ideas for inviting friends to your Finding Nemo party.

  • Print coloring pages of your favorite characters from Finding Nemo and let your child color them. Affix to ocean-blue cardstock with the caption "Just Keep Swimming…" On the back or inside, add the phrase "…to (name)'s house to dive into fun!" Include Nemo Birthday party details.
  • Under a picture of party-dude -- and movie favorite – Crush, mounted to cardstock, write the caption "We'll be CRUSHED!" Inside, write "We've found Nemo, and now we hope to find YOU!" Add date, time, and location of the party.
  • A piece of orange cardstock with large google eyes glued to the front will resemble the close stare of a clown fish. When guests flip the card open, they'll learn that "We hope to see you at (name)'s (age) birthday party! We'll just flip if you join us in the ocean at (time) on (date) at (location)!

Don't forget to check out these creative nemo party invitations for Kid party ideas:

Fish Party Personalized Invitation

Fish Party Personalized Invitation (Each)
Price: $0.99

Fishes Kisses : Sky

Fishes Kisses : Sky
Price: $1.29 each

Go Fish: Boy : Navy

Go Fish: Boy : Navy
Price:$1.29 each

Finding Nemo Party Decorations

Welcome guests to your Finding Nemo birthday party by installing a rustic "wooden sign" outside that reads "Sydney Harbor" with an arrow pointing toward the party. A piece of corrugated cardboard and a marker will make a simple sign much like the one that gave direction to Marlin in Finding Nemo.

Inside, recreate the Great Barrier Reef. Hang varying lengths of blue streamers from the ceiling to represent the blue waters of the ocean. Add clumps of green streamers for seaweed and marine plant life. Hang white and blue balloons everywhere.

As my favorite kid party ideas, they make perfect bubbles for a Finding Nemo birthday!

On the floor, craft waves of seaweed with wire hangars or heavy florist's wire. (Always curve wire ends around so they do not pose a hazard). Use green crepe paper to cover wire up one side, over the top, and down the other, attaching streamers to the wire periodically with tape. Use a flower pot filled with florist's foam to "plant" the seaweed, and then bend the wire to shape.

Your Nemo birthday party wouldn't be complete with the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, and you can easily make stunning coral creations with stings of balloons. Tie balloons to string to make long lines of coral, or arrange them in bunches. Use an archway or wire to make a coral arrangement that kids can walk or crawl through.

Kids will have a blast with this idea to recreate the drainage pipe from which Nemo made his escape. Get several large boxes from a grocery or appliance store. Cut access holes on the short ends and then tape them together with packing or duct tape to create a long tunnel. Include a few smaller holes for window grates. If you have a lot of room, consider making a maze from the boxes by adding connections to the sides.

Your Nemo birthday party wouldn't be complete with an appearance by Nemo himself, so try these kid party ideas to bring your theme to life.

  • Use poster board or a roll of craft paper to draw a large Nemo outline. Cut out the shape and attach it to the wall. Allow guests to add the bright orange color with markers or washable paints. Add pictures of Marlin, Dory, and Crush, the giant lovable sea turtle, to complete the picture.
  • The Finding Nemo personalized birthday banner is a fun way to bring Nemo into the room, and your child will be so proud to see his name in bold print on the wall! Ask guests to sign it for a memorable keepsake.
  • The Nemo & Dad 3-D jumbo mylar balloon is a perfect addition to your under water theme! Fill this impressive balloon with helium and Nemo and Marlin will look like they're suspended right in the middle of your makeshift ocean!

Get your table started with the Finding Nemo party supplies. This convenient set contains a complete table setting for up to eight guests, with additional supplies available for purchase. Streamers, balloons, ribbons, and a centerpiece are also included.

I recommend these Finding Nemo birthday party decorating kits for Kid party ideas:

Nemo & Dad 3-D Jumbo Foil Balloon

Nemo & Dad 3-D Jumbo Foil Balloon
Price: $6.99

Fish Party Personalized Banner

Fish Party Personalized Banner
Price: $15.99

Disposable Helium Tank

Disposable Helium Tank
Price: $49.99

Luau Confetti

Luau Confetti
Price: $1.99

Squirt Fish (8)

Squirt Fish
Price: $3.99

Finding Nemo Birthday Party Costumes

Feel like you are under the sea with the fun Finding Nemo theme! If your kids love everything that has to do with the water, then creating this type of costume shouldn't be too hard to pull off. When you think of homemade costume ideas for kids, this is a great one to put together. If you want to keep with the theme then let the kids pick their favorite Finding Nemo character and dress the part. Otherwise you can let them put together colorful and tropical colored clothes to pull it off. If you have access to a fish costume or even something like fins this will work well and transform them into a fish almost instantly. Even if you go with something nautical themed like a scuba diving outfit, that can work. Let your kids use their imagination and in no time their costume will have them feeling like they are under the sea!

Checkout the following Finding nemo birthday party constumes for Kid party ideas:

Disney Finding Nemo Hat Child

Disney Finding Nemo Hat Child
Price: $19.99

Guppy Bunting Costume

Guppy Bunting Costume
Price: $19.99

Shark Fin Headband

Shark Fin Headband
Price: $12.99

Finding Nemo Party Icebreaker Activities

Create Your Own Under the Sea Environment

Kids love anything that has to do with the water, even if they aren't the best swimmers. If this sounds like your little darling, then why not turn this into the perfect Finding Nemo party icebreaker activity? You can create your own under the sea type of environment and make them feel like they are right there with them. Be sure to cover your party space in blue to give them the illusion that they are under the water. Then pipe in some bubbling noises or the type of noise of water splashing that will make them feel like they are under the water specifically. Then you can put out some stuffed fish, dolphins, sharks, and any other sea life that you can get your hands on. Put out some plants to look like algae and then let them blow bubbles to give the illusion that they are breathing under water. Kids can use their imagination in this fun themed activity and have hours of enjoyment with their friends!

Swim with the Fish

If you have access to baby pools and a good sized backyard, then you can carry off this Finding Nemo party icebreaker. If you are trying to carry off one of the more creative kid party ideas, then this is definitely it. You make them feel as though they are swimming with the fish by putting out several kiddie pools for them to swim about in and use their imaginations with. Then load up on the toy fish that you would find for baths or playing outside and any other forms of sea life that you can purchase at a store. Be sure that on the invitation you let guests know that they should come in a bathing suit and to bring a towel. Since kids love to swim and love this sea themed movie, this is a great way to incorporate both. You will keep the kids busy for hours, and they will just love getting in the theme of things doing something that they love!

Dress Like Your Favorite Nemo Character

Your kids may love one Nemo character in particular and this is a fun way to get them in theme of things and allow them to dress up. Here you simply let them pick their favorite Nemo character-it could be Nemo specifically or it could be Marlin, Dory, or Bruce the Shark. The fun in this Finding Nemo party icebreaker is that the kids get to pick their favorite character and then dress up like them. Since the fish are so colorful or of a certain type, finding a costume or putting one together is so easy and the kids will have a blast doing so. You can either invite the kids to do this before they arrive at the party or put out all of the accessories for them to do it on their own there at the party. Kids love to dress up and if they can pick their favorite character from this beloved movie, they will certainly be in the sea frame of mind in no time at all.

A Living Aquarium

Sea life is so intriguing to kids and therefore they always seem to want to learn more about it. You can approach this Finding Nemo party icebreaker activity in one of two ways. You can either arrange for a visit to the local aquarium or have a specialist come in who can bring their fish or "living aquarium" and fun facts with them. Either way this is perfect for the theme and is actually educational in the process. Kids don't like to necessarily learn if it's not fun, but if you keep it with the Nemo theme and hire somebody who knows their stuff it can be a fun way of educating them. This is also a surefire way to keep the kids having fun and you don't even have to do much work on your part. You can take them to a great aquarium and have a tour or simply walk through as a group. If you do it at home just be sure that you bring in somebody who can keep them having fun while they learn.

Finding Nemo Party Foods

When a clownfish gets thirsty, he needs something fun to drink! Try these kid party ideas for beverages.

  • Cool ocean water – Dye milk blue with food coloring or offer a blue kool-aide or Gatorade for this refreshing treat.
  • Seaweed juice – Start with a flavored green drink, then add seaweed ice cubes for an instant favorite! To make these, fill an ice tray with water. Before freezing, place one half of a gummy worm in each cube, allowing the other end to remain out of the water. Freeze the ice and pop one or two into each drink before serving.
  • Clownfish Cooler – Layer softened orange sherbet in cups with whipped cream or partially melted vanilla ice cream for this Finding Nemo birthday party treat.

Clowning around is a lot of work! These fun, easy kid party ideas are perfect for big fish appetites.

  • Fish food – Goldfish crackers, of course!
  • Fish eggs – Grapes or cherry tomatoes make great kid-friendly "caviar."
  • Sea cucumber sandwiches – Thin cucumber slices with cream cheese and shredded cheddar are great on bite-size crackers.
  • Tuna sandwiches – Tuna salad is a perfect addition to any fishy menu! Offer chicken salad as an alternative for land lubbers.
  • Peanut butter and Jellyfish sandwiches
  • Blue Crush Jell-o – Serve in cups or dice into cubes.

When it's time for dessert, these fun and easy cake ideas are sure to be the hit of your Finding Nemo birthday party!

  • Cupcakes are easy, no mess kid party ideas. Start with white (not yellow) cake mix and add blue dye before baking. When cooled, decorate the top with black, yellow and orange to match Nemo. Large dot eyes are sure to bring on giggles as kids take a bite of this clownfish!
  • Stick with the under the sea theme by icing your cake blue. Pipe in fish, octopus, and jellyfish outlines and let the birthday kid add detail with small candies.
  • If you're an advanced decorator, start with a large sheet cake. Then trim out the shape of Nemo and ice the cake to match his coloring. Carry the color scheme over the sides and all the way down to the tray for a true likeness.

Finding Nemo Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday party games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the child birthday party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here are some wonderful Finding Nemo costumes for Kid party ideas:

Angel Fish Pinata

Angel Fish Pinata
Price: $17.99

Tropical Fish Pinata

Tropical Fish Pinata
Price: $15.99

Finding Nemo Party Favors

Fish favor boxes are a great way to send your school of honorary clownfish off after the party!

Easy to assemble oceanic boxes include everything they'll need to remember the good time they've had, including a sticker sheet, plastic starfish, two gummy candy sea creatures, a squirt fish, a candy gumball machine full of "fish food", and a plush 5" fish of their very own.

If you really want to blow them away, include a small bottle of bubbles for each guest.

Also check out these great Finding Nemo party favors for Kid party ideas:

Fish Empty Favor Boxes

Fish Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $2.99

Kissing Fish Candle Favors

Kissing Fish Candle Favors
Price: $16.50/$15.00

Finding Nemo Thank You Notes

Send candid photos along with thank-you notes. With all of these great kid party ideas, you are sure to catch each guest doing something fun, so preserve the memory of your Finding Nemo birthday party in a personalized way for each of them!

Here is a great Finding Nemo party invitation for Kid party ideas:

Fish Party Personalized Thank You Note

Fish Party Personalized Thank You Note
Price: $0.99

Your Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Finding Nemo party ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own Kids Birthday Party Ideas& photos.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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