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Kids birthday party ideas for a safari party let your imagination run wild. It is a great theme for a party held at the local zoo or hobby farm.

If you would rather party at home, simple decorating ideas will quickly make for a great kids safari party, such as animal planet theme kit.

For best deal on safari party supplies, you can save your time by choosing any birthday pack below which provide everything you'll need:


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If you're looking for just an idea ( such as an invitation design, table decoration or just the party games) and not a complete theme, choose from the drop-down list below and you'll be taken to the appropriate kids birthday party ideas' category:


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Safari Birthday Party Invitations

Brown construction paper is the perfect material to start with a safari birthday party invitation. From there, you can shred green paper for grass, add animal cutouts or magazine pictures to dress up the face of the card.

Plastic trees can be hot glued to the front of the cards to add to the scene. To let your child in on some of the fun, trees can even be cut out of paper or drawn on to the front.

For more kids birthday party ideas, you can also try animal print invitations. Animal print fabric can be purchased from the fabric store. Then you simply need to glue the cloth onto white card stock and use letter stickers to make the wording.

You can also write what you would like to say onto card stock and cut it out in an animal shape. Yet another option is use pencil crayons or chalk to add your animal print around your words.

On the face of your safari birthday party card, you can write "The Great Explorer (your child's name) Is Turning (X years old)." On the inside, try "Join us at (your address and time of your party) for a safari party and walk on the wild side. Dress as your favorite animal or as a jungle explorer and come have some fun!"

Do not forget your phone number and e-mail address for RSVP's. For fun, draw out a jungle map showing the location of your home and include it in the envelope. Include a neat compass whistle to help the guests "find their way" which is one of coolest kids birthday party ideas.

Here are some cute printed safari birthday party invitations:

Safari Party Invitations

Safari Party Invitations
Price: $3.75 pkg/8

Safari Friends 1st Invitations

Safari Friends 1st Invitations
Price: $3.59

Safari Party Invitations

Safari Party Invitations
Price: $3.29

Safari Party Personalized Invitation

Safari Party Personalized Invitation
Price: $0.99



Safari Party Decorations

You and your child can have lots of fun coming up with safari party decorating.

Green plastic tablecloths or fabric can be hung on the walls in order to transform the room into a wild jungle. Roll up several layers of newspaper and tape them shut. Then cut down the end several times and start pulling at the cut ends. This makes great palm trees that your child can paint or you can leave them as they are.

A zebra piñata can be hung from the ceiling and other stuffed jungle animals can graze amongst the trees.

For the jungle party table, the Animal Planet deluxe pack makes a table setting the guests will not soon forget. The cutlery, placemats, and tablecloths look great with the cute animal plates and cups. Each animal on the plates and cups have a cute saying to give the kids a chuckle.

If the birthday takes place in the summer, the safari squirter set is ideal for decorating the table and keeping the kids busy after they have finished eating. If the weather is too cool for that, use these sweet little safari animal bean bags to add life to the table. Afterwards, the bean bags can be used for "animal toss" and other safari kids birthday party ideas for games.

I recommend these creative Safari kids birthday party ideas for decorations:

Leopard Print Latex Balloon

Leopard Print Latex Balloon
Price: $6.99 pkg/12

Safari Party Stickers

Safari Party Stickers
Price: $1.69

Safari Print Jeep

Safari Print Jeep
Price: $7.99 dozen

Safari Animals Removable Wall Decorations

Safari Animals Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $14.99

Safari Friends Giant Wall Decals

Safari Friends Giant Wall Decals
Price: $39.99

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Plastic Tablecover

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Plastic Tablecover
Price: $5.49



Kids Safari Costumes

We’re going on a safari adventure to find some gorgeous animals! When you want to dress your kids up in their safari best, you want to consider some of the easiest homemade costume ideas for kids. You can go one of two ways with this theme—either dress them for a safari or as the animal. You can put them into tan pants and a more tropical shirt with a big hat as the safari adventure seeker. You can alternatively dress them up as their favorite safari animal with a solid colored outfit or animal print. Then give them a simple tail and ears along with some face paint and you are instantly a safari animal. Either way they will have fun and just love dressing for this beloved theme!

Paper plates and construction paper will work great for inexpensive animal masks. To make these, cut out a space for the eyes in the paper plates and use this as the base for the mask. The construction paper can then be used to make noses, snouts, beaks or other animal features to the mask. Lengths of yarn (one tied to each side) can be used to keep them on. For things such as manes or ears, use plastic headbands to mount the cardboard or material features on.

Safari party costumes can also include an explorer costume consisting of khaki pants or shorts, a tan button up shirt, binoculars, and a pith helmet.

Here are some great kid Safari costumes:

Cuddly Lion Child Costume

Cuddly Lion Child Costume
Price: $24.99

Plush Giraffe Costume - Children's Animal Costume

Plush Giraffe Costume

Monkey N' Around Toddler/Child Costume

Monkey N' Around Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $24.99


Safari Party Icebreaker Activities

Safari Adventure

Safari Birthday Party PhotoWhen you think of some of the most creative kids birthday party ideas, you want to reach for something out of the box. Many parents consider doing a safari theme and this can be such fun.

Setting up your very own safari party icebreaker can be just as much fun for you as for the kids. You have the kids get into toy cars and ride around looking for wildlife. They can actually do this in nature and the woods if you have access. If not, then set them up in the backyard and put out stuffed animals that they can "spot" on their adventure. Be sure that you put them in some inconspicuous places so that they don't discover them right away as the discovery part is a great deal of fun. Kids have great imagination and this ensures that they can really use it to their advantage. This keeps with the theme and ensures loads of fun for them!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Sounds of the Animals

The sounds that animals make are what kids love to learn about from an early age on. In this fun safari party icebreaker, you challenge the kids to make the sounds of the animals in the jungle. You can also approach this by providing certain sounds and ask them to guess them. Kids love to learn in this way and it's actually fun and educational all at the same time! There are some animals that they may not know the sounds of as readily, but they are still sure to enjoy this fun game. You can put some recognizable animals and sounds in the game and then mix it up with some lesser known ones. Then they can learn all about each animal, the way that they live, their natural habitat, and of course practice their sounds.

What unique kids birthday party ideas they are!

Dress Like Your Favorite Animal

Animals and dress up happen to be two of the favorite things that kids enjoy. If this sounds like your little munchkin, then turn this into a fun safari party icebreaker for the kids to indulge in. Set out some fun animal ears and tails like tigers and elephants for starters. If you really want to take it up a notch then consider doing a bit of face painting just to let them embrace their inner animal and have a bit of fun. You can invite them to come dressed up in their favorite animal colors or print and then watch them transform right before your very eyes. You can put on some jungle or safari type of music in the background and be sure to put out plenty of mirrors for them to check out their new fun animal look!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Find the Hidden Animals

Along with the notion that a safari adventure is so fun is the idea that kids love to discover things. If you want a fun and easy to execute safari party icebreaker, then consider hiding animals for them to find. This little discovery mission will allow you to put animals in some hard to find places and let the kids have a blast trying to uncover them. This is easy enough for you to do as you want to scatter the stuffed animals in some obvious spots and some rather unusual spots and then watch them go to town. You can dress them in their safari or animal best and then let them set out to discover and find as many animals as they can. Let them collect what they find and then offer fun prizes for those that find the most!


Safari Kids Party Foods

Animal Cakes

Animal shapes make quick and easy safari themed cakes. Even though they seem ordinary, use different tips and icing colors to make them your own. For instance, after using different colored icing to cover the cake, a tip with multiple round holes or the star tip can be used to add texture to fur. A small round tip can be used to define the outside. To give the cake some dimension, use scrap pieces of cake that were trimmed from the top of the cake. Cut them into the general shape of an ear, mane, or beak and lay them onto the corresponding spot on the cake. Then, you simply cover it over with icing to make it blend in. If you find a large empty space between the scrap and the base, use icing to fill it in before covering it over with the colored icing.

Here are just some super creative sarafi birthday cakes on out website:

Monkeyin' Around Birthday Cake by Shiloh Hand 
(Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan)



Safari Birthday Party Ideas for Food and Drinks

Main meal ideas can include:

  • "Hunter sandwiches" are crackers with meat and cheese cut into fun animal shapes.
  • "Giraffe grub" can be a vegetable tray with "adventure sauce," which can be a few different kinds of salad dressing
  • Aanimal shaped pasta with spaghetti sauce or the prepared type in the can
  • Jungle Snacks can be a mix of "jungle rope licorice", the classic "animal crackers"
  • "Lions mane" also known as cotton candy
  • Bug or animal shaped candies

Animal Drinks

  • Use different types of fruit drink and call them "snake sap," "lizard liquid," or "jungle juice."
  • Use jell-o or candy molds to make ice cubes in animal or bug shapes.
  • For a girl's party, freeze edible flower in the ice cubes.
  • "Jungle Sludge" is orange juice mixed with cola.





Kids Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out from your computer:

Pinatas are great kids birthday party ideas! Children love it badly and them never feel tired playing with it as a wonderful activity. The zebra, elephant and lion theme theme pinatas below are always a "hit" ;).

Zebra Pinata

Zebra Pinata
Price: $17.99

Safari Friends Elephant Pull-String Pinata

Safari Friends Elephant Pull-String Pinata
Price: $17.99

Lion Pull-String Pinata

Lion Pull-String Pinata
Price: $17.99

Safari Party Favors


When looking for safari kids birthday party ideas for favors, the Animal Planet favor really fit well into the theme. They contain crayons, a notepad, binoculars, and an animal bean bag. If you give them to the kids as they arrive for the party, they can use the items for various party games and activities.

There is also a set of animal stickers along with a few other items the kids can use after the party. The cute animal printed boxes make it easy for the kids take all of their special items home. If you would like to add your own personal touch to the boxes, add pom-pom animals (that could be made with the kids at the party), animal coloring sheets, and animal-shaped fruit snacks to the box.

Check out these wonderful Safari kids birthday party favors:

Safari Party Blowers

Safari Party Blowers
Price: $2.99

Safari Party Deluxe Favor Set

Safari Party Deluxe Favor Set
Price: $6.19

Safari Party Favor Set

Safari Party Favor Set
Price: $3.99

Safari Friends 1st Birthday Personalized Empty Favor Boxes

Safari Friends 1st Birthday Personalized Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $12.99





Coolest Animal Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Animal Parties Collection


There's no getting around it. At any animal parties that you plan to host, everyone there should expect a roaring good time, with lots of energy, playing, and of course, noise!

It's the natural thing that happens in out in the wild, and whether you are planning a jungle birthday party theme, a Disney Jungle Book groove party, or a zoo party, a fantastic time can be had by all with the right décor, the right games, and of course, the best kids birthday party ideas for putting on an animal theme without a hitch. Read more about our coolest animal parties revealed!





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