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A kids cooking party is a great way to let your kids get involved and have a bit of educational fun. If they happen to love helping in the kitchen, then this is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. So long as you plan for a meal or snack that isn’t too hard to prepare and appeals to the masses, all the kids will simply love it. Kids love to roll up their sleeves and get their hands a little dirty. The nice spin with this type of party is that they are actually creating something that they can enjoy after all of their hard work. The nice part for you as a parent is that the activity is already built in as is the menu. With a bit of preparation, the right ingredients, and a pinch of creativity, you can get everything ready for a fun kids cooking party.

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Kids Cooking Party Invitations

You want to be sure to let all the kids and the parents alike know that this is going to be one party that really gets things cooking. Send out invitations well in advance to let families know that the kids will be cooking. They can come dressed and prepared for some action in the kitchen. You can also be sure to find out if there are any allergies or food preferences that you need to be aware of. Be sure that you make the invitations a lot of fun so that it sets the tone early on. Some ideas for creative and fun invitations include:

  • Send out a recipe card as the invitation itself. List out the details of the party on one side and the recipe of what the kids will be making on the other side. This is easy enough to put together on a note card or index card and it allows the kids to get excited well in advance. It also keeps with theme so it’s the perfect invitation for this specialized type of party.
  • You can find some pre-made templates for a cooking party for kids such as this Cooking: Mustard - Petite Alma . You can simply fill in the pertinent details on this type of invitation and then send it out. All the design work is done for you and it is sure to get attention and get kids ready for this one of a kind celebration.
  • If you are going for a baking bash or something along those lines, then consider sending out something in the shape of the baked good. Cut out cupcakes out of construction paper and then use this as the backing for the invitation itself. Then the kids will practically salivate when they see this coming in the mail and they know that they will get to make one of their own!

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Medium Pink - Petite Alma

Medium Pink - Petite Alma
Price: $ 2.34

Cooking: Mustard - Petite Alma

Cooking: Mustard - Petite Alma
Price: $2.34

Sweet Cupcakes: Boy - Kinohi Designs

Sweet Cupcakes: Boy - Kinohi Designs
Price: $ 2.34

Velvet Cupcake - Umbrella

Velvet Cupcake - Umbrella
Price: $ 2.54

Cupcake Topper - Jill Smith Design

Cupcake Topper - Jill Smith Design
Price: $2.54

Kids Cooking Party Food

Let’s face it–when it comes to a kids cooking party it’s all about the food! The food that you will create is bound to be the centerpiece of the party itself. You can set the tone for this as soon as guests enter the door with menus that you type up for each child to get and enjoy. Then you want to center any other food or beverage that you serve at the party around this theme or type of food. So for example if you are going to be cooking spaghetti and meatballs, then be sure to serve up some garlic bread and salad to go with it. If you are going to be cooking up tacos, then serve up some nacho chips with salsa and some beans and rice to go with it.

Let the kids focus their energy and attention on the main item that you will cook. If you are going more for a baking bash, then let the sweet treat be the centerpiece of the whole event and then serve other accompaniments to go with it. There are some tried and true recipes or meal ideas that you may want to consider for this cooking party. These are easy to make, sure to be enjoyed, and make for a great way of teaching kids how to cook in an easy and fun way. Some creative and popular ideas include:

  • Pizza Party: You invite the kids to make their own pizzas and you create their own little workspace with every topping imaginable. In advance you want to create a huge batch of pizza dough and then divide into enough portions for each child to make their own pizza. Then you set our containers of sauce, different types of cheese, and toppings galore including ham, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives, and even pineapple. Each child gets to roll out their own dough and create the pizza of their dreams! Serve up salad and bread sticks to go with the pizzas once complete.
  • Cupcake Bash: This is a fun and easy way to incorporate the kids cooking party into an easy to execute party. Here you let each child make one or two of their favorite cupcakes. They can be with you from the start, helping to crack eggs and mix up the batter in various flavors. Once the batter is made let them line their own muffin pans and then choose the flavors that they would like to bake. Throw them in the oven and then after they cool let the decorating fun begin! This is often the best part because they get to choose from a variety of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and funfetti. Then set out a bunch of different toppings to decorate and indulge in such as sprinkles, gel for decorating, sparkly glitter, and of course candy. This delicious treat is a great way to teach kids about baking and then enjoying their hard work!
  • Taco Fiesta: This is a great way to give kids what they really love and let them get involved in the prep work to see how something comes together. Here they can get involved with preparing and cooking meat like ground beef and chicken. Let them get the meat into the pan and allow them to help you cook it up. You can also serve up beans and rice and then can be a part of things, even if it’s just stirring the items on the stove (with good supervision of course!). They get to be a big part of the prep work here helping to chop up all their favorite taco toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cheese, sour cream, and peppers. You’ve got an instant fiesta fit for kids and they were a big part of creating it!

Kids Cooking Party Decorations

Since the theme of the party is really centered around the actual activity, you don’t need much in the way of decorations. Most of the activity will be centered around the kitchen and of course the dining area, so to make it extra special consider a few special touches. Letting the kids dress up in the perfect costume and adoring the space with some pertinent decorations will make this kids cooking party that much more special.

  • Decorate the space with pictures of their favorite foods. If you are going with a theme like Italian or Chinese then be sure to include pictures of favorite foods from these areas. You can even put out pictures of the regions of the world itself to make it a more global affair.
  • If you are going for something like a baking bash, then you may want to consider throwing in that perfect decoration. Consider something like this Pink Cupcake 13" Pull-String Pinata . This fun and vibrant cupcake pinata is a perfect way to celebrate the baking bash that you are having. This also adds in a built in activity making it fun for the kids and a great way to decorate your space!
  • Put out favorite cooking utensils in a fun centerpiece. Take a big bowl and throw in some spoons, spatulas, and whisks to bring the cooking theme home. Line the kitchen with colorful bowls and utensils to make the space feel kid friendly.

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Go, Diego, Go: Dinosaur Dash - Nickelodeon

Baking Bash Giant Wall Decals
Price: $ 39.99

Baking Bash 18 Foil Balloon

Baking Bash 18" Foil

Price: $2.99

Birthday Cupcake Bubble Balloon

Birthday Cupcake Bubble Balloon
Price: $4.99

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Personalized Photo Banner

Baking Bash Personalized Photo Banner
Price: $ 49.99

Baking Bash Personalized Birthday Banner

Baking Bash Personalized Birthday Banner
Price: $ 19.99

Baking Bash Personalized Birthday Banner

Baking Bash Personalized Birthday Banner
Price: $ 39.99

Kids Cooking Party Costumes

Let each child dress up as a chef when they come in the door. They each get their own stark white chef’s coat and for a nice extra special touch, create a name tag for each child that they can wear with this., Give them each an apron and of course a chef’s hat to complete the look and get them into the cooking mood.

Checkout the following kid's cooking party costumes:

Sweet Eats Cupcake Child Costume

Sweet Eats Cupcake Child Costume
Price: $ 34.99

Cupcake Birthday Dress

Cupcake Birthday Dress (Size 12-18 Month)
Price: $ 69.99

Kids Cooking Party Favors

You can really have fun with the memories that kids get to take with them. A kids cooking party is such a memorable type of party for all involved and therefore you want to be sure to send the kids home with something to remember it by. This is really easy to put together and yet it will mean so much to each of the guests. Here are a few clever ideas to make your kids cooking party a hit, even after the culinary fun ends.

  • Take a Polaroid or instantly developed picture of each little chef as they are preparing and cooking the food. Then place that picture into a special culinary themed frame that they get to take home with them. They will love looking at it to remember the fun and be happy to share this with their families.
  • Print up recipe cards of the meal or snack that they prepared at the party. You can put some cute little touches on the card such as the occasion of the party (Colin’s Cooking Party) and the date to make it more personal. The recipe card should be laminated so that it can survive the test of time. The kids will love this as a memory and they may very well use it for future cooking reference.
  • Let them make an extra serving of the meal or snack that they cooked at the party to take home with them. They will love to share their culinary masterpiece with their family. So whether you went for a baking bash or simple but fun cooking, they will get to share a bit of their hard work with their loved ones–also makes for a great way to remember and talk about the party! These are the things that memories are made of and this will be the type of party that kids will never forget!

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Baking Bash Party Favor Box

Baking Bash Party Favor

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Girl's Lil' Cupcake

Girl's Lil' Cupcake

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BBaking Bash Notepads

Baking Bash Notepads
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Boy's Lil' Empty Favor Boxes

Boy's Lil' Empty Favor
Boxes (8)

Price: $12.99

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