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Whether you're planning a party for a group or just making the holiday more fun for your kids, Easter party games can truly make this a memorable occasion.

My personal recommendation:

1) Easter Match

2) Easter Finish My Phrase

3) Easter Secret Message

The Classic Games Taken Up a Notch

Every easter celebration must include an egg hunt. No Easter is complete without this most basic of the kids easter party games because it is what this holiday is all about.

Hiding eggs throughout the house is what makes kids get up on Easter morning in sheer excitement for this competition. If you want to turn this classic competition into something even more memorable, then you can use some Easter party game ideas to make it even more enjoyable.

Egg Hunt GameHide other aspects of Easter such as chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, or jellybeans in unusual spots. You can include these in plastic Easter eggs to make any necessary clean up easier.

To make it even more unique, you can include the yard outside if weather cooperates. Here you can hide plastic Easter bunnies and all sorts of toys that can be used outside. This Easter egg hunt will not soon be forgotten! Don't forget to hide the Easter basket at the end to make it a wonderful pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Here is the printable game of Egg Hunt.

The Fun Never Stops

The game how many eggs is one of the more fun and delicious of the kids Easter party games. This is rather simple to put together as a host whereby all you need to do is carefully fill a large glass jar with chocolate eggs. You just have to be sure to count the chocolate eggs as you fill the glass jar so that you remember just how many eggs you used.

Candy Rhyme Time gameNow the game is for the kids to guess how many chocolate eggs are in the jar, even adults can play this game. The winner gets the glass jar with the chocolate eggs in it, and you can even come up with runner up prizes for all of the kids that play. Delicious and fun!

You can also try this printable game of Candy Rhyme Time.

If you're looking for truly unique Easter party game ideas that will keep the kids interested then you want something that really uses their creativity.

Find Your Egg Match is a game that allows each child to use construction paper and markers to create their very own Easter eggs. You then take each of the beautiful Easter eggs and cut them in half, challenging each child to find the match to their Easter egg. Not only do kids get excited in anticipation of finding their egg that they created, but they get to make something using their creativity.

This can be a one of the more educational of the kids Easter party games so it's truly a win-win for the parents and the children.

Easter Party GamesIf you want to make this holiday fun, it's imperative to come up with ideas that will not only be entertaining but keep the kids attention. Also incorporating an egg toss into the Easter party games that the kids will play can be so much fun. You need not use eggs that can get messy, but you can instead use bright colored bean bags or even plastic eggs. That way the kids and your home keep from getting too messy.

All the games above are great to hold at your next Easter party, and is sure to be a hit with the kids! You can get more creative kids Easter party games here.

If you're looking for a little more than the traditional egg hunt this year, here are more easter party ideas.

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