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For a truly unique Blue's Clues birthday party, put together some of these kids party ideas and it'll feel like Blue and her friends have walked right through your door!

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Blue's Clues Kids Party Invitations

Try one of these fun options to create invitations for your Blue's Clues birthday party.

  • Cut paw prints out of bright blue card stock. One the front, write "A clue! A clue!" On the back, write "What do you think Blue wants to do today? Go to (name's) birthday party! That's right!" Include date, time, and location of the big event.
  • One of the coolest kids party ideas: Use red cardstock to draw a thinking chair, or print coloring pages of Blue's thinking chair and have your child color them. Then glue them to red cardstock. On the front, write "We've been thinking …" Inside or on the back, add "about what a great time we'll have if you join us for a Blue's Clues birthday party! Please help us celebrate (name) at (time) on (date). We have a chair just for you!"
  • Kids love it when Blue gets a letter, so send guests their very own Mailbox! Cut out the shape of Mailbox from heavy paper, drawing in details with marker. Create the lid by cutting it from a second piece of cardstock. Attach it with tape at the bottom only so it will flip down like a mailbox lid. Decorate the face on the front by using googly eyes (available at craft stores) and drawing in the mouth to make it look just like Mailbox. On the outside of the lid, write "You just got a letter!" Flip the lid open and on the inside write "It's from (birthday child's name) and we're having a birthday party!" Include date, time, and location for your Blue's Clues birthday party.
  • Take a picture of your child with his favorite Blue's Clues stuffed animal or toy. Affix the picture to blue cardstock and write "Blue wants to see YOU!" On the inside, draw three paw prints. In the first paw print, draw a birthday hat or a piece of cake. Next to it, write "I think it's a birthday party!" Inside the second paw print, put a small picture of your child's face. Write "It must be for (name)!" Inside the last paw print, write the child's age. Next to it write "(She/he) is turning (age)!" Finally, include the date, time, and location of your Blue's Clues bash.

Don't forget to check out these invitation for Blue's Clues kids Party Ideas:

Blue's Clues: Cupcake Chow : Stream

Blue's Clues: Cupcake Chow : Stream
Price: $1.29 each

Blue's Clues: Sneak Peek : Sky Martini

Blue's Clues: Sneak Peek : Sky Martini
Price: $1.29 each

Blue's Clues: Cupcake Wish : Stream

Blue's Clues: Cupcake Wish : Stream
Price: $1.29 each

Blue's Clues: Wishing Pup : Stream

Blue's Clues: Wishing Pup : Stream
Price: $1.29 each

Blue's Clues Party Decorations

Guests will be "Blue" with delight when they see these great kids party ideas come to life!

Lead guests to the party area with a series of paw prints drawn with bright blue sidewalk chalk. Welcome them to "(Name)'s Birthday Bash" with a sign written in a child-like fashion with crayons or paint.

To get things started at your Blue's Clues birthday party, try these kids party ideas. Set up a mail box out of a shoebox or other container. As each child enters, give him or her a handy dandy notebook and a crayon. Help children write their names on the notebooks and ask guests to keep them handy!

Make a large version of Tickety Tock for one wall, placing it near a working clock if you can. Cut out a set of clock hands for party activities, and label each hand accordingly. For example, write "2:30 Birthday Cake!" or "3:00 Pinata!" Position the hands as accurately as possible around Tickety's face for a creative schedule display.

Create a thinking chair by covering a chair with red fabric. This is a great place for the birthday kid to open up those gifts, and it's perfect for posing for pictures! And of course, guests will need to use the thinking chair for figuring out the clues to their puzzles.

To make the puzzles, cut paw prints out of construction paper -- three prints for each color. Use different colors for different sets of clues, and related clues on each of the three color matches. Divide guests into teams to find the paw prints. As they find each clue, they should draw it into their handy dandy notebooks. Once they've collected all of the clues, have team members take turns in the thinking chair to solve the riddle.

Here are some kids party ideas:

  • Party hat, streamers, balloons (answer: having a birthday party)
  • Candle, flame, wind (answer: blowing out candles)
  • Baseball bat, piñata, candy (answer: hitting the piñata)

Delight your young guests with a huge blue doghouse made out of cardboard from a huge box. Let kids draw in windows and flowers on the sides, and be sure to hide a paw print or two nearby!

Print or copy several copies of Blue and her friends. Let the birthday kid color them ahead of time, or turn it into a great party activity by leaving it up to the guests. Mount them to cardboard with a base and position them all around the room. It will look like Blue, Magenta, Green Puppy, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Shovel, Pail, and Tickety Tock are making personal appearances in honor of your child's Blue's Clues birthday party!

Over the dog house or behind the thinking chair is the perfect spot for a large crayon personalized birthday banner. The bold, bright colors go great with your Blue's Clues kids party ideas.

Of course, no party is complete without lots of balloons and streamers! Place them around the room for a fun, festive atmosphere. Choose from the Dog Bone 20" pinata and the Magnifying Glass 22" piñ to complete your ceiling-scape.

For your table, the Blue's Clues party pack has everything you need for eight guests. This package includes plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, a table cover, balloons, streamers, ribbon, confetti, candles, and thank you notes.

To make your table extra special, use (clean, unused) dog bowls for serving dishes! You can also serve food in Blue's friend Pail, using Shovel as a scoop.

I recommend some blue balloons for your Blues Clues party:

True Blue (Blue) Matte Balloons

True Blue (Blue) Matte Balloons
Price: $0.99

Blue Prismatic Star Foil Balloon

Blue Prismatic Star Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Blue's Clues Kids Costume

Everyone loves this big fluffy blue dog! Blue's Clues is a great show for kids that happens to make for a fun little party theme. If you want to create the best homemade costume ideas for kids, this is an excellent theme. If you want to keep it really simple, just go for dressing them all in blue. You can't lose if you put them in head to toe blue because it will show that they are part of the theme. If you happen to have some play ears or a tail put that on them, and even go for some blue face paint. No matter what though, this theme can make for a fun dress up time!

This is a soft baby blue jumpsuit with an attached tail and a character hood with adorable floppy ears. Perfect for your little puzzle solving genius on the party!

Here is a great costume for Blue's Clues kids party ideas:

Blue's Clues - Blue Plush Romper Child Costume

Blue's Clues - Blue Plush Romper Child Costume
Price: $44.99

Blue's Clues Icebreaker Activities

Pin the Paw on Blue Game

Kids adore Blue's Clues and that's why it makes for one of the best kids party ideas. There is so much fun to it, and you can easily use this theme to turn a classic game into a fun one in keeping with it. In this fun Blue's Clues icebreaker, the kids get to take turns at pinning the paw on Blue. This is perfect because it works just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", but this time you are using a big pin up of everybody's favorite puppy dog, Blue. This is easy enough to set up, but you do want to be sure to keep with the theme so that the kids can get really into it. Give them a bright blue mask to cover their eyes and watch the fun unfold as they all take a turn, giving rewards in the theme for the winner.

Decorate the Blues Cake

If you have a bit of baking expertise, this can be a fun and easy Blue's Clues icebreaker to plan. You bake or even buy the shape of a big doggie head for the cake that all of the kids will get to enjoy. But the fun part comes in when you let them decorate it! Be sure to put out all blue decorations and accessories including blue frosting and gel, blue candies, blueberries, blue edible glitter, and so much more. You could do this in a cupcake type of activity too, but decorating the big doggie cake together makes for so much more fun and ensures that all kids are participating. Be sure to take pictures of the fun before you eat up your delicious treat!

Take Care of Blue—The Favorite Puppy

The fun part about Blue's Clues is that there is a lovable puppy at the center of it all. If your kids love that puppy as most do, then why not turn this into a delightful little Blue's Clues icebreaker? You can set out little stuffed Blue dogs that the kids can take turns caring for. If you have a real dog that is good with kids this can work well too, but even stuffed Blue's Clues puppy dogs will work. Let them take turns "feeding" the dog and caring for them. This is a great nurturing activity and it keeps well with the theme, plus it makes for lots of fun for them all. The best part is that if you use the cute little blue stuffed dogs, this can be their favor to take home with them and remember the party afterward.

Create Your Own Little Blue

Kids love crafts and when they are centered around a theme that they love, it works even better. In this fun Blue's Clues icebreaker you put out everything they need to draw out and create their own little Blue dog. You can either trace out the shape of this beloved dog or let them draw it on their own. Then put out everything that they need such as blue crayons, markers, and pencils, glitter, stickers, and anything else you can get your hands on at the craft store. Then let them use their imagination and put it on a stick so that they can take their fun little themed craft home with them for hours of enjoyment.

Blue's Clues Party Foods

Consider one of these drinks named for Blue and her friends as kids party ideas:

  • Blue's Lagoon: Add blue food coloring to milk or use blue favored water
  • Green Puppy Juice: Add blue food coloring to yellow lemonade for a refreshing splash of green
  • Magenta's Pretty in Pink Punch: Fruit punch is the perfect shade for this pup!

When Blue and her friends are ready for a snack, try a few of these treats:

  • Hot dogs (dogs of course!)
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper perfect potato salad
  • Dry cereal (some brands resemble kibble!)
  • Use Dog Bone cookies to turn any sandwich into a special treat!
  • You can also use Dog Bone Cookie Cutters to create dog bone gelatin shapes.
For more kids party ideas for food, check the aisles of your grocery store! There are many Blue's Clues licensed snacks on the shelves.

These Blue's Clue's party ideas will help you create the perfect cake:

  • For simple cupcakes, ice white and add blue paw prints to the top.
  • For an easy yet impressive cake, bake a rectangular cake and cut it into the shape of a dog bone. White icing will complete the look, and there's plenty of room to write your birthday message across the top.
  • Decorate a sheet cake to resemble a scene from your child's favorite episode of Blue's Clues. Use store bought figurines of Blue and her friends to arrange in the room.

Blue's Clues Kids Party Ideas for Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the child birthday party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here is a cute 1st birthday pinata for you Blues Clues kid party ideas:

Blue #1 19 Pull-String Pinata

Blue #1 19" Pull-String Pinata
Price: $17.99

Blue's Clues Kids Party Favors

Send guests home with Color-Clay activity, which you can keep little hands and big imaginations busy. Includes 8 jars of Color-Clay, 8 assorted cookie cutters and 4 wooden rolling pins.

If you used the Handy Dandy notebook during the party, consider replacing it with a Dog Bone crayons. Alternatively, send them home with a doggy bag full of Kooky Chew treats.

Blue's Clues Thank You Notes

Blue's Clues thank you notes are the perfect way to express gratitude to guests for being there to make this Blue's Clues birthday party the best ever!

Check out these Blue's Clues birthday thank you notes:

Blue's Clues: Floating By : Aloe

Blue's Clues: Floating By : Aloe
Price: $0.99 each

Your Kids Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Kids Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own kids party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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