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When you need a kid birthday party idea that your little boy will love, Bob the Builder should be at the top of your list.

Put these easy ideas to work to help Bob and his crew build an exciting birthday that your child won't soon forget. Can he do it? You bet he can!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on construction party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday items you'll need:

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:

Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Bob the Builder Party Themes to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own kids party themes . You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" kid birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Bob the Builder Party Invitations

Try one of these invitation ideas. They're perfect for kids party themes like Bob the Builder!

  • Take a picture of the birthday boy in this Bob the Builder costume. Attach it to bright cardstock and on the outside write "Can we build it?" On the inside or the back, right "Yes we can! Join our construction crew as we build the fun for (name)'s birthday on (date) at (time). We'll be on site at (location) and we'll be waiting for you!"
  • Use metallic silver poster board (or paint some yourself!) to cut out the shape of a circular saw blade. Tell guests "Time to saw into some fun! (Name) is turning (age) and we're spinning with excitement! Please join us on (date) at (time, location)."
  • Create a help wanted ad on cardstock. "WANTED! Workers to join the team of (child's name) and Bob the Builder. Project: Birthday Celebration. Pay: Lots of Fun! Apply in person between the hours of (start time) and (end time) on (date) at (location)."

Don't forget to check out these super creative invitations for kids party themes:

Construction Pals Personalized Invitations

Construction Pals Personalized Invitations
Price: $1.99

Under Construction Invitations (8 count)

Under Construction Invitations (8 count)
Price: $3.59

Construction Pals Invitations

Construction Pals Invitations
Price: $3.59

Bob the Builder Party Decorations

To transform your jobsite, try some of these Bob the Builder party ideas:

Lead guests right to your door by drawing lines, arrows, and writing directions such as "This way to the party zone!" on your sidewalk. Use this mini sidewalk chalk set to create your entrance, and then turn it over to the kids during the party so they can add their own artwork.

construction traffic signsAdd a few of these construction traffic signs to your outdoor display. Realistic and two-sided, they're a great way to tell the world about your Bob the Builder birthday party!

Line the walkway with mini construction cones and there will be no mistaking where this party leads!

Inside, greet each member of your hardworking crew with Construction Hard Hats and Candy-Filled Tool Sets that are perfect for a Bob the Builder birthday party.

Have as many boxes on hand as you can, in all sizes from big to small. Provide art supplies, such as markers or washable paint, and watch big ideas grow. Kids can construct towers or create construction vehicles. Have plenty of round flashing safety lights on hand for their creations. Safety first!

Create the effect of a brilliant blue sky without leaving the house by looping blue streamers across the ceiling. A large group of bright yellow balloons together in one spot makes a great sun, while groupings of white balloons easily pass for puffy clouds.

Cut out tool pairs, such as a hammer and nail, a screw and screwdriver, or a saw and piece of wood. Use brightly colored paper and place them around the party. For a fun activity, divide the kids into teams and assign each team a tool pair. The first group to find all of the pieces to each of their designated tool pairs wins!

The Construction Pals Personalized Birthday Banner is a great way to make sure that everyone knows who the birthday boy is.

Construction Traffic Signs are a great addition indoors as well.

When a little demolition is called for, choose between the Bob the Builder 18" Construction Pinata and the Bulldozer 20" Pinata.

Start your birthday party table off with the Bob the Builder Construction party pack. It includes everything you need to set the table, from the tablecover to the activity mats and enough place settings for eight guests. Matching balloons, ribbons, and streamers are also included.

Don't stop with just paper products! Construction cone cups will be the talk of the job site! Be sure to have one on site for each of your guests.

I recommend these Bob The Builder decorating kits for kids party themes:

Construction Pals Giant Wall Decals

Construction Pals Giant Wall Decals
Price: $39.99

Under Construction Stickers (4 count)

Under Construction Stickers (4 count)
Price: $1.99

Construction Wall Decals

Construction Wall Decals
Price: $29.99 each

Construction Removable Wall Decorations

Construction Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $14.99

Construction Mylar Balloon(Each)

Construction Mylar Balloon (Each)
Price: $3.99

Construction Site Sticker Scene(12-Pack)

Construction Site Sticker Scene (12-Pack)
Price: $15.99

Bob the Builder Party Costumes

Dress for some rough and tumble fun! If you are looking for the perfect Bob the Builder ensemble then you can put together one of the most effective homemade costume ideas for kids. Here they need to dress ready to work and that’s not hard to do! Put them in some jeans and a flannel or other casual shirt. Then give them a hard hat, a tape measure to wear around their belt, and of course some work boots. This is great because they will feel like Bob the Builder and yet it’s very easy to create and lends way to them getting a bit dirty at a fun birthday party!

Here are the coolest birthday costumes for kids party themes:

Kids Construction Vest

Kids Construction Vest
Price: $2.99

Construction Worker Costume - Children's Construction Worker Costume

Construction Worker Costume - Costume
Price: $23.79

Yellow Plastic Construction Helmet

Yellow Plastic Construction Helmet
Price: $0.99

Bob the Builder Party Icebreaker Activities

Tool Box Decoration

One of the most important elements of this kids show is of course the tool box. Using that as the basis, you can create a fun Bob the Builder party icebreaker. When you think of kids party themes it is sometimes hard to come up with something for the boys or those into tools and building. This works well because each boy gets their own toy toolbox and then they get to go to town decorating it. This isn’t a contest and there are no rules—only that each guest must have fun and use their imagination to come up with something creative and well decorated. Have out markers, stickers, paints, and whatever else your boys may use to decorate their very own toolbox. This works well as the first activity as the boys can use their toolboxes in the other activities and then they get to take them home with them. Fun for everyone!

Building Fun Time

If you give the boys something to build, even as simple as a tower of blocks then you capture the essence of the show and create a memorable Bob the Builder party icebreaker activity. Choose something that is simple enough for all skill levels and that won’t frustrate as they build it up. A sandcastle in the sandbox or a tower of blocks tends to work out quite well as a starting point. Then take it up a notch and have them build something that requires imagination and team work since that’s what this favorite of the kids party themes is all about. Have them build a birdhouse together if they are more advanced or something along those lines. The boys will love it and you can snap some great pictures!

Scoop Obstacle Course

Pulling in all of the characters from the show is a great way to create a fun Bob the Builder icebreaker. Consider creating an obstacle course that has Scoop as the leader because that tends to be a favorite character. Then set up little stations or obstacles that the boys must complete before they can move on. You might have a Roley station to cut the lawn or have Scoop waiting for them to climb through a tunnel you have set up. They can take turns building and following the commands and tasks as a team to move onto the next station or obstacle. This is so fun, keeps them moving and active, encourages teamwork, and just so happens to be a fun themed activity.

Bob the Builder Pinata

A piñata is a surefire way to please boys of all ages. When it comes to a Bob the Builder party icebreaker, all you have to do is find a piñata in his likeness and let the fun begin. This is great because there are some awesome Bob the Builder accessories out there at the party supply stores, and the piñatas happen to be very cool. You can even use one of the tools to help them break the piñata for extra effect! Then be sure to fill the piñata not only with candy but also with play tools and of course Bob the Builder coloring books and other party supplies.

Bob the Builder Birthday Party Foods

Bring your kids party themes to life by serving your hard working crew food right from the lunch truck! Create boxed lunches with blue and red striped favor boxes.

Here are some boxed lunch ideas for use with construction kids party themes:

  • Juice boxes
  • Fresh whole apples or oranges
  • Single serve snack packs, such as chips or cookies
  • Granola Bars
  • Individually wrapped cheese sticks
  • Sandwiches, such as peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese

When it comes to making the perfect Bob the Builder birthday party cake, try your hand at one of these kids party themes cakes:

  • Ice a sheet cake to resemble a construction site. Include green grass and "dirt" made from crumbled cookies. Arrange store-bought construction equipment on the cake to complete the scene. (Before you add objects to the top of your cake, wash them thoroughly and dry completely!)
  • If you're a little more confident in your cake decorating abilities, use a Bob the Builder character cake pan. Simply bake the cake right in the pan and follow the directions on the insert for a delicious likeness of Bob! If you need more cake, bake a 9x13" sheet cake and ice completely. Then carefully place the Bob the Builder shaped cake on top and decorate.
  • If there's an artist in you, bake a sheet cake or prepare a round two layer cake. Using a #3 tip, draw the outline of Bob or any of his sidekicks. Fill in the outline with dyed icing for a one-of-a-kind cake creation!

Kids Bob the Builder Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the child birthday party and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Don't forget to check out this great pinata for kids party themes:

Construction Truck Pinata(Each)

Construction Truck Pinata (Each)
Price: $15.99

Bob the Builder Party Favors

Perfect for any construction kids party themes, Bob the Builder favor boxes come with everything you need to send your hard workers off with a reward for a job well done. Each one comes with a construction truck, Bob the Builder blowout, a sticker sheet, clay, and a cookie cutter.

To really show your gratitude, provide each member of your Bob the Builder birthday party crew with his own cement mixer with candy. This truck dispenses candy right off the truck and down a chute!

I also recommend these super creative Bob the Builder birthday party favors:

Construction Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Construction Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $5.99

Under Construction Party Favor Kit

Under Construction Party Favor Kit
Price: $3.59

Construction Deluxe Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Construction Deluxe Favor Set (For 1 Guest)

Construction Pals Personalized Empty Favor Boxes

Construction Pals Personalized Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $12.99

Construction Pals Blowouts

Construction Pals Blowouts
Price: $3.39

Bob the Builder Thank You Notes

Don't just send thanks – send memories! These yellow photo-enclosure thank-you notes are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them. Include a picture of the birthday boy or a candid shot of each guest enjoying the party.

Here are more wonderful Bob the Builder thank you notes:

Under Construction Thank You Cards (8 count)

Under Construction Thank You Cards (8 count)
Price: $3.59

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Thank You Notes

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Thank You Notes
Price: $3.59

Your Bob the Builder Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Bob the Builder party themes to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own kids party themes, photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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