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When throwing a party at this holiday of love, be sure to incorporate some fun valentine school party games to make it a day to remember!

I always use these game ideas for my kids' valentine party:

Simple but Memorable Fun

Kids love games! When you are throwing any type of party you want to be sure to incorporate some fun kids valentine party games to make it an affair to remember.

When throwing a party on the holiday of love, you want to be sure that you have planned out some kids valentine party games to keep the kids interested and engaged. Serving fun red, pink, and white food and drinks can really set a festive mood. You can even make one of the games at the party to decorate your own cookie. This is certainly something that is incorporated into valentine school party games because it's simple but so much fun.

How to Say I Love YouYou can take it up a notch when planning a party at home however and either have the kids decorate their very own cupcake or cookie.

Be sure to include red, pink, and white frosting and a lot of amazing decorations including hearts, red hots, and sprinkles in the Valentine's Day colors. Kids will love it and you can give prizes (along with their cookies or cupcakes) to take home. Fun and delicious!

Also ask them to speak out How to Say I Love You during the party.

Cupid's Surprise is one of the most popular of the kids valentine party games because everyone at the party just loves it. As the host you wrap up little gifts ahead of time, of course in pink and red wrapping paper. You then put the small box in a bigger box, and then a bigger box so as to throw off the kids as to what the gift could be. Then you play music and have the kids pass the gifts until the music stops. This works like musical chairs in that the child not holding a gift when the music is turned off is out for that round. The twist here is that every child will end the game with some sort of Valentine's Day gift!

Classics Work Well

Valentine Tic Tac ToeValentine's Charades and Tic-Tac Toe can be so much fun and of course customized for Valentine's Day.

Kids valentine party games can be twists on classic games like this, but of course geared towards Valentine's Day. In this version, all of the words are something like "love" or "hug", and you can even throw in titles of songs or movies that are about or related to love. Kids love charades and this is such a fun version! This may be one of the valentine party school games that the kids play, but you can play some love music in the background to make it that much more fun.

Having kids create their very own valentines is so much fun and keeps them entertained. Kids love to create and make something artistic in nature. You supply all the art supplies such as construction paper, kids scissors, markers, and glue. Then let them go crazy creating their very own valentines that they can take home to mom or dad. This is one of the more fun and effective kids valentine party games as they can create something special for mom and dad that truly came from their heart. Classic games can be so much fun for the kids, just be sure to set the mood with lots of hearts and red everywhere!

More color and fun Valentine party games.



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