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It can be tricky to come up with kissing party games that are appropriate for all of your valentine event guests, but these are sure to be a hit!

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:

Stealing Kisses

This choice of valentine party games can continue throughout the party, so consider this one to keep guests on their toes! 

To play, you'll need several cutouts of lips, hearts, or X (the symbol for a kiss).  The easiest way to accomplish this is by purchasing Valentine stickers, but you can also print them off of your computer and provide guests with tape so that they can secure them in place.

The rules are simple.  Each guest will receive a predetermined number of stickers – whether you choose one or 20, it doesn't matter as long as they start out equally – to decorate themselves with.  During the party, guests can try to steal other guests' "kisses" (stickers) without being caught.  If they're caught stealing a kiss by another guest, that player gets to keep his own kiss and take one from the would-be thief.  If the guest gets away with stealing the kiss, then he or she gets to keep it.  The player with the most kisses at the end of the game wins.

How to Say I Love YouStealing Kisses is one of those kissing party games that can easily be altered for various degrees of difficulty.  To make the game hard, make it a rule that guests wear their kisses on the front of their shirts or pants where they are quite likely to notice someone trying to take one.  For an easier game, ask players to play with their kisses on their backs where they won't be readily seen.

I also like the game of How to Say I Love You and Roses for my Sweet Heart.



Lip Locked

If you need Valentine party games to double as ice breakers, then this one is for you! 

Before the party, draw a few sets of large lips (ideally taking up at least a half page each).  Each set should be similar to the others but with one or two distinguishing qualities that are not obvious at first glance.  The primary distinction that you're looking for is one of size or shape; once you make copies, you don't want any pairs to match up unless they're exact copies of one another.

Consult your guest list to get an idea of how many pairs to make.  Ideally, there would be a pair for every two guests but small groups of 3-4 matching lips are also acceptable to avoid a situation where someone is left out due to an uneven number of players or guests.

Once you've got enough lips, make at least one copy of each one.  Then cut the lips out very carefully (again, you want the matching lips to be the same shape) and randomly hand one to each guest as he or she walks through the door (or when the game begins if you choose to start it at another time).

To play, guests just need to find the matching set of lips to their own.  If you've made each pair similar to the next, it can be a difficult task indeed!  To make the game easier for young children, add a pattern or color that they can distinguish; for a more difficult game keep the lips very similar but be sure to leave a distinctive feature so players will know for sure if they've found their match.  Give a small prize to players who do.

Another fun game is Hear to Hear Idioms.

Throwing Kisses

If you need kissing party games for kids, this one will be fun for children of all ages! 

Valentine Tic Tac ToeUse cardboard to make a big set of lips or a heart, then paint it bright red, pink, and white to match your holiday décor.  Next, cut a hole in the cardboard; make it a big hole for small children and toddlers or amp up the difficulty with a smaller hole for older children or adults.  Lean the prop up against a table or position it between two chairs, placing a basket behind it under the hole.

To play, guests simply toss individually wrapped candy kisses at the opening.  If it goes in, they get the candy that has collected in the basket since the last winning player. Another cool game for kids is the Valentine Tic Tac Toe.

These Valentine party games will be all you need to have a very sweet holiday, so pucker up and let the fun begin!

More information on valentine party games.



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