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Are you interested in writing articles for We are always looking for people who like to write.

You should be able to pick up any party related topic, and write on the best for he/her that will get "gusto" into his/her voice:

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When we write the content for the web page, we must get "gusto" into our voice. The really great sites sparkle with personality, and not just in the writing.

For example, have a site about pomegranates? Folks want to see photos of your sipping that Pomegranate Martini, or being way up on a ladder, leaning on a pomegranate tree. Photos add warmth, reality, and yes, they even add the "voice of been-there, done-that."

If you are the writer who have one hugely important factor that no dry resource file can duplicate - You, then we will publish your articles!

Three great reasons to write for

    1. Build your profile and portfolio on to get noticed by your audience.
    2. Share ideas with our community of 100000+ visitors per month and learn tips and tricks from some of the best in the industry.
    3. Set your own schedule!

Note: None of the writers who contribute to the web site are financially compensated. However you will be richly rewarded by the interaction that takes place between our readership and you, the potential author. So c'mon...give it a go. You never know when your party planning experiences will touch the life of another people. Read more about our contribution guidelines.


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    1. You may use the Contact Us form to submit your articles. If you have further questions you may also use the Contact Us form to submit your inquiry.
    2. You can email your article, along with your relevant contact information, to: coolestpartyideasATgmaildotcom

New Articles Just Submitted

Are you planning a party on a minimal budget? Stylish and budget friendly don't always go hand in hand, but they can with these great tips. Let these ideas guide you to an incredibly stylish and budget friendly party with minimal budget! Read More

The classroom Christmas party is a time for some quiet activities...a big difference from the typical Halloween party! No costumes needed - just a little music and a project to keep everyone in good spirits. Read More

Classroom parties are one of those events that many teachers dread; not only do they often take valuable teaching time, but they can become a classroom behavior management nightmare if you are not properly prepared. Read More

If you have a party coming up for your child, you are probably trying to figure out how you are going to entertain this energetic group of kids that will be at the party. You've done parties in your house in the past, and for whatever reason, you can't do it this year. What to do? How about moving the birthday party to an amusement center? Read More

"The Great Suprendo" - A Game For Your Child's Tea Party. It's difficult to describe what sort of a game this is. An old-fashioned parlour game? A magic trick? I say it's the ideal after-dinner game for your children's tea party. Read More


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