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If you have a party coming up for your child, you are probably trying to figure out how you are going to entertain this energetic group of kids that will be at the party. You've done parties in your house in the past, and for whatever reason, you can't do it this year. What to do? How about moving the birthday party to an amusement center? We have gone to several parties at a variety of businesses that cater to kid's parties.

party at amusement center

Here's a general plan for how to plan and host a party at an amusement center.

Pick the Location

The most important part of having a party at an amusement center is to pick the proper location to have the event. Most cities have a place that is an arcade and attraction ride mix facility. These places are ideal for your party because they all have party rooms in them for the group to eat and have cake and open presents. These businesses will also have experienced staff members who have been assigned to host and control the flow of these parties for the event planner. Best of all, by having the party on site, all you have to do is supply the cake, party wear and decor, and the staff will supply the rest!

Besides amusement parks, there are a whole variety of businesses who cater to kid's parties. How about a pottery class? A pizza making session in a restaurant? A bowling party? In our town, there's also the YMCA, a dedicated kid's jungle gym, movie theatres, a local farm with hayrides and petting area, a local candy factory, a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal store, a martial-arts studio and a skating rink. Don't forget your local zoo, park, and children's museum too!

Secure the Date

These game centers are usually busy on the weekends, especially during the school year. There are so many birthdays and only so many Saturday afternoons. Once you have decided on the location you want to use, we recommend that you book the date with the location. A deposit is usually required to book the date and you should book at least two months ahead, and maybe even six months for really popular places.

Send out the Invitations

These parties generally require a minimum number of paid guests and estimated head count for how many will be attending. You usually have to give a final tally within two weeks of the party date. This enables them to plan out the food and drinks and party area for your group. When you send out your invitations, be sure to have the parents call you as soon as possible to confirm that their child be attending so that you can get these numbers for the facility. Also note, when giving he count estimate, we would suggest you add an extra twenty percent just in case somebody else decides to show up to the party and who did not confirm attendance early.

Paying for the Event

When the day of the event comes, you will need to make sure to pay the balance of the amount due at the start of the party. Typically, the people running the event at the center will do a final headcount a few minutes into the party and give you a balance due to pay for the event. Being that you have invited the guests to the amount, you are responsible for the cost. Do not ask your guests' parents to pay for their participation in this event.

Enjoy Yourself

The whole point of having this party is to have a good time and relax. Do that. Let the professionals at the facility handle the details and entertainment while you enjoy your child’s party. Have a blast!

Chris Molnar

About the authossr: Chris is a stay-at-home Dad with two school-age daughters, so he's had his fair share of parties (and driving to parties!) He edits a theme party site at, where he discusses various themes, entertaining tips and sports parties. He also has a dedicated Halloween party site which offers an ebook for anybody wishing to host their own Halloween gathering.

Image courtesy of D'Arcy Norman/Flickr



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