Party Decorations for Kids - Miss you BFFs

by Maryam Gulzar
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

At the park with my brother

At the park with my brother

Party decorations for kids with "Miss you BFFs" are great ideas if you are shifting to a new house that's far away from you best friends.

You might think you have to forget them? But that's not the solution, there is something that you can do! You can throw a "Miss You BFFs" party for them. It might be the last party ever, so it shouldn't be just good. It should be a perfect party ever! Here is how i did my last BFFs party, it has to be something unforgetfull. Here it is:

I was walking bck home from school with my BFFs, as usual and having too much fun. We were all talking about are old memories, and laughing our heads off."It was the best time ever!" said Jessica, one of my best friend forever=P. Then, it was time to go home, but I didnt wan't to leave. I was having so much fun. But unfortunately I had to!

So I left.

And as usual my parents were standing infront of the door, to give me some good news (in their point of view), but were mostly bad news for me! "hey honey! how was school?" my dad asked "hi mom, hi dad! school..yeah school was good. so What's the "good news" for today?" I asked. "haha..very funny..yes! we do have news, but I know you will love them. they are not just the same old ones, they are brand new!" my mom answered.

"So what are the Very fresh good new news?" I asked now tired. "well..we are shifting to a, big new, house. it's beautiful, you'll see!" They informed me happily!

"what?? I'm not going any where alright!" I yelled that at them and ran upstairs to my room. Now I only had one thing on my mind and that was, my friends! That was all I cared about. So I started crying, and held up my album, it consisted of all the pictures of me with my best friends and all the fun we had. Then I started thinking positively, I was thinking about the necessities of my parents, I mean it wasn't just me and my friends. Maybe they had a good valid reason.

So, I made myself strong and went back to them. "sorry mom, sorry dad", I apologized. "'s ok honey!"..then I desperately asked my question, "umm..I just wanted to ask, that when we leave, will I be able to meet my friends?". "Of course, dear, you will but we are moving the day after tomorrow, so you should call them all here, before leaving, then when we shift, we will bring you over".

"Thanks" I sighed and went back upstairs. Now I was thinking about something, maybe a party with party decorations for kids that that would be quick to get ready and very fun and memorable!

So I got my sketchbook and drew some images for our party invitation cards and how to set it up. When they all came, we first pretended to be casual. Then suddenly I took them to the garage and then we got a big baloon full of candies. I had a cloth wrapped around my eyes and I was holding a stick, then one of my friends, rolled me and counted to 10! And then I was hitting the baloon with the stick, and BOOM!! The baloon burst and the candies were all ont he floor everyone picked them up in the hands. Then I got gifts, and then I had to unwrap them infront of them all!

My mom and me ordered a cake, that was my favorite, oreo and icecream. And then we watched the movie freaky friday. At last we went to our rooms and took lots of pictures and put them in a new album, and wrote funny captions all around them, then the goodbye and crying part! But I knew I was gonna see them! It was the best party ever!!!

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Nov 13, 2008
LUv it!
by: me writer

plz plz for me..if u can and rate me...plz...i relly wanna win this thing...bcuz...its the 1st competition im taking part in and i really wanna win it!...

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