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Put an end to awkward beginnings with these party icebreaker games!

Say What?

Add an extra element to the small talk by throwing in this challenge!  Provide each guest with a token item such as a sticker or string of beads.

Choose a buzz word – one that's likely to come up often is best

and challenge guests not to use the word.  If another guest hears it,

the person that said it must turn over his or her token item to the guest who noticed it first.

For example, if the word "birthday" is off limits,

every time a guest hears someone say "birthday" he or she can take their item.

After a predetermined amount of time, the guest who has collected the most items wins.

Guess Who Said ThatHere is the funniest guess who said that.

Get Serious

Pair guests up – preferably with someone they don't know well – and watch the laughter take over when they give this game a try.  To play, all they have to do is stare at one another.  The pair that makes it the longest without smiling, talking, or laughing wins. 

An alternative version is to play by elimination.  When a pair begins to laugh, they sit down.  The rest of the players then shuffle so they each have a new partner and the game begins again.  The last two people standing win.

Random Q&A

Set up a box in a spot where all of your guests can get to it easily.  Provide several slips of paper and something to write with.  Upon arrival, ask everyone to write down the beginning of a sentence for another guest to complete.  For example:

  • My most embarrassing moment was …
  • My dream job would be …
  • My favorite place to vacation is …
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd live …

My True Love IsOnce everyone has had a chance to write a starter sentence, the fun begins!  Pass the box around and ask guests to draw a slip of paper and, one at a time, to read the question aloud and share their answer.  The alternative icebreaker game for valentine party is my true love is made of. Between the random questioning and the impromptu answers, guests are sure to learn a few interesting facts about one another that they certainly wouldn't have picked up with the help of party icebreaker games!

Autograph Scavenger Hunt

This game is a great way to get guests to talk among themselves – mingling is guaranteed!  Like all great party icebreaker games, play is fun and easy!  Here's what to do.

Ahead of the party, create a list of several traits, likes, and dislikes.  Here are a few examples:

  • Has blue eyes
  • Has three older siblings
  • Collects coins
  • Drives a truck
  • Doesn't like peas

The bigger the party, the bigger the list of items you should come up with.  A lengthy list of items will make the game – and the conversations – last longer! 

Once you've got your list together, print it out on a sheet of paper with a blank next to each item on the list.  Make sure you've got one for each guest and pass the sheets out with something to write with and the instruction that partygoers need to find a person for each of the listed items and get their autograph.  In the example above, a blue-eyed guest may sign his or her name next to "has blue eyes."  The first person to have their sheet completely filled in with autographs wins.

Midnight Mystery Party GameTo make the game more challenging, limit the number of times that each guest can sign a single piece of paper.  For example, if a guest fits all of the sample items listed, he or she can only sign for three of them.  The limit will encourage more mingling and conversation and is very likely to encourage guests to reach out to meet new people or to learn interesting facts about old friends. You can add this game of Midnight Mystery to your entertaining list too!

These party icebreaker games are a guaranteed way to make the fun begin.  Choose your favorites for your next party and prepare for an excellent start to the big event!



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