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Many party invites are born flat and folded in traditional form, but there are countless ways to bring creativity to your invitation.

If you end up with an unique party invitation design and how-to tips to share, send them over via this form.

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Note: We've received so many creative and simply genius party photos and ideas over the past few weeks and I can't wait to get them all up and share them with you. They're all being added to the coolest party gallery on a regular basis.

If you prefer to browser through different categories, here are some ideas that cater to different party occasions.


Cheap Party Invitations

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Birthday Party Invitations
Birthday Invitations

Start with a picture of the guest of honor. Candid shots are best, and – especially for older birthday "boys" and "girls"— a picture from childhood will have guests talking. Generally speaking, the funnier or more (tastefully) embarrassing the picture is, the better the invitation.

Here are many creative invitation ideas for boys birthday , girls birthday and gender neutral party).

Valentine Party Invitations
Valentine Party Invite


Whether your valentine's day will be a party for a huge gathering of people, an intimate handful, a Valentine's party for kids, our valentines day party invitations will save the day, sending loving requests to celebrate a special Valentine's Day!

High school and college graduates are less amused by having their baby pictures pulled out for the world to see, but if you know how to do it, these flashbacks make for great insets. Otherwise, a favorite pose or fun candid shot is appropriate. For kindergarten or elementary graduations, a photo of the young graduate looking especially grown up is a really cute option.

Know more about our favoriest graduation party invites.

4th of July Party Invitation
4th of July Invitations


Photos of past holiday parties make great fodder for 4th of July party invitations. If you're expecting a reunion crowd, such as a traditional family celebration, then an old photo of the group from days gone by may tug at the heart strings. If you have children, they are often an unbeatable source for funny photographs. A photo of your child tangled a string of holiday lights, sneaking a cookie, or buried in sand at the beach can set the tone for any occasion.

Here are some creative 4th of July invites that you can use to celebrate a special national day!


The "Best of The Best" Invite

Birthday Party Cards

Lemon Number Photo Invitation

The Lemon Number photo invitation bears a slight resemblance to a business card -- complete with a photo -- making it an entertaining option for children and adults alike. It's a great way to let guests know that you are serious about the business of having fun!

Blue Screaming Invitation


Blue Screaming birthday invite says it all when it comes to your little boy. A primitive sketch perfectly captures a riotous howl in action, while the suggested font softens the effect with whimsy. Easy to personalize with your party details, it's perfect for your little guy – or for a big guy that is still a kid at heart!

Pink Confetti Photo InvitePink Confetti photo invites are just right for girls of all ages. This fun invitation combines a front-and-center photo display with a festive arrangement of confetti. In warm, complimentary shades of pink and orange, this invitation has "party" written all over it. Personalize with a photo of the birthday girl and party details for an impressive final product.



Graduation Invitations

Tassel of Honor Graduation AnnouncementTassel of Honor - Black would be entirely dignified without the playful intrusion of a conspicuous, unruly graduation tassel. Following a prominent photo of the graduate, personalized event details are printed right on the front of the card. This invitation is equally suited for men and women.

The Graduate Card

The Graduate: Rich Red is a striking design if you prefer not to include a photo. With two bold stripes on the left side, this simple display seems to evoke dignity. While the sample card is shown in red, other colors are available for a complete customization, including several lines of type for your important party details.

School Day Graduation Card


School Days is not only the perfect card for younger graduates, but it's a cute idea for a nostalgic invitation to a high school graduation as well. A large photo is underlined by a print display that brings to mind the earliest handwriting assignments, which is then followed by party information.


Holiday Party Invitations

Bright Lights Party Invitation

Bright Lights Party: Holly Red is a great example of a design that can take on a dignified feel one that is more festive by simply changing the font. Marked by near-random strings of holiday lights and featuring an elegant "Celebrate Holiday" caption under the personalization, there are countless ways to personalize this card and make it your own.

Snow Shower Party Invitation


Snow Shower Party brings a deep, soothing blue option in among the traditional reds and greens. Enhanced by a trail of falling snowflakes, party details are printed right on the front of the card for an eye-catching party invitation that is perfect for any winter celebration.


Candycane-tini party invites are a sophisticated alternative to traditional holiday party cards. The ultra modern feel is enhanced by less traditional coloring and a tantalizing seasonal cocktail. These invitations are great for gatherings for grown-ups, and are highly appropriate for ringing in the New Year.

How-to Tips for Your Own Invitation Design!

Photo First Birthday Party InvitationIt has become common to include a picture with party invitations, but actually creating your invitation on a photograph is a unique twist on this popular idea, like the first birthday card on the left.

In many cases, all you need is a photo to upload.

Most digital photo printers – from online services all the way to your corner drugstore – will allow you to edit and enhance your photo once it is on their server. Add borders or clipart to turn an ordinary photo into an unforgettable party invitation. Simply order photos with the text -- including date, time, and location – printed right on the photo.

Some of Our Homemade Party Invites

You'll have guests lined up at your door with these easy and effective ways to get the party started.

Boo Kids Halloween Party Invitation
Gentlemen Caller Halloween Party Card
Star Princess Party Invitation
Amazing Football Party Invite
Bowling Invitation Photo

Guide for Invitation Wording

Every successful birthday party starts with the perfect invitation wording. Here's how to create one that's just right for your event!

If you're planning a graduation party, remember that you'll only throw this party once, so get your wording for graduation invitations right the first time. Here's how.



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