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Do you need creative princess party invitations that won't require a lot of time or money?

These easy princess birthday party invitations are just what you've been looking for!

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Wish Upon A Star

Star Princess Party Invitation

Recreating this princess birthday party invitation is easy! Here's what you need to do.

  • Choose pattered cardstock or scrapbook paper to serve as the background and the star shape.
  • Cut a rectangle from this paper that is approximately 4"x5".
  • Next, cut a star shape, approximately 3" from point to point in diameter. Use a cooker cutter for a template, or print a picture of a star, cut it out, and trace.
  • For the overlay, choose a color that compliments the background (in this example, it's green).
  • Cut a rectangle approximately 4 ¼" by 3 ¼" in size from the overlay paper.
  • Use a marker to write your party details, or set up your printer to print in your favorite font. If you print, start with a test sheet to make sure it prints correctly. (It may be helpful to print the invitation before trimming.)
  • Center the invitation on the background, using a glue stick to secure it to the card.
  • For the star, use a marker to write "Once Upon a Time" or another message of your choice.
  • Cut a "wand" ¾" to 1" in diameter from the same paper that you used for the background piece.
  • Carefully glue or tape the two wand pieces together as shown. Allow to dry.
  • Use scissors to cut two tiny slits in the top of the star and in the top of the card as shown.
  • Thread a small length of ribbon through the card so that both ends come to the top. Next, thread the wand through the same way and tie the ribbon so they stay together.
  • Finally, decorate the card with stickers or stick-on jewels. It's ready to deliver!

A Princess and Her Castle

These princess party invitations are sure to become treasured keepsakes. Tucked behind the drawbridge is a photo of the birthday princess herself!

Princess Castle Party Invitation

  • Start with white construction paper or cardstock. Cut a rectangle that is approximately 4" wide and 6" tall.
  • Draw the castle shape – it's easy! About 1" from the top draw lines towards the center and then down for the towers. Sketch triangles on top for the turrets (you'll add the design later) and draw the flags in.
  • Once you have the basics down, trim the card to shape as shown.
  • Choose scrapbook paper in coordinating designs for the turrets and drawbridge. Cut triangles, the "teeth" for the towers, the windows, and the drawbridge.
  • Use a glue stick to place the triangles on first, then the "teeth".
  • Place the drawbridge onto the castle and trace around the outside. Don't glue it down! Once you've traced it, remove it from the castle.
  • Choose a picture of your birthday princess and trim it to fit into the drawbridge shape that you've outlined onto the castle. Glue or tape it to the card.
  • Place the drawbridge over the card and tape the bottom edge only so that it will flip open and hang upside down.
  • As it hangs in this position, write your party details on the flap.
  • Flip the bridge back up and secure it into position with a brad. (You'll have to poke a small hole through the card to keep it in place and allow it to pivot).
  • Time for the finishing touches! Position the windows that you cut out in step four onto the invitation. Glue them down and add the remaining detail – the bricks, window sills, and lettering.
  • Allow to dry. Your invitations are ready to mail!

It's that easy to make beautiful princess birthday party invitations of your own! And jump over here for more princess birthday party ideas.



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