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If you know Super Mario Brothers at all, then you definitely know Princess Peach! She has been dancing across our video game screens for years and perhaps that's why the Princess Peach costume is such a popular option.

She's not just your typical princess as she's very feisty, loads of fun, and her entire ensemble reflects that. So it should come as no surprise that you can find the Princess Peach costume in many different children variations.

You might however be surprised to know that there are some sexy Princess Peach costumes out there that are so much fun for the adult set too! You can really get in touch with some girl power with this costume idea and have a ton of fun this Halloween!

Perfect for Your Little Princess

Princess Peach Child Costume

If you have a little girl with a bit of sass in her and she wants a somewhat unique princess costume, then the Princess Peach costume is a perfect match!

Check out this for example:

The Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Child Costume is a great way of dressing up your little princess with a fun and funky twist! The peach color is a nice break from the typical pink and this princess has some punch! She's got your crown, your cute shoes, and the jeweled tones but she's got attitude. As a mom of a little girl, I am sure that you would be proud of your own little princess peach!

What If You Want to be the Princess?

Princess Peach Adult Costume

We put so much time and energy into dressing up our little ones, that sometimes we forget about ourselves.

Sure Halloween is a holiday designated for the children, but the adults can have some fun as well. If you want something different and fun this Halloween then consider the sexy Princess Peach costume! Though you can even recreate your own fun look at home, you definitely want to check out the Super Mario Brothers Princess Peach Adult Costume for a great way of recapturing your inner princess. You've been dressing up your little girl as a princess for so long, but now it's time for you to be the princess!

Dancing Queen Blonde Wig

On the outside, the outfit for this princess peach adult costume is very similar as the children's version, but with some fun accessories, you can spice it up quite a lot!

Consider for example wearing the funky Dancing Queen Blonde Wig that will show off your own unique identity. Then add in the Silver Mini Glitter Heels that make you look mature and sexy. If you prefer a slight tune of elegance, then put on the Elbow Length Nylon Gloves. This is what makes for the sexy Princess Peach adult costumes and people will fall in love with the look.

If you are looking for a fun princess costume idea with a unique twist this year, no matter for your little girl or for yourself, the princess peach costume shall be a great choice! You can really rock this out as she is one princess that doesn't just sit back. The beautiful peach gown will help to set the tone and then you can use accessories to make it your own. Try out these fun costume ideas that really help to make your Halloween special!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at



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