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Most folks only retire once, so make it special with these retirement party ideas!

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Retirement Party Invitations

You may be headed into the slow lane, but guests won't waste any time helping you celebrate with these fun ideas for retirement party invitations!

  • For blue collar retirees, take advantage of the opportunity to punch that time card one final time! Use cardstock that matches the color of your time card and draw a good rendition of the one you've used every day for years. (Even if computers have long since replaced the paper slip, recreating your last time card will provide great nostalgic fun, especially for long-time coworkers who remember the days of the company's paper time card!).
  • On the front, write "(Name) is punching out for the time!" On the reverse, write "Join us in celebrating (Name)'s retirement from (company) after (number) fantastic years! (Time, date, location)."
  • For an elegant party, keep the invitation formal. Print a message on gold or silver card stock that reads "We hope you will join us at (location) as we honor (name) for (number) years as a faithful employee of (company)." Include the time, date, and location of the party.
  • Do you have retirement plans already? Show them off with a theme invitation! If you plan to spend a few days on the golf course, print your invitation on a large golf ball for an idea that will suit you to a tee! If you want to hit the high seas in a sailboat, render one from card stock and share the big new right on the sails! Moving? Cut the shape of your new home state out and turn it into an invitation. There's no limit to what you can do when you've got big plans for retirement and you're ready to share them with the world!

Retirement Party Decorations

Start your decorating retirement party ideas off with elegant gold or silver gossamer. Shimmering curtains of gold or silver against the walls are a fast and easy way to transform any space for a spectacular event!

Hang a personalized retirement banner to welcome guests. Ask guests to sign the banner with their congratulations and well wishes for a happy retirement and you'll create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that the retiree will be able to save as a memento of the big day!

Hang twinkle lights retierment party ideas from the ceiling to add a touch of playful sophistication to the atmosphere. These lights can be used indoors or out and will add a soft glow to the arena. On the other hand, if you prefer a walk on the wild side a strobe light retierment party ideas is just the thing to liven things up!

Loop gold star string garland retierment party ideas along the walls near the ceilings. You can also string it along table borders or pool it in the middle of the table as a companion to your centerpieces. If you have a buffet or food table, wind it around the dishes for a star-struck effect.

The star shower centerpiece retierment party ideas is the perfect addition to your star-studded retirement party event! Each showy piece sparkles and moves with the slightest shift in air, which will give your tables a dramatic flair. Use them on the dining or food tables or hang them from the ceiling for a festive twist!

It just wouldn't feel like a party without balloons, and decorating with sophisticated metallic is a great way to keep the elegant theme running through your retirement party ideas. Clear balloons retierment party ideas mix beautifully with gold and silver retierment party ideas in bunches or when randomly lifted to the ceiling.

Jazz up your tables with metallic gold tablewearretierment party ideas,including plates and cutlery. For a personal touch, add custom imprinted napkins, which come with any retirement party message you request and a gold foil imprint.

I recommend these perfect decoration kits for Retirement party ideas:

Happy Retirement 18 Foil Balloon

Happy Retirement 18" Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Happy Retirement Cubicle Kit

Happy Retirement Cubicle Kit
Price: $8.99 each

Retirement Party Costumes

Bon voyage and welcome to the retirement years! If you are looking for innovative and fun homemade costume ideas for adults at a retirement party, this can seem like a rather difficult task sometimes. The good news is that you can pull in cues from the guest of honor to make it a bit easier. Try dressing up like the guest of honor either in their everyday attire or with a mask of their likeness. If they have ever worn a uniform, consider coming dressed up in that. If you want to really go for the humorous angle, then try dressing up as an old person all hunched over—just be sure that the guest of honor has a good sense of humor and this will make for a fun and entertaining costume idea!

For a playful party, ask guests to wear gear from their favorite retirement pastimes. Golf, tennis, and boating outfits are all good, and even a shirt or accessory featuring a favorite sports team is fair game for men and women alike! For a more formal affair, indicate on invitations that guests should dress for the occasion. Invite guests to be a part of your retirement party ideas from the start and they'll know they're in for a great time!

Retirement Party Icebreaker Activities

A Living Tribute

When it comes to retirement party ideas, sometimes people tend to feel stumped. If you are wondering what you can do to honor the guest of honor and make the guests feel included, then a living tribute can work as a fantastic retirement party icebreaker. Here guests tell stories of how they met the guest of honor, how they came to work with them, and tell one story or share one experience that they had with them. This is so fun to do in person and you can video tape it so that the guest of honor has a nice living tribute memory to cherish always. Encourage guests to tell funny stories about the guest of honor and share some cute little tidbits to show just how well everyone knows and loves the person that's retiring.

Show and Tell

If a person is retiring, then chances are that they have years of stories, experiences, and fun items to mark their time in the job. When you send out the invitations to this party, be sure to tell guests to bring something with them that marks the time that they spent with the guest of honor in the job. It could be a picture, a plant that they shared, some funny item from the office or from travels, a lunch that they used to share together—there is really no limit and the more creative the better! If you have guests with a sense of humor then it makes this retirement party icebreaker that much more fun so that guests are enjoying some nostalgia but yet laughing it up with this fun and innovative game of show and tell.

Fun Retirement Items to Share

This is a fun sort of classic game that can lend way to an excellent retirement party icebreaker. Here you can feature a bunch of gag gifts and even some practical ones that the guest of honor can use in their retirement. Of course the guests get to take turns making fun of the age of the guest of honor and what's in store for them. Be sure that guests know ahead of time that they should bring things like adult diapers, prune juice, knitting needles, and things of the sort. If there are some practical gifts that work too, but keep it fun and interesting as that will keep the guests and the guest of honor entertained. The only thing you have to do is arrange and communicate ahead of time that guests should bring these items with them.

Create Your Own Story

If you ever played "Mad Libs" or something along those lines, then you know how this game works. You create the outline of a story and then ask guests to come up with the first words that come to their mind that are usually unrelated. This is a fun retirement party icebreaker because as each guest takes turns saying their words about retirement or the guest of honor out loud, the story starts to take shape and often makes no logical sense. However it is a fun way to get guests involved, create a fun and easy story about the guest of honor, and keep things moving in a really entertaining way for everyone.

Retirement Party Ideas for Foods

You may be retiring, but your appetite sure isn't! Feed the crowd with these retirement party ideas!

Raise a glass to the retiree with these beverage ideas!

  • Fill champagne flutes with wine, seltzer water, or sparkling grape juice for a toast that guests of all ages can be a part of!
  • Here's a punch that everyone will love! Mix a two liter bottle of lemon-lime soda, a half gallon of strawberry sherbet, and 128 oz of fruit punch. Serve well chilled for a frothy dessert-like treat that folks can't get enough of!
  • Offer a selection of soft drinks and bottled water and you'll be sure to have something for everyone!

If you're not serving a catered sit-down dinner, then fill your buffet with these retirement party ideas for food!

  • Fruit tray – Fill a platter with scrumptious piles of fresh strawberries, kiwi, grapes, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, peaches, pears, or apples. Whip together one 7 oz. jar of marshmallow cream with an 8 oz block of cream cheese until well blended then serve chilled on the side for an incredible disappearing dip!
  • Cheese and cracker tray – Pile an assortment of cheeses onto a serving tray to include this party food favorite! Cut cheeses to cracker-size slices before arranging them on a platter with various types of crackers. Include both wheat and butter varieties for a full selection.
  • Deli platter – Create a filling snack by providing guests everything they need to make incredible deli sandwiches! Freshly shaved meats, including ham and turkey, along with thinly sliced cheeses work beautifully with tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. Pile thick, hearty loaves of French bread for guests to cut to the length of their appetites. Be sure to provide mayonnaise and mustard on the side for dressing sandwiches.
retierment party ideas

Don't let the party end without dessert! Try these retirement party ideas for sweet treats.

  • Arrange cookies on a tray for a simple, delicious dessert. Whether you buy the cookies from the store or make them yourself, they're sure to be a hit!
  • Add a bit of drama to plain cupcakes by arranging them on a sweet station centerpiece
After coating cupcakes with rich buttercream icing, slide them into position for an elegant flair.
  • Prefer a traditional cake? Ice a large sheet cake in white frosting. Write your message in showy, sweeping letters before sprinkling the cake with white, silver, or gold edible glitter. Edible glitter is available with cake decorating supplies in specialty stores, and it's worth picking up because it will make your cake really stand out and shine!

Retirement Party Ideas for Favors

After toasting the new retiree, allow each of their friends and family members to take their gold drizzle renoir glass home with them. These elegant fluted glasses are accented with gold and fully personalized. Stunning in detail, they will be filled with memories long after the champagne is gone!

Retirement Party Ideas for Games

Use these unique adult birthday party games that are guaranteed to be a good excuse to celebrate with family and friends.

Here's an excellent selection of printable retirement party games you can buy and print out right away:

Retirement Party Thank You Notes

Be sure to thank everyone who helped to celebrate a special retirement! Take photos of each guest with the retiree and attach one to the inside of a piece of folded cardstock. On the other side, the guest of honor can write a personal message of thanks to each individual for being part of this important day.

Your Retirement Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed Retirement Party ideas stories to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own retirement party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete Retirement party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!


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