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A sailboat birthday party is an excellent way to celebrate and encompass everything about being at sea. Kids love boats, the water, and anything that keeps with a nautical theme. This is something that you can create in your own backyard if water isn’t accessible. If you put out the right decorations and build the excitement from the start, the kids will feel like they are really on an adventure at sea. Set the scene and watch your sea loving little guys and girls feel like they are captains of their own ships!

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Sailboat Birthday Party Invitations

You want to set the scene for this fun anchors aweigh party right from the start. Once the kids know that it’s a sea themed adventure they won’t be able to contain their excitement. Visions of being at sea and of taking in the water will be dancing through their head. So the invitation for this party is so important, and here are a couple of clever ideas:

  • Consider sending out an already created invitation that shows that the guests are about to board a great adventure of a birthday party. A great example is this Anchors Aweigh Invitations because it puts the theme out there right away and ensures that guests are ready for a fun filled sea adventure from the start.
  • Send out the invitation as a passport. Put a picture on each one of the guest that you are sending it to. Then put in the vital information telling them that they are invited to a very special sailboat birthday party and that their presence is requested there. They will love the theme and love even more that they get their own personalized invitation featuring their very own picture on it.
  • Send out invitations that are shaped like sailboats for a fun effect. You can either find these shapes at the store or simply create your own using a stencil to trace the shape of a sailboat. Then use this on a thick paper and fill in all the details. They will be ecstatic when a boat arrives in the mailbox for them inviting them to such a fun type of party!

Check out the following Sailboat birthday party invitations :

Pirate Plaid:Paradise

Pirate Plaid : Paradise
Price: $ 0.69

Ahoy Sailor: Coast

Ahoy Sailor : Coast
Price: $1.69

Anchors Aweigh Invitations

Anchors Aweigh Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Sailboat Birthday Party Food

You want to use the colors of your sailboat birthday party as much as possible. Typically this is a very patriotic red, white, and blue theme and that makes for a very colorful menu. The ideas are endless as to what you can do to create foods in this color that kids will simply adore. Keeping with the theme is important and sometimes something as simple as utilizing the right colors for the theme works tremendously well.

  • Colored Fruit Kabobs: Kids love fruit and they love it even more when it’s fun to eat. If you want to keep in the colors in this theme then give them blueberry and strawberry fruit kabobs with whipped cream to dip them in. They are sure to love this healthy little treat and it’s perfect as it keeps well with the theme and its colors.
  • Fun Sea Foods: Let’s face it, not every kid is going to love a menu featuring fish. Though that may keep with the sailboat theme, you do have to remember that this is kids that you are dealing with. So go for fun “sea foods” such as goldfish crackers or dolphin fruit snacks. They fit perfectly with a day at the sea but yet they are easy to eat and appealing to kids. You can also cut out little sandwiches in sailboat shapes. Get a cookie cutter in a boat shape and then use it to cut out favorite sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly and turkey and cheese.
  • A Gorgeous Sailboat Cake: No party is complete without a cake in the shape of a sailboat. This should be larger and cut out in the perfect sailboat shape for the kids to really enjoy it. You can put little sailors on the cake to decorate it and be sure that it is of course frosted in the appropriate red, white, and blue colors to really complete the look.

Sailboat Birthday Party Decorations

If you want the kids to feel like they are actually out at sea, then you need to give that illusion through the decorations. You want the kids to feel like they just entered a ship and that they are here to really enjoy their time at sea. The decorations are quite important in this type of party and therefore you want to really celebrate this in the right way:

  • A boat can really help to capture the mood here! You can create your own or buy an already created boat in the perfect size for the kids to run around on. If you are creative and you have a big box or two you can trace the shape of a boat and cut it out so that the kids can use their imagination. Otherwise you can find a boat that is life sized for the little ones to run and jump about to capture their own sea adventure.
  • You want kids to enjoy the sailboat birthday party theme as soon as they walk into the party. The perfect way to do that is to greet them at the door with something fun like a life preserver. You can find these at any store and you can even personalize it with letters that you stick on saying “Welcome Aboard to Jon’s Party”. The kids will love this special touch and feel like they just set sail!
  • An anchor is a necessity at this type of party. Be sure that the space is of course decorated in the nautical red, white, and blue colors and that you feature at least one or two strategically placed anchors. These are what kids and adults alike identify this type of party with and they will feel like they are truly at an anchors aweigh party in no time!

Check out the following Sailboat birthday party decorations:

Sailboat Tealight Holder Set/4

Sailboat Tealight Holder Set/4
Price: $ 4.99

Elegant Sailboat Standee Each

Elegant Sailboat Standee Each
Price: $69.99

Sailboat Shaped Mylar Balloon

Sailboat Shaped Mylar Balloon
Price: $ 07.99

Anchors Aweigh Giant Wall Decals

Anchors Aweigh Giant Wall Decals
Price: $ 39.99

Anchors Aweigh Framed Signature Matte

Anchors Aweigh Framed Signature Matte
Price: $19.99

Anchors Aweigh Sticker Sheets

Anchors Aweigh Sticker Sheets
Price: $ 1.99

Sailboat Birthday Party Costumes

Every kid has a built in costume idea for this type of party–a sailor! Kids can dress in red, white, or blue outfits or even sailing uniforms if you are really creative. They absolutely must have a sailors cap and if you want the look to be authentic, be sure that they wear a sailor suit complete with the tails and the adornments. Every kid loves the life of a sailor and now they get to dress the part as well!

Don't forget to check following cute Sailboat birthday party costumes:

Boathouse Baby

Boathouse Baby" Sailboat Longall Jumper
Price: $ 28.00

Boathouse Baby Sailboat Three-Piece Pant Set

Boathouse Baby Sailboat Three-Piece Pant Set
Price: $25.00

Anchors Aweigh Crab Bib

Anchors Aweigh Crab

Price: $4.99

Anchors Aweigh T-Shirt

Anchors Aweigh

Price: $ 14.99

Boathouse Baby Anchor and Sailboat Burp Cloths

Boathouse Baby Anchor and Sailboat Burp Cloths
Price: $ 20.00

Sailboat Birthday Party Favors

In keeping with the theme, you want the kids to remember that they came to an excellent sea adventure. The party favors are important because this is what the kids remember the party by. Therefore you want to really spend some time with this feature and make it very special. Consider something simple and effective such as:

  • A wrapped sailboat cookie that really steals the show. You can get cookies baked in the shape of a sailboat and then wrap them up in a clear plastic wrap with a bow tied on to look like an anchor. The kids will just love this and they will remember the party when they eat their delicious treat at home.
  • A picture of each child dressed up in their sailor best. This is easy enough to capture using a Polaroid camera at the party whereby you take a picture of each child one by one dressed in their sailor costume. Then you get some sailboat frames ahead of time and put the picture in so that each child gets to their own home. What a great memory and so cute!
  • Sailboat magnets work really well and are something that the kids will always use. You can find a whole array of different sizes, shapes, and colors (go for red, white, and blue) sailboat magnets that the kids can choose from. Then they will use them on the refrigerator and remember this fun party every time they hang something. This fun party makes the kids feel like they are at sea and on their very own sailboat adventure!

Check out the following cute Sailboat birthday party favors:

Anchors Aweigh Empty Favor Boxes

Anchors Aweigh Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $ 2.99

Anchors Aweigh Blowouts

Anchors Aweigh

Price: $ 3.39

Your Sailboat Birthday Party Ideas

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