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A science birthday party is a very popular theme these days. Whether you go with a specific type of theme such as Sid the Science Kid or just use science as the general theme, you can’t go wrong. Kids love to get involved in simple but fun experiments and therefore are quite interested in all that science has to offer. This is an excellent theme to go with as it’s sure to keep the kids entertained, they are actually learning something, and you don’t have to do too much with the detail to make it a great party.

Before we start boarding the Science birthday party, here are the coolest Science birthday party packs and animal party supply items:

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Science Birthday Party Invitations

You want to be sure that your invitations get the kids eager and excited for this educationally themed party. If you don’t go about it properly they will feel like this is just an extension of school. So when planning a science theme party be sure that it’s all about fun and don’t put all your cards on the table that they will learn something in the process. Some great invitation ideas include:

  • A very popular science character with the kids right now is Sid the Science Kid and with good reason. Parents love him because he is teaching their kids great fundamental lessons. Kids love this character because he’s fun and cool and he teaches them all about the world. Use him as the main backdrop for your party and a great way to start this is with the right invitations. If you go with some Sid the Science Kid invitations such as these Sid the Science Kid Invitations you can’t go wrong!
  • Take a picture of your little chemist or biologist hard at work on another experiment. Dress them up in a white lab coat and put some fun science elements such as glass vials in front of them. Capture the picture just right and then use this as the background of the invitation itself. Then you can send this out and people will love the personal and themed touch.
  • Invite the kids to a “mad science experiment party” to get them excited about the theme. Cut it out in the shape of something fun like animal, a rock, or even a big bone to look like a fossil. Tell them that their presence is required as you get to the bottom of this science experiment and they will be thrilled to be a part of it before they even get there!

Also check out the following Science birthday party invitations:

Sid the Science Kid Invitations

Sid the Science Kid Invitations
Price: $3.59

Space Aliens - Simply Put For Tiny Prints

Space Aliens - Simply Put For Tiny Prints
Price: $1.39

Science Birthday Party Food

The great part about the food for a party like this is that you can get really creative and simply rename some classics for a fun twist. You can go with the theme directly or just put out what you planned on serving and give them catchy science names. Kids will love this attention to detail because it’s fun for them to eat and to enjoy with their friends. A couple of fun ideas include:

  • Ooey Gooey Pizza Feast: Sometimes science can get a bit messy and that’s what kids love about it. So even if you are planning for a younger set like say a 2nd birthday party you can still serve up some classic favorites and just give them catchy themed names like this. If you put out a feast in this genre then the pizza has to be ooey gooey and full of mystique. Serve it up with a bit of moldy salad to add a science fiction element to it. Then of course you should round it out with a jello mold that is shaped to look like a body part–perfect for dissecting!
  • Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere: If you are going with snacks instead of a meal, you can really have fun with this. All things that are creepy and crawly have to do with science and for many kids, particularly boys; this is the best part of a science birthday party. Consider getting fun favorites like gummy worms, Jello jigglers cut into the shape of bugs, and fruit snacks that come in cute bug shapes. This works well if your party is at a time of day where you can get away with a snack instead of a meal and the kids love the theme.
  • The Mad Science Experiment: You can use a bit of dry ice and give the illusion of just about anything being a science experiment. If you are going to put on a pot of chili or even spaghetti sauce, add a bit of dry ice around it. That way the kids will see the steam coming up from it and around it as you open the pot. They will love this! This is a hearty meal too that the kids are sure to love and it’s easy for you to prepare. To complete the mad science experiment meal, be sure that you use some fun little test tubes and vials to serve up dessert and even some munchies like trail mix and M&M’s in–it’s all about the details!

Science Birthday Party Decorations

This is the type of party where decorations play a key role. No matter what aspect of science you are embracing, you can really have fun with this. The interesting part about decorations for a science theme party is also that it can really make or break your party. If you want the kids to feel like they’ve just walked into a science lab or that they are enjoying some of those elements, then go for some simple but effective decorations.

  • You can embrace the element of electricity and even throw in fun periodic table decorations. Start with a light bulb pinata as this is perfect for the little scientists to enjoy as part of their science birthday party and it’s just fun for everyone. You can fill the pinata with candy and fun little items that a scientist would love like a fun little telescope that you can find at a party supply store. You can even cut out different letter combinations that you would find on the periodic table such as H20. Just hang these throughout the room or party venue for a nice little touch and homage to science!
  • If you are going with a specific theme for the science birthday party like Sid the Science Kid, then use some of the cool decorations within that. You can use fun elements such as this centerpiece Sid the Science Kid Centerpiece . This is a great way to lighten up the room and to get the kids interested. If they are into Sid then they will simply love this type of decoration and it will get them right into the science mood.
  • If you are going for science because your kids love bugs, then you can really capitalize on that. You can put out rubber bugs hidden all over the entire party venue for a fun twist. You can use bug placemats, bug balloons, and even bug plates. You can even get bug ice trays and bug cake pans to make sure that every last detail keeps with this theme of science that boys adore!

Don't forget to check the following Science birthday party decorations:

Sid the Science Kid 18' Foil Balloon

Sid the Science Kid 18" Foil Balloon"
Price: $ 2.99

Toy Story - Woody Infant Costume

Sid the Science Kid

Price: $1.99

Sid the Science Kid Giant Wall Decals

Sid the Science Kid Giant Wall Decals
Price: $ 39.99

Science Banner N Go Banner Each

Science Banner 24"x72" Attach N Go Banner Each
Price: $29.99

Sid the Science Kid Personalized Birthday Banner

Sid the Science Kid Personalized Birthday Banner
Price: $39.99

Sid the Science Kid Personalized Photo Banner

Sid the Science Kid Personalized Photo Banner
Price: $ 19.99

Science Birthday Party Costumes

Depending on what aspect of science you are going for, you can really have fun with this. You can dress the little kids up in long white lab coats and give them crazy hair for that mad scientist look. If they happen to love Sid the Science Kid then dress them up in the classic red shirt, give them a blue wig, and blue pants. Be sure to give them a magnifying glass to really complete the look. They can really have fun with the costumes here!

Also check out the following Science birthday party costumes:

Sid the Science Kid T-Shirt

Sid the Science Kid

Price: $14.99

Science Birthday Party Favors

To make sure that this party is memorable and that the kids will always look back fondly on it, you have to give out some amazing party favors. You can have fun with this and of course be sure that it keeps with the specific science theme party that you planned for.

  • If you did a Sid the Science Kid party, then you absolutely have to give out the right party favors. A great idea is a goodie bag filled with items such as these Sid the Science Kid Stickers . Stickers are always sure to please and with a science birthday party like this, they are a great way for kids to take a piece of the party with them.
  • If you went with a mad scientist type of theme, then give each kid their own rack of test tubes. You can find these at a party supply store or something of the sort. The fun part about this favor is that the tubes keep with the theme but they work well for filling up with goodies. Fill each test tube with a different kind of candy and this sweet treat will be an excellent way for the kids to remember how much fun that they had.
  • If you want some fun elements for a science theme, then fill up a cool bag with all the right goodies. You can get a simple goodie bag and then decorate it with letter combinations from the periodic chart or just fun science sayings. Then inside you can put some cool foam raindrops, a light bulb notebook, and even some candy in test tubes that makes for an amazing giveaway. The kids always love to get a goodie bag and if you keep with the theme, then it just completes the perfect science birthday party and they will remember this one for years to come!

Don't forget to check the following Science birthday party favors:

Sid the Science Kid Party Favor Box

Sid the Science Kid Party Favor Box
Price: $ 4.99

Sid the Science Kid Empty Favor Boxes

Sid the Science Kid Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $ 2.99

Sid the Science Kid Centerpiece

Sid the Science Kid Centerpiece
Price: $ 5.99

Sid the Science Kid Notepads

Sid the Science Kid

Price: $7.99

Sid the Science Kid Blowouts

Sid the Science Kid

Price: $3.39

Your Science Birthday Party Ideas

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Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories “Party Tales” and they serve as a great inspiration!


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