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A Sesame Street costume is sure to please at any age!

If you don't believe this, then just go out shopping and see how many different sizes and variations of this classic themed costume you can find. We can all hear the music start playing and remember tuning into the show each day and perhaps that's why the Sesame Street Halloween costumes have kept their appeal all these years.

No matter what type you are looking for, how young or old you may be, or what your particular interest, there is bound to be Sesame Street character costumes out there which can fit the need!

Try It Out as an Adult

You may think that you reach an age where you are too old to wear a Sesame Street costume, but this couldn't be further than the truth. You can find something for every age and often go for something with each character in mind. The fun part about the adult variations is that they put a slightly more mature twist on this classic costume idea.

Oscar Ladies Halloween Costume

Take the Oscar Ladies Halloween Costume as the perfect example. This is actually a really cute little costume and therefore quite fitting for the sassiest woman. You have the cute white "garbage can" skirt, the furry green tank top, and the adorable little hat with the likes of Oscar the Grouch peeking out at you.

It can't get better than this and when you focus in on this idea as a woman, you will really stand out. What's so great about this Sesame Street costume is that it's fun, it's flirty, it's age appropriate, and it's a great way to carry off a classic kid's theme.

Count Adult Costume

Perhaps you want something a bit more reminiscent of your childhood.

Consider the Count Adult Costume as a fun little option for you. This has everything you need all in one costume so you can just pop yourself in there and voila - you have an instant and one of the more memorable Sesame Street Halloween costumes out there. All you will see is your head and the rest is all about the Count!

This is a great way to celebrate an often underrated part of the show as an adult and get in touch with your childhood roots again!

What About the Kids?

Frilly Big Bird Toddler/Child Costume

Rest assured that there are plenty of Sesame Street character costumes to pick from for the younger set. Since this is the target audience of this beloved show, you can't go wrong by picking this theme.

Consider going for something cute and oh so girlie with the Frilly Big Bird Toddler/Child Costume. This is great for the little girl who may love Big Bird but wants a slightly more feminine twist on it. This cute frilly yellow dress with pink trim and the oh so adorable Big Bird hat is a nice twist that embraces all that a little girl loves. That makes for an excellent Sesame Street costume!

Maybe your little girl wants something a bit more traditional in nature. Many girls tend to dress up as their favorite female characters to show just who they love from the show.

A very popular idea is to go the route of the Abby Cadabby Infant/Child Costume. Abby Cadabby Infant Child Costume This will embody what this cute little fairy princess is all about from the show and makes for one of the more popular Sesame Street Halloween costumes out there. She will be covered in head to toe Abby touches such as the cute blue and purple dress, wings, hair ties, and even a picture of Abby on the dress too. As you see, there is a perfect Sesame Street costume out there for everyone.

If you want to capture this beloved theme, then celebrate it with the perfect Sesame Street Halloween costumes and it will be a win-win!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at



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