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Pull out your pajamas and pour butter on the popcorn … it's time for an adult slumber party! The movie party ideas are perfect for a long night "in"!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on movie party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the adult birthday items you'll need:

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:

Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Slumber Party Ideas to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own slumber party ideas. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" kid birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Movie Party Invitations

One of these invitations is sure to be your ticket for fun! Use these slumber party ideas to get started.

  • The Big Ticket – Turn a piece of cardstock into a ticket to the premier event! Use your favorite color for a base and trim it into a rectangular ticket shape with small half circles cut from the sides to mimic the real thing. On the front, use a bold marker or precut letters to write "ADMIT ONE." On the reverse, write "You're invited to the screening of "A Slumber Party" starring (host). Be there at (location) on (date) at (time) – don't miss a moment!"
  • Purchase bags of microwave popcorn to use as part of your invitation. Attach a tag that reads "You're invited to a slumber party! Bring your pillow to (host)'s house on (date) at (time) for an all night movie premier!" Slip the note and the popcorn into a small gift bag and hand deliver, or package them up to mail.
  • Use scraps of cloth in a fun print from a fabric store to craft small sleeping bags. Cut fabric into rectangular shapes (approximately 4" x 6") and glue three edges together, leaving one end open. Fold down the top layer at an angle (as you would turn down a bed) and glue the flap down, leaving an opening. Cut a piece of paper that will fit in the opening, then write all of your party information on the slip and tuck it into the sleeping bag. Put them into envelopes and these clever invitations are ready to go in the mailbox!

Also check out these wonderful Movie theme slumber party ideas for invitations:

Drive-In Movie : Navy

Drive-In Movie : Navy
Price: $ 1.04

Movie Party Invitations

Movie Party Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Movie Night Invitations

Movie Night Invitations
Price: $ 8.99

Movie Magic : Lemon

Movie Magic : Lemon
Price: $ 1.04

Movie Party Decorations

Welcome your guests with a large banner or marquee that shows off your big night.  "(Name)'s Movie Night" in big letters, followed by "Premiering (Movie)" for your main attraction in smaller letters and "Also showing:  (movies)" in even smaller print is a delightful way to set the mood for the night.  Display it near this working movie clapboard and you'll be ready for "Action!" in no time!

Popcorn Box jumbo mylar balloonYou can't have a party without balloons, and it's hard to beat an incredible 38" tall Popcorn Box jumbo mylar balloon.  Float a few of these over your party and you'll be able to smell the popcorn long before it hits the hot oil!

Your collection of slumber party ideas just has to include popcorn, and this popcorn tub is just the way to serve it!  The jumbo size will hold plenty of kernels so refills will be at a minimum.  Place them around the movie viewing area and watch the popcorn disappear!

Set up your food tables with your choice of movie party supplies.  The theme features a rowdy film reel with the sights and sounds of the movies in a lively arrangement.  Use the tablecloth on the food table, and then consider buying an extra if guests will be spread out on the floor with their food to watch the show.  It will save quite a bit of carpet cleanup later!  The tableware includes theme plates, cups, and napkins along with coordinated cutlery, streamers, and balloons.

Add a darkened room for an authentic cinema experience, and your adult slumber party is bound to become and overnight success!

I recommend these cool Movie decorating kits for slumber party ideas:

Hollywood Camera Light

Hollywood Camera Light
Price: $19.99 each

Hollywood Pizzazz Entrance

Hollywood Pizzazz Entrance
Price: $ 14.79

5' Hollywood Signs Add-Ons

5' Hollywood Signs Add-Ons
Price: $4.99

Cars - The Movie Super Shape Mylar Balloon

Hollywood Cut-outs
Price: $3.99 set/4

Golden Hollywood Balloon

Golden Hollywood Balloon
Price: $2.99 each

Movie Party Costumes

Hooray for Hollywood and all the glitz and glamour! If you want some of the best homemade costume ideas for adults, then just go for Hollywood glamour. This doesn't have to be centered around a favorite character, though it can be if the guest wishes for it to. You can just use what you have in your house whether it's a trendy outfit; out there costume idea, or something very glamorous to carry off the look. Then load on the makeup, get the hair all teased and spiked up, and throw on all the jewels you can get your hands on. Complete the look with a boa, a fur coat, or something over the top to make the guests say wow when you enter this most glamorous party!

After you've donned your pajamas for the night, it's the perfect time for ladies to help each other with nails, hair, and makeup! Provide a section of new facial creams, hair accessories, skin treatments, and fingernail polish. Include a few boxes of home hair coloring or highlight kits for the more daring guests. What an exciting way to spend a night with the girls!

Guys aren't likely to work on their hair or makeup, but a few temporary tattoos, food, a drink, and an action flick will more than satisfy most.

Here are some super costumes for Slumber party ideas :

Hollywood Starlet Blonde Wig

Hollywood Starlet Blonde Wig
Price: $12.99

Hollywood Glam Queen (Fuchsia) Adult Costume

Hollywood Glam Queen (Fuchsia) Adult Costume
Price: $49.99

Movie Party Icebreaker Activities

Capture the Memories

When it comes to all of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, you want to really capture that for this type of party. If you want the perfect movie/Hollywood party icebreaker, then create your own little movie. Everyone dresses as a character from a favorite movie that you choose and then you recreate different parts of it right there at the party. This works well for one of the most fun and creative slumber party ideas and yet gives each guest a chance to flex their acting muscles. This can be on a small scale, but it's such a fun way to celebrate a beloved theme with some creativity and loads of fun for everyone!

Dress As Your Favorite Character

What better way to celebrate such a fun theme and occasion than by dressing the part. In this movie/Hollywood party icebreaker you ask guests to come dressed as their favorite character from a movie, from TV, or just from Hollywood in general. Since you are covering so much ground you may have everything from Kim Kardashian to Marilyn Monroe at the very same party. The dressing up part is so fun and makes for an activity in and of itself as guests get to check each other out and reminisce about their favorite movies and Hollywood characters. Guests will have so much fun getting into the Hollywood spirit and playing dress up as adults!

Remember Those Lines

If you are a bit of a movie buff or even if you just have a favorite movie, this is a fun movie/Hollywood party icebreaker. In this game you ask guests to not only come dressed as their favorite character but also to come prepared with some of their favorite movie lines. They can cross the spectrum of all different types and genres of movies and that's what makes it fun. You all try to guess or complete each other's movie lines and have such fun just attempting. This can get pretty funny as people shout out random guesses that will clearly not be related, but make for some great humor. Come prepared with a favorite movie line or two and be ready to jump in and have some fun as you try to guess the other guests too. This is a great way to enjoy all that is Hollywood and a fun activity for adults!

Guess Who I Am

In this particularly humorous movie/Hollywood party icebreaker guests pick a card and place it on their head. The guest never gets to see their own card and therefore has to ask other guests to give them hints as to who they are without telling them. This turns out to be absolutely hilarious as guests make terrible guesses at who they are and are given some obvious and some rather humorous clues. Once you guess, you get to take the card off and can even dress the part if you wish. You just put together cards with names of famous Hollywood stars and then let the guests create their own little fun here. This is sure to keep the adults entertained and acting like kids with tons of laughs and fun!

Movie Party Foods

Savor your cinema experience with these slumber party ideas straight from the concession counter!

The beverage menu:

  • Soft drinks – These are a movie theater favorite, so make them a staple of your slumber party! For cinema appeal, pour drinks into cups with ice. Add lids and straws to mimic the real thing!
  • Lemonade – Another common concession favorite, lemonade is a cool, refreshing way to wash down that popcorn!
  • Wine – Since no one is driving home, it's a wonderful time to enjoy a glass of wine with your friends as you take in a favorite movie.

The food menu:

  • Popcorn – You can't have movie night without popcorn! Whether you pop it yourself or buy it already popped, you can make it feel like it came straight from the concession stand by pouring melted butter on this favorite treat. (Tip: Use real butter, not margarine. The water content of tub margarine will saturate the popped corn and it will shrivel up. Melted stick butter, on the other hand, coats popcorn without watering it down, so you'll have light, fluffy kernels to pop into your mouth.)
  • Soft pretzels – Most grocery stores carry a frozen version of these concession counter mainstays. Simply pop one in the microwave for a few seconds and you've got a hot, soft pretzel to enjoy!
  • Nachos – Create a nacho bar for guests to pile on the toppings. Warm chips in the oven if you'd like, then provide seasoned meat, cheese, salsa, jalapenos, black olives, sour cream, and guacamole for guests to dress their chips.
  • Pizza – Who doesn't love pizza? Lay out a selection of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions, black olives, and any other topping favorites to make your own, or sit back and enjoy the movie while you wait for a pizza delivery.

Sweets and treats:

  • Candy – The concession stand has a great display of candy bars, and it's easy to bring in a few of your favorites to your assortment of slumber party ideas. Many convenience stores carry the large boxes and bars that you'll find at the local theater, or simply buy them from the grocery store.
  • Ice Cream – These are must-be slumber party ideas. Stick with the self-service menu by offering ice cream and a selection of toppings. Vanilla ice cream is the perfect companion to hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry toppings. Add wet nuts, crushed candies, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry for the top for a cinematic thrill.
  • Cake – Cake is the all-time party blockbuster, and it's easy to make a movie-themed version! Pour on the popcorn by decorating the top of a sheet cake with the red and white stripes of a traditional popcorn box. Next, use yellow icing and a tip with a wide round opening to pipe on big round kernels of popcorn and you'll barely recognize this sweet treat!

Movie Party Favors

Give each of your friends a Hollywood clapboard keychain for a fun little reminder of your sleepless slumber party! It's "lights, camera, action!" on your slumber party ideas, and this is a cute way to call it "cut!"

Here are some creative favors for Movie party ideas:

Women's Hollywood Favor Pack

Women's Hollywood Favor Pack
Price: $5.99 each

Men's Hollywood Favor Pack

Men's Hollywood Favor Pack
Price: $6.99 each

Movie Party Games

Use these unique adult birthday party games that are guaranteed to be a good excuse to celebrate with family and friends.

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Movie Party Thank You Notes

Here's a creative way to thank your adult slumber party guests! Create a movie review, not unlike one you'd find in your local newspaper. Sum up the highlights of the night around a few favorite photos for a great party keepsake. Don't forget to give your show a five star rating!

Your Slumber Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their adult Slumber Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own slumber party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!



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