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Spiderman is the quintessential birthday theme. He's a little bit creepy and a whole lot of hero, and he's the perfect party guest when you need a super good time.

Use these tips to make your kids birthday party one of the best ever!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on spiderman party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday items you'll need:

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Spiderman Party Invitations

Try one of these creative invitation ideas when a store-bought invitation just won't do!
  • Cut a round spider body out of construction paper. Glue on smaller strips for legs (or use chenille stems if you don't have to mail them) and attach a string at the top for hanging. On the back of the body, attach a message that reads "Just dropping in to invite you to (name)'s Spiderman birthday party!" and include party details.
  • Start with black cardstock. Use chalk to draw a web, or draw a web on with glue. (You can buy glitter glue which is great for this project!) Inside, write "We want you in our web! (Name) is turning (age) and we're celebrating with a Spiderman birthday party!" Add date, time, and location of the party.
  • Take a picture of the birthday boy in a boys spider-man reversible costume. Two costumes in one, your child will be able to choose between the traditional red and blue Spiderman and the black and silver version for truly personalized invitations. Attach the picture to the front of folded cardstock with the caption "Coming attractions: (Name) as Spiderman the (age, ie 8th)." Inside, write "You can't miss this premier event! Join us for the release of Spiderman the (age), starring (name). The show starts at (time) sharp, so be on location at (address) on (date). Don't miss it!"

Also check out these creative printed Spiderman birthday party invitations:

Spiderman Party Invitations (8-Pack)
Price: $3.59

Spider-Man Spider Sense Invitations
Price: $3.49 pkg/8

Spiderman Party Decorations

Draw guests into your web as soon as they arrive. Starting at the end of the driveway, use sidewalk chalk to draw a big sticky web all the way to the front door. Don't forget to draw in spiders!

Another decoration you can use outside or inside is to make spiders from balloons. Use black balloons for the body and black streamers for legs. Hang these in trees along the walkway.

Inside, everyone will know that they are at a Spiderman birthday party when you cover the ceiling and walls with a streamer "web". Clumps of white balloons will look like spider eggs when they're strategically placed near the ceiling, while more black balloon spiders are sure to be delightfully creepy dangling from their sticky perches.

For a quick and fun way to cover things with webbing, spray silly string at the scene of the party. Quick, easy, and colorful, it's a surefire way to capture guests in your web! (Read the bottle carefully, as it may stain some surfaces).

If you have sturdy surfaces to attach it to, a web made of rope will double as a maze for party goers to climb through. Ideal for an outside party, a giant web to crawl and climb through will be the hit of your party! (Supervise children closely around ropes).

Print pictures of Spiderman, his friends, and his enemies to place around the room on the walls. Color them, or allow guests to color them in as an activity. If you have any posters, include them to add to the décor.

Hang a Spiderweb personalized birthday banner so everyone will know who the superhero of the day is!

When it's time to set the table, you can count on the Spider-Man 3 party supplies to give you everything you need in one handy package. The set comes with table settings for eight guests, with additional supplies available for purchase.

A tablecloth, placemats, centerpiece, balloons, streamers, and more are also included!

I recommend these super creative kids Spiderman party decorations:

Spiderman Wall Decorations
Price: $13.59

Spiderman Die Cut Mylar Balloon
Price: $5.99

Spiderman Table Decorating Kit
Price: $11.99

Spider-Man Spider Sense Stickers
Price: $1.49 pkg/4

Spiderman Party Banner(Each)
Price: $3.99

Spiderman Party Napkins(16-Pack)

Spiderman Party Napkins
Price: $3.49

Kids Spiderman Party Costumes

He will cast his web and save the day! If you want to create some fun homemade costume ideas for kids, use Spiderman as the favorite superhero and attire. You can either dress your little kid in the black and red colors that Spiderman is known for. You can take it one step further by giving him a fun Spiderman mask or even a hat. Any accessories that you may have such as T-shirts, hats, or even pajamas in this fun theme will work out just perfectly. If all else fails, you can find a perfect and actually inexpensive costume at the store, but you can create your own at home using these ideas and a bit of superhero imagination!

Ask each guest to bring a plain t-shirt in red, blue, or black. Have puffy fabric paint on hand so they can draw a big web on their shirts. Use white puffy paint on black shirts and either white or black to design the spider web on other colors. Allow shirts to dry during the party and send them home with guests when the party is over.

Puff paint dries fairly quickly, so caution your web masters not to apply it too heavily and there's a good chance they can all wear their shirts for a photo before they go home. (Note: It's a good idea to have a few extras on hand so a forgetful guest is neither left out nor disappointed!)

Here are some perfect kids Spiderman costumes for birthday party:

Spiderman Costume Muscle Dlx-tm

Spiderman Costume Muscle Dlx-tm
Price: $15.00

Black Spiderman Child

Black Spiderman Child
Price: Price: $34.99 each

Spider-ManT Masks

Spider-Man Masks
Price: Price: $3.49 each

Spiderman Party Icebreaker Activities

Create Your Own Spider Web

Kids of all ages love this superhero because of the life that he leads and the feats that he performs, and so the Spiderman birthday party happens to be a popular theme and a fun one to plan. You can create a little city or a "spider web" for the kids to play in. This can come in the way of a bounce house that you bring in or you can get more creative. You can use huge boxes like from appliances and then paint them to be large buildings that the kids can go in and out of with ease. The big part here is that you cover it all in a "web" which can be something as simple as string that you scatter all throughout and across and over. The kids will get a kick out of playing superhero, and the fact that you add the extra touch of the web will make it so much more fun and work well as a Spiderman party icebreaker.

A Fun Viewing Party

If the kids love this theme then they are naturally going to be drawn to the movies as well. This can work as a simple and yet really enjoyable Spiderman party icebreaker and you don't have to do much to create it. You want to put out all sorts of snacks, and try to keep them in theme. Like Spiderman popcorn that you get in red and black with the appropriate flavors. Spiderman snacks can be imaginative or just be commonly enjoyed varieties that you name after the superhero. Then you set up the movies for them to watch and give them a comfortable space to watch them in. This works well for a sleepover but having their own little viewing party is something that they are bound to enjoy for hours. You put out the fun little touches and then watch them have fun viewing their favorite superhero in action!

Creating Superhero Masks

There is so much mystery and allure in superheroes and since Spiderman happens to be a favorite, this is such a fun type to create activities around. If you are looking for an innovative Spiderman party icebreaker, then you can let the kids create their own superhero masks. You can trace the shape of a real Spiderman mask and then let them have fun creating it. Be sure to put out paints, crayons, and perhaps even some Spiderman stickers for effect. You want them to be able to put them on a popsicle stick to use it or even wear it if you can get the right materials. This is a craft that doesn't take too much work on your part, but allows the kids to use their imagination and embrace their inner superhero. This can be an activity that takes them through the entire day and that is fun for everyone!

A Spiderman Adventure

The great thing about superheroes is that they get to save the day. Why not create a fun little adventure for the kids and use this as the basis of a Spiderman party icebreaker? Use something that is appropriate and needed for the party such as the birthday cake itself as a starting point. Hide the birthday cake and then let the kids try to find it, but set it up as their own superhero adventure. They must all dress like Spiderman and use their "secret and special powers" to find the birthday cake. This is the type of adventure that isn't too difficult to plan, and yet the kids will have an absolute blast pretending they are their favorite superhero and try to save the day with the birthday cake.

Spiderman Party Foods

Being a superhero is hard work! When they get thirsty, try one of these ideas for a refreshing drink.

  • Spiderman punch – Red fruit punch is surely Spiderman's beverage of choice!
  • Blue crush – add blue berries to blue colored drink to add interest.
  • Tip: Freeze plastic spiders in ice cubes for a creepy arachnid garnish to any cold drink!

When it's time to feed hungry spiders, one of these ideas is sure to please!

  • Predator pizza – Always a party favorite!
  • Spider bites – Slice cucumbers into rounds, then add lengths of string cheese as spider "legs". Top with two raisin "eyes".
  • Creepy crackers – fill two crackers with squeeze cheese or any soft cheese of your choice. Top with two small pieces of cheese as eyes, and add shredded carrot "legs."
  • Spider dogs – cut hotdogs two-thirds of the way up the length into eight sections. Splay these "legs" around the remaining spider body. Dab ketchup for eyes, and serve with a side of cheese or ketchup.

From the simple to the sublime, you're sure to find the ideal Spiderman birthday party cake right here!

Spider-Man jumbo gummies
  • For an easy no mess, no fuss way to celebrate, bake cupcakes. Ice them plain or pipe in web graphics before topping each one with a Spider-Man jumbo gummie.
  • Frost a layered or sheet cake with red, blue, or white icing. Pipe in a web with black. Then simply position a Spider-Man 3 cake topper on top. A full 8" long, this action figure won't be lost on your cake!
  • If there's an artist within, try this dramatic Spiderman cake! Start with a round layered cake, and coat it with red icing. Then, using a picture of Spiderman as your guide, draw in his eyes with a toothpick. Once you have the shape right, pipe them in with black icing. Fill in the white in the center of each eye. Finally, draw in the web as it looks on his face, matching detail as much as possible. The end result should be the face of Spiderman – hopefully it looks good enough to eat!

Spiderman Birthday Party Favors

Before they crawl away from the spiderman birthday party, give your Spidey guests Spider-Man favor boxes. Easy to assemble kits include a paddle ball toy, disc launcher, mask, a sticker sheet, and a tumbling man with sticky hands and feet that they won't be able to put down!

Here are some wonderful Spiderman party favors for kids:

Spiderman Party Deluxe Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $6.89

Spiderman Party Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $3.39

Spider-Man Candy Cube
Price: $12.99

Spider-Man Spider Sense Party Favor Box

Spider-Man Spider Sense Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

Spider-Man Spider Sense Molded Candle
Price: $3.99 each

Spiderman Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable child birthday party games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the spiderman birthday party and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Check out these awesome Spiderman pinatas for kids birthday party:

Spiderman Pinata(Each)

Spiderman Pinata(Each)
Price: $22.99

Spider-ManT Pinata

Spider-Man Pinata
Price: Price: $17.99 each

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes

Send guests a special thank you for making your Spiderman birthday party a crawling success! Include photos of the birthday boy enjoying his gifts, or enclose a picture of each guest from the party for a keepsake they are sure to treasure!

Here is a great Spiderman birthday thank you note:

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes(8-Pack)

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes (8-Pack)
Price: Price: $3.59

Your Spiderman Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own spiderman party photos & ideas..

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!


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