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Feel like a superhero for the day with these Spiderman party ideas for grownups!

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Spiderman Party Invitations

Lure guests into your web with these adult Spiderman party invitations.

  • Fold black cardstock in half and use a silver marker to draw a web on the front. Inside, use the same marker to write "You've got the bug! You've got to come to this Spiderman party now!" Include the details: time, date, location, and name of the birthday "kid." For the final touch, use a length of clear or black thread and tie one end securely around a plastic spider. Secure the other end to the card (a large piece of clear packing tape on the back of the card will work) and tuck the spider inside the card before mailing it. When the recipient opens the card, the spider will drop out and dangle – they won't soon forget this invitation!
  • Create a comic book cover to advertise your party. Cut out your favorite Spiderman pictures and place them on the "cover," then add a "cover story" for each detail of your party: (Name) turns (age)!, Party at (time)!, Meet Spiderman at (location) on (date)! Make a copy for each guest.
  • Dress up in a Spiderman costume and pose for a great photo. Add text to the digital image through a photo processing website to describe the party. Use a headline, such as "(Name) has his (age) Spiderman hero moment!" then include the time, date, and location of the party.

Don't forget to check out these creative & printed invitations for adult Spiderman party ideas:

Spider-ManT Spider Sense Invitations

Spider-Man Spider Sense Invitations
Price: $3.49 pkg/8

Spider Personalized Invitation(Each)

Spider Personalized Invitation (Each)
Price: $0.99

Spiderman Party Decorations

Lead guest to the door with a collection of large, creepy spiders. Make them from Styrofoam balls -- available from a craft store -- and chenille stems (also known as pipe cleaners). Paint the balls black, stick in pipe cleaners for legs, and add neon green eyes. Place them along the walk way from the driveway to lead the way to the rest of your Spiderman party ideas!

Inside, hang a black webbed birthday banner spiderman party ideas. Position it so that guests will be able to reach it, and have everyone sign it with a metallic silver or gold marker for a great party keepsake!

The Spider Web entrancespiderman party Ideas is designed for your front door, but why waste this spectacular setup outside where guests see it only briefly? Wow them with an indoor display that will instantly transform the room into an unforgettable spider scene.

Continue the web around the room with black streamers arranged into the shape of a giant web. Alternatively, stretch red, black, and blue streamers from the floor to the ceiling, twisting them into spirals and criss-crossing them back and forth for a more vibrant color scheme.

Even adult birthday parties need balloons, and a massive Spiderman Face Mylar balloonspiderman party ideas is one of the most ideal spiderman party ideas to your Spiderman decor! Arrange several in bunches, or line the room with equally spaced balloons. Each one is more than two feet tall, so you're guaranteed to make statement with each set of roaming Spiderman eyes! Supplement the theme balloons with bright red, yellow, or blue balloons.

Get rowdy by blowing up dozens of latex balloons so that fully cover the floor two or three balloons deep. They'll be irresistible for tossing, volleying, and even popping. If space permits, set up some sort of net in the room (or stretch streamers across two chairs) and create teams for a quick game of volleyball with balloons. Get more than one balloon going at once for even more excitement! However, because popped latex balloons are dangerous for kids under the age of eight, save this game for parties without the little ones underfoot.

Add light up webs with spidersspiderman party ideas to decorate corners or out of the way places, or dangle them right over food tables for creepy crawly special effects!

Set the table with Spiderman tableware . For a unique Spiderman setting, use Spiderman centerpiece from the tableware collection. The matching plates, napkins, cups, and centerpiece are exactly what you need to complete your decorative Spiderman party ideas!

I recommend these super decorations for Spiderman party ideas :

Spider-ManT Spider Sense Stickers

Spider-Man Spider Sense Stickers
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Spider-ManT Edible Cake Decorations

Spider-Man Edible Cake Decorations
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Spiderman Punch Balloon(Each)

Spiderman Punch Balloon (Each)
Price: $1.39

Spiderman Party Banner(Each)

Spiderman Party Banner(Each)
Price: $3.99

Costumes for Spiderman Party Ideas

Save the day and embrace your inner superhero! If you want the perfect homemade costume ideas for adults, then Spiderman is a fun theme for it. If you are a woman you can just dress in the cute but conservative little outfits that Mary Jane always wears in the movies. If you are a man or if you wish to dress like the superhero himself, then go for a red and black ensemble and add either a cape or a mask if you have access to it. Either of these accents really help to make you feel like a superhero and are pretty easy to come by. If you want to embrace your inner villain then consider going for the Green Goblin and covering yourself in green from head to toe. No matter what, a mask can help to differentiate your character and you can use items you have in your house to make the look work for you.

Invite guests to dress up as their favorite superheroes and villains for your party! For guests who don't want to walk around in tights, a favorite comic tee shirt will be the perfect outfit for the party, or they can simply arrive dressed in red and blue for Spiderman or the colors of any other character.

Here are some coolest adult costumes for Spiderman party ideas:

Spider-Man Comic Adult Costume

Spider-Man Comic Adult Costume
Price: $39.99

Spider-Man Deluxe Adult Mask

Spider-Man Deluxe Adult Mask
Price: $16.99

The Amazing Spider-Man - Black Cat Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume

The Amazing Spider-Man - Black Cat Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume
Price: $26.99

Spiderman Party Icebreaker Activities

Dress the Part

Adults don't generally get the opportunity to play dress up, so this can work well for a Spiderman party icebreaker. You can put together a pretty cool costume ahead of time so it's important that all guests know that they need to dress the part. They can either dress like their favorite superhero or go for the other supporting roles. If you are a woman, then consider being the superhero love interest in Mary Jane. If you are feeling a bit more villainous then try dressing like Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin. No matter which character you choose to go for, the dressing up part can be so much fun. This works as one of the best Spiderman party ideas for adults because comparing costumes and laughing about it can be the main attraction and loads of fun!

A Fun Superhero Cocktail Party

You never necessarily think of a cocktail party when you think of superheroes but this can work well for adults. If you want a fun and entertaining Spiderman party icebreaker activity for adults, then plan a special cocktail party. Each food that you put out must be either in the appropriate red and black colors or in keeping with the theme. Put out Spiderman bean dip or go for a spider web pizza type of dish. Then serve up red and black cocktails and even consider coming up with your own special mix as a tribute to your favorite superhero. This is such fun and adults love a themed cocktail party for lots of fun, laughs, and a great way to mingle with new and old friends.

Find Your Way Through the Spider Web

Adults don't get to play nearly as much as they would like to and so this is a super fun Spiderman party icebreaker. You set up a maze of sorts all throughout your house and in your backyard that is all wrapped in and kept under a web that you weave. This is just as much fun to set up as it is to watch the adults try to get through. This can be a maze that you give minimal direction for but supply the appropriate superhero clues to guide them through. They may be searching for a prize at the end such as a Spiderman gift basket or the collection of all the Spiderman movies. They won't even care what you make the prize, just that you create a really fun activity for them. The adults will have fun trying to work their way through this maze that you create and really you don't have to do much but put string everywhere and create a fun path for them to follow.

Spiderman Scavenger Hunt

Adults adore scavenger hunts because they allow them to feel like they are kids again. You can use this fun activity to create the perfect Spiderman party icebreaker where the guests have to work together in superhero teams to save the day. You can set this up around your house or even go further and set it up with fun little missions around town, with the teams ending up back at your house. Be sure that you provide the perfect superhero clues and if you want to really pump it up be certain that the guests stay in costume as they move around town searching for the clues. They may feel silly at first, but if you get them into the theme and the right frame of mind they are sure to have a blast and remember it for some time to come!


Foods for Spiderman Party Ideas

Superheroes can work up quite an appetite, so be ready with these food favorites!

Serve soft drinks to adults at your Spiderman party. Simple, appealing to nearly everyone, and convenient, they're the ideal party beverage! Offer bottled water as an alternative.

Choose from some of these Spiderman party ideas for your menu.

  • Pizza – You can't go wrong with pizza! Order cheese pizzas and draw spider webs on the top with thin lines of ketchup from an easy squeeze bottle, and be sure to order pies loaded with toppings to satisfy big appetites!
  • Burgers – Use food coloring to draw black webs on top of the buns to keep the Spiderman theme alive in every bite! Serve burgers with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and jalapenos.
  • Nachos – This is a hefty party favorite, and you can make it Spiderman all the way! Pile nachos high with seasoned meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. Next, used canned squirt (or squeeze) cheese to draw a spider web over the platter. Add black olive "spiders" atop your creation.

Save room in your web for dessert! Try these Spiderman party ideas.

  • Spiderman cupcakes are easy to make! Ice cupcakes in white and draw webs with black icing, or switch things up and ice the cupcakes with dark frosting (blue, black, or red) and draw the web in white. Make party supply stores carry Spiderman candies that you can place on top of cupcakes to add interest.
  • To make a web sheet cake, first cover the cake with one smooth coat. Next, start in one corner and draw lines outward like the rays of the sun. Go back to the corner, or the center of the web, and begin connecting lines to form a web. Work your way out to the edge of the cake. Write a birthday greeting in between the lines. Be sure to add a spider or two in the web!
  • To make a Spiderman cake, head to your local cake decorating supply store and purchase the character pan made by Wilton. Full decorating directions are included on the insert – everything you need to know is right there in the pan! Each character pan required one box of cake mix, so place it on a sheet cake if you need a large quantity of cake for your guests.

Spiderman Party Favors

Have fun with amazing spiderman disc launchersspiderman party ideas! These toys may be intended for kids, but adults can bring a whole new level of fun and expertise to the game by slinging these toys back and forth in riotous competition with one another long after the party is over!

Don't forget to check more favors for adult Spiderman party ideas:

Spider Web with Spiders

Spider Web with Spiders
Price: $2.99

Spider-ManT Spider Sense Activity Puzzle

Spider-Man Spider Sense Activity Puzzle
Price:$5.99 each

Spider Bracelet - Gothic Costume Accessory

Spider Bracelet - Gothic Costume Accessory
Price: $4.19

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes

Your guests were your heroes for the afternoon, helping you to have a super adult Spiderman birthday party. Send your thanks with a magazine-style cover photo of each guest enjoying the party with a fabulous headline such as "(Name) takes on Spiderman and wins!" or "The 'Awesome Party Guest' award goes to…" Add a line for thanks such as "You rocked my party! Thanks for coming!" These souped-up thank you notes are sure to be a hit with guests!

Check out the following adult thank you notes for Spiderman party ideas:

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes(8-Pack)

Spiderman Party Thank You Notes (8-Pack)
Price: $3.59

Spiders Vertical Thank You Cards

Spiders Vertical Thank You Cards
Price: $1.29 each

Spider Personalized Thank You Note(Each)

Spider Personalized Thank You Note (Each)
Price: $0.99

Your Spiderman Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Spiderman Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own adult spiderman party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!


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