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After a long winter, party planners looks forward to spring.

If you're planning a get together and are in need of some spring holiday parties, you are in luck as there are some really fun things you can do to bring in this season of all that is new.

You want to embrace all that spring is in terms of the colorful party balloons, flowers, revitalization, and renewal after a long winter hibernation.

Spring has sprung and that means that throwing a party in this most glorious season needs to center around the theme and include party items such as watering cans, flowers, and any other related items.


Spring Party Invitation

Start with a wonderful invitation to set the tone immediately for all guests who receive them. You can use some excellent spring party ideas to create an amazing invitations that need not cost much or create too much work. You can do something such as:

Create a flower shaped invitation using cardstock and some splashes of color. Cut out a shape of the flower as the background and then either use markers to draw up beautiful colors, or even tissue paper to give the illusion of a flower.

Cut out a watering can out of construction paper so that you can set the tone right off the bat. Be sure that the writing is in a clear blue to signify the color of water and the guests will just love it.


Spring Party Decorations

"April Showers Bring May Flowers" is a great theme to incorporate into your spring party ideas.

Each table at your party could have a centerpiece that is a watering can that has flowers coming out of it. This can then turn into a favor or a prize that a guest leaves with, depending on the nature of your spring party.

Rather than using a simple vase for your flowers, the watering can will give the immediate feel of spring without you saying a word. Be sure to pick some very vibrant and colorful flowers to use within the watering can to give that good feeling all throughout.

Decorations can include tissue paper flowers that you scatter throughout your home or party venue. It's the little details like this that contribute to your amazing spring party ideas and make the memorable for everyone at the party.

You can put something fun that incorporate water at your party place as well. Little fountains are a great feature, or even a small wading pool for kids to play in. To top it off, you can ask guests to bring their favorite pair of rain boots to play in puddles. If the weather is sunny or even better yet if it's rainy, you can make puddle jumping a great activity at your fun spring party. Just be sure to warn parents and guests ahead of time so that they can bring a change of clothes if necessary.


We also have planned spring theme party include:


Flower Theme Table Setting




Spring Party Foods

Serve light foods because that's what spring makes you think of.

  • Offering little finger sandwiches, pasta salad, and some light vegetables and dips are great options for a spring party.
  • You can even get a bit more creative if the guests will embrace it and go with a quiche or something along those lines for a true flavor of spring in the perfect way.
  • Finish off your perfect meal by incorporating the very best in spring party ideas and again keep it light. Go for light sorbets in pastel colors, tiny little dessert tarts, and even Easter candy to finish up the party in just the right way.

You can also use some ideas for easter party.


Spring Party Games

Spring party ideas are about keeping it light, having fun, and welcoming the season of all that is new.

Here are some creative spring party game ideas that you can incorporate into your party planning:

You can also get more inpirations from these spring party games.




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