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The Irish eyes are smiling as the season of St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us.

What better way to celebrate this most traditional Irish holiday than to incorporate some amazing St. Patrick's Day party ideas to celebrate in style?

St Patricks Day Invitations

You know that if you do nothing else at your adult parties or birthday parties, you must incorporate many wonderful green details for the ultimate experience.

As you invite guests, ask them to wear green, bring green foods, and bring their favorite green accessories or Irish songs. You will set the tone for the perfect St. Patrick's Day party immediately.

Create invitations that are not only green, which is essential, but also embrace another element of what the season is about. St. Patrick's Day are about celebrating all that is Irish.

If you are having adult parties, you could cut out an invitation or find one that is focused around beer - one of the fun things that this holiday is known for.

If you're planning kids' birthday parties or you are inviting families, be sure to use a shamrock. You could cut out a shamrock shape and make this the invitation itself, you then fill out all the details in green ink of course. This will set the tone for the very best St. Patrick's Day party ever!

St Patricks Day Games

Fun for the Irish at Heart

Whether you're Irish or not, you can still enjoy this holiday as if you are. Fun St Patricks Day party ideas are about embracing the culture and all the fun that it holds.

Be sure to get each guest a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" badge or button to wear. It's also fun to bring out hats in green that each guest can wear at the party. You could even incorporate some leprechaun hats to really spice things up.

The attire is a must and every guest just must come in their favorite green attire! Whether decked out in all green or incorporating green accents into their wardrobe, this will put everyone in the right mood to start things off just right.

Here are some creative St. Patricks' party games that you can incorporate into your party planning:

More full colors St Patricks Day games.


St Patricks Day Party Food

You want to serve the best in Irish cuisine. So whether you offer an entirely Irish menu or just have some favorites mixed in with your cuisine, you can make it a bit authentic in nature. Consider some favorite St Patricks Day party ideas that focus around food such as:

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage: An all time favorite, it's even easy for you as you can throw everything into the crock pot to cook until it's time to serve!
  • Irish Stew: Another easy one, be sure to include all the yummy chunky vegetables in this, particularly potatoes as they are a staple on this holiday.
  • Shepherd's Pie: You can make this ahead of time by layering the meat, vegetables, cheese, and mashed potatoes. Then the only thing you have to do is throw it in the oven for cooking while the guests have fun.
  • Irish Soda Bread: This is an easy to make and very traditional Irish bread, so it should be included with whatever you serve.

Above all else, be sure you have some green foods. You can get creative and really have fun with these St Patricks Day party ideas:

Include any foods that you can think of to play up this important color such as green olives, green pepper, green jello, green lettuce, green grapes, and green Kool-Aid or adult beverages to drink. You can use green food coloring to dress up any other favorite foods you plan to put on the menu.

Keep things fun and incorporate some Irish music and you may just find the guest doing the jig by the end of the party!




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