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Coolest Summer Party Ideas' CollectionI always feel that the best summer party ideas are the ones that really celebrate the coolest things that summer has to offer. From a glistening summer pool party where wet is cool to the greasy summer barbeque party that turns spitting watermelon into an "Olympic"-worthy event, there are so many party themes to explore and enjoy!

We've already collected the most creative ideas that you can use in summer day:


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Here are some that I found that were just awesome and that make planning a summer party as momentous as your next event!


Summer Splash Beach Pool Party

Summer Party Decorations Summer Party Food Ideas

Summer Party Desser Cups

Summer Splash Beach Pool Party by


If you're going for an elegant summer party that has a "Martha Stewart" feel to it, then a beach theme would give you an opportunity to meld the crisp look of a nautical theme with the cool blue hues of the ocean for a beautiful event. Add lots of browns to play off of the look of sand for your summer party decorations.

You may even want to include a beach inspired desert table with items laid out on a bed of crushed vanilla wafers that look like sand. You can give your décor a bit more pop by infusing splashes of color by including favors or pictures of bright tropical fish. The summer party food that is featured is very inviting. I was captivated by the "water" dessert cups that seem to have a natural flow and the use of craft paper take-out boxes which seem like they would give the guests a very earthy and tactile experience at this event.


Surfing Themed Birthday Party

Summer Party Flip Flop Pinata

Surfing Party by


It doesn't get much cuter than a "flip flop" piñata! That's one of the summer party games that can make a surfing themed party work for your kids summer party. Anything relative to surfing should feature some type of water play and surfboards. One way to accomplish this is by playing a game like water hose limbo where you spray the water across and the guests have to try to limbo underneath the spray!

Get too close and your guests could get as wet as if they were at a summer pool party! The summer party ideas that they present include lots of surf and beach inspired goodies that would definitely keep the kids happy during your party!



Leapin Lizards Giada Is Two

Summer Party Gecko Cookies

Gecko Cookies by


Turning something as slithery as a lizard into one of the most charming little girl's summer birthday party themes that I've ever seen took great creativity and finesse. Summer party ideas rarely include anything that would make the guests say, "Ew"! But, this one puts a whole different spin on squiggly green things that usually freak us out. I was totally blown away with this summer party theme idea and how absolutely adorable the geckos were made to look.

The gecko cookies looked really delicious! Everyone will want to take a bite of these critters. Using buckets full of useful beach items including "lizard" lotion, which I'm guessing was actually sunscreen, made for the perfect party favors! Incorporating lizard visors for all of the guests and some fun crawling games would have been great add-ons for this or any kids summer party!


Kid Mermaid Party

Summer Party Queen of the Sea

Kid Mermaid Party by


Your child could make a big splash by having a mermaid party. Mystical summer party ideas such as underwater worlds and magical talking fish have intrigued little girls for ever. This party planner opted not to go a more commercial route by building her party on a popular mermaid character, but let the partygoers imaginations reign supreme when it came to having fun.

I really like that she didn't feel compelled to stick to just the popular, but let the summer party theme idea have the greater influence. I think that there could have been a little more use of colors and adding a dress-up element would have made the event more engaging for little girls. But, the "Queen of the Sea" crown activity could put a smile on any little mermaid's face, and I'm sure that digging with shells was super fun also!


Beach Party Ideas

Sunglass for Summer Party

Beach party by


Summer party ideas that include realistic party décor have an understated charm to them. The beach party that they suggest would be just that, very understated yet simple enough that it can be put on very inexpensively and just about anywhere. For an older crowd, this summer party theme idea could have a little more flair and a hint of elegance if you requested for all of the females to wear something flowing and perfect for walking on the beach such as a sarong or a summer rose party dress.

So pretty and very delicate, your guests will be able to envision themselves canvassing the sand. Add some fun to the festivities by hosting a Sunglasses Fashion Show! Too cool!



Waterproof Beach Bag Party Craft

Summer Bardeque party Bag

Waterproof Beach Party by


Easy to make….Reusable…Waterproof…I think I've found the perfect accessory for summer! This is a very cool activity that can be incorporated into just about any summer party themes that you can come up with. The bag doesn't necessarily HAVE to be for the beach. It could be used as just a waterproof bag. Kids will enjoy this activity if it were one of the summer birthday party ideas that you used to keep them busy and really into your event.

This bag could also work as a part of a summer barbeque party because you could have people make the bag and then send each guest off with some goodies to go in it like a little watermelon!



Beach Wedding Party Ideas

Summer Beach Wedding Party

Summer Beach Party Decoration

Beach Weddin Party by


Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. A wedding also presents a fantastic opportunity to blend together a bunch of the best summer party ideas that you can come up with in order to have the day that you have always dreamed about. Those that love sand and surf will relish having a wedding with a beach theme. To give the wedding and reception a very natural ambiance, be sure to include lots of real sea items such as stunning starfish and pretty shells.

Not only will these summer party decorations add panache to your affair, but they can be easily returned to their habitat after the event for the next person to enjoy! This wedding was very casual, yet chic. It made for a comfortable and relaxed affair, especially with the pillow seating. Understanding that many of your guests will be wearing summer party dresses, you may want to be sure that the pillows are made of a material that won't stain when wet!

I fell in love with the idea of turning a Frisbee into a summer party invitation! Fun and very personal because each would need to be hand-delivered, this was a great summer party idea for a small gathering. Also, it's a fabulous way to get people excited about the fun that they will actually have at the event. To take it a step further, try to get the Frisbees screen printed with a picture of the birthday boy or girl on it.

This will turn that Frisbee into a real keepsake. For this beach party, really play with the Frisbee idea by serving the food in Frisbees! That would be awesome! Be sure that your summer party menu is "Frisbee"-friendly.


Pool Party And Water Games

Summer Pool Party Game Summer Pool Party Eating Competition

Pool Party and Games by

Let's get wet with a summer pool party! With the dog days of summer, it's only natural that people love any type of water play that they can get into, and everyone will want their party to be the wettest and most wild event that their guests have ever attended. Tweens, kids ages 8-12, love a good summer pool party and all of the games that go along with it.

With this party, the kids did everything from catching water bombs to rousing game of volleyball, and it seemed like the summer party ideas just wouldn't stop flowing. I totally loved the watermelon eating game, and would add something like a water balloon balancing race too!

Pool parties are people magnets and super easy to pull off when planning a summer party.

It's hard to stay away from them because they always offer up tons of fun. The summer party menu for this super wet event should also be something to seriously consider. You should keep it light and try to stay away from things that can get soggy like hot dog rolls. Instead, opt for summer party foods like chicken wingettes and, of course, WATERmelon! Another really wacky summer party theme ideas is to turn your pool party into a summer Christmas party!

These summer party ideas could really add waves of fun to your pool party. Have someone dressed as Summer Santa and encourage everyone to wear Christmas colors such as green and red. Find the most delicious summer party punch recipes that you can and have Summer Santa serving them up to all of the pool elves that come for a good time! Incorporate the "Baby, it's cold outside" food ideas from this blog and you are sure to have a summer event that will be too cool!


"Sand" Cake

Summer Party Food

Summer Party Invitation

Sand Cake by


Who knew that a "sand" cake could be the sweetest part of a beach party? Using brown sugar to cover a cake in "sand" added an authentic touch to this watery event. They integrated many of the popular summer party ideas that most associate with beach parties such as using beach balls and surfing inspired pieces as a part of their summer party decorations. Using the beach balls as their summer party invitations was cool too!

The pinwheels were a nice way of making the event pop with color and a bit of whimsy. They could have used some other beach toys such as buckets or sand toys as a part of the décor to grab the kids interest a bit more.

You maybe also like to know how to make a birthday cake into a "Hermit The Crab"!


Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete Theme Party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

Take a peek at the great collection of Birthday Party Ideas that other visitors to our site have used and shared with us.


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