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It's difficult to describe what sort of a game this is. An old-fashioned parlour game? A magic trick? I say it's the ideal after-dinner game for your children's tea party, with a smattering of over-the-top acting thrown in!

Your children's tea party will no doubt be a whimsical affair and you will be looking for party games to match. "The Great Suprendo" fits this bill perfectly.

Before the game you will need to speak to one of the more confident party-goers and arrange a secret signal with them (e.g. when you scratch your nose) ... All will become clear!

When it is time to begin, gather the party-goers together. The child "in the know" should come to the front.

At this point you can do one of two things ... You can explain to the kids that you've devised a secret signal and that they have to guess what it is. Or (depending on your acting ability!) explain that the child has the incredible power of being able to mind-read!

"... In fact she knew there were going to be peanut butter sandwiches here this afternoon before the bread was buttered! This girl is amazing! Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Great Suprendo!"

(Incidentally, the Great Suprendo is just the name I've given to this mystery character. Change the name to fit with your theme - if you're holding a fairy tea party, call them "Esmeralda, The Phenomenally Fantastic Fairy" or some other appropriate name).

After milking the applause, send the Great Suprendo out of the room and close the door. Whisper to the party-goers that they have to choose a mystery object in the room for the Great Suprendo will have to guess by mind-reading. Let's say they agree on a teapot.

Call the Great Suprendo back into the room and explain that while they were out of the room, the other children have all agreed on a secret object. Explain that you are going to point out objects one by one and that she will have to spot (through reading your mind!) which one is the chosen object.

Go through a variety of objects one by one, to which the Great Suprendo should say "no".

"Is it the checked tablecloth?"


"Is it the newspaper?"


Immediately before the actual mystery object, scratch your nose or give whatever secret signal you have agreed upon. The Great Suprendo should react accordingly ...

(Scratch, scratch, scratch!) "Is it the teapot?"


The-Great Suprendo -Game -For-Child's Tea Party

Your party-goers should all be amazed! Repeat the game a few times, changing the mystery object for each play. If the kids are having difficulty realizing what is happening, explain to them that you're cheating and they are looking for a secret signal between the two of you! Make the nose-scratch more and more obvious until someone guesses correctly. (You can make this fun by really exaggerating it.)

The child that spots the secret signal gets a prize, and they can also then become the Great Suprendo. You will of course need to devise a new signal before playing again.

Perhaps a pair of kids will want to devise a signal of their own? Maybe even this second child will be secret as well? (Obviously the Great Suprendo has to secretly look their way to spot the signal!) Possible ideas for them to use are ...

  • Ask "is it this?" but when you get to the mystery object ask "is it that?"
  • Arrange that the mystery object will be the one after you've pointed to something red.
  • Cough just before you ask about the mystery object.
  • Use your right hand to point to the mystery object and your left for the others.
  • ... the variations are endless.

Although this isn't a game where there is a clear winner and prizes to be won, not every party game has to be. "The Great Suprendo' suits your children's tea party perfectly and is as entertaining for adults as it is for children. Let's hope you don't get an itchy nose at the wrong moment!

Chris Molnar

Article by Chris Molnar, who's hosted a tea party or two in his time. Take a look at other party ideas at his website, such as one for a Fancy Nancy party.

Image credit: Fedewild/Flickr


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