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Interesting tea birthday parties are a great way to combine the fun of a tea party with a little girl’s birthday party.

Although these tea parties for kids can be held almost anywhere, having them on a picnic table in a park or at a petting zoo gives these parties an extra special touch. With delicious tea party menu ideas, the birthday is sure to be a success.

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on tea party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the child birthday items you'll need:

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Tea Party Invitations

Tea party ideas are a great way to get your daughter involved in the party planning.

Cut out two shapes of a teapot and glue the edges together leaving the top open. A circle or "tea bag" can then be cut out of a coordinating piece of card stock. Write the birthday party information onto one side of the circle and attach it to the teapot with a length of heave cotton thread. Once this is finished, supply your little helper with crayons, glue, glitter, feathers, and other objects to decorate the outside of the teapots.

For more great tea birthday party ideas for invitations, use other tea party shapes such as a bonnet, a teacup, or even a doll or bear with a cute dress.

Small wooden boxes, available at the local craft shop, make great envelopes too. Use replica labels and a wood burning kit to make them look like old tea boxes. Other interesting "envelopes" for invitations can include inexpensive toys like plastic teapots, play purses, or even miniature baskets with lids. To deliver the invitation, purchase an antique looking bear and give her a party outfit and a party hat.

Decorating the face of an invitation is another good way to make tea party invitations.

Foam or felt can be used to make snacks, cups, saucers, and teapots that can be attached to the front of the card. If you would like invitations with a more personal feel, use a scrap of material on the front to make a picnic blanket and add miniature place settings. Then, let your little girl draw her guests onto separate pieces of paper that can be cut out and glued on the picnic setting.

Write fairy tale princess tea party invitations out onto a scroll. Use a length of paper and write out the decree:

"Here Ye, Here Ye. You are here by summoned to Castle (Your last name) for a tea party by request of Princess (your daughter's first name). Castle (your last name) can be found through the Sherwood Forest, past the house of the Seven Dwarf, and directly behind Cinderella's castle on (your address). Please send the footman with your reply or (your RSVP information.) The party starts at (Time) sharp."

Don't forget to check out these cute and printed invitations for kids Tea party ideas:

Winterberry Wish: Winterberry

Winterberry Wish : Winterberry
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Elegant Motif : Linen

Elegant Motif : Linen
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Wood Block Flowers : Rose

Wood Block Flowers : Rose
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Bright Tapestry : Chambord

Bright Tapestry : Chambord
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Quaint Floral : Vanilla

Quaint Floral : Vanilla
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Kids Tea Party Decorations

Outdoor Decorations

Tea party ideas for outside will largely depend on the location you are planning to hold the event.

Tablecloths or picnic blankets might be needed for the girls to enjoy their luncheon. Balloons, streamers, and ribbon can be used to decorate the party area. A sweetheart personalized birthday banner can be customized to match your theme and introduce guests to the party. A large white tent can be rented or made for the girls to party under.

Consider using pots of flowers to further emphasize the theme for your tea party ideas.

If you are having the party in your home, use lengths of lace and light airy fabrics on the walls and furniture. A dots and daisies personalized banner can be used along the front of the house or along one of the walls in the party space. You can even paint large pieces of cardboard to look like castle walls.

tea pot piƱata The tea pot piñata will give the guests lots of fun and look great. A large apple box can be covered in fabric and sat along one wall. (Grocery stores are a great place to find these!)

Then, decorate them with sequins, glitter, feathers, and fabric paint to make them look fancy. It can then be used to hold all sorts of dress up clothes for the girls to play with.

The tea party deluxe pack has the perfect set of tea party ideas for place settings. Each kit comes with a table cover, doilies, plates, cutlery, and napkins for eight party guests. The centerpiece, Mylar balloon, and confetti make the snack table look really smart and polished. Miniature stuffed animals, princess goblet, and light pink feather boa can also be used for fun and decoration.

To make your own candles, simply pour the wax into second hand cups and teapots. Be sure to set the wicks in first. At the party, set them around the table and use yellow and orange tissue paper for the flames.

I recommend these decoration kits for Kids Tea party ideas:

Tea Party Napkins

Tea Party Napkins
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Tea Party Stickers

Tea Party Stickers
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Tea Party Table Cover(Each)

Tea Party Table Cover (Each)
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Tea Party Foam Banner

Tea Party Foam Banner
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Tea Party Personalized Stickers

Tea Party Personalized Stickers
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Kids Tea Party Costumes

Dress in glamour and enjoy this dainty little tea party! If you are looking for the perfect homemade costume ideas for kids at a tea party, then you can really have fun with this. You want to dress your little girl in something fussy, dainty, and adorable! Think of a cute outfit, dress, or skirt that has a lot of ornate detail. Then find a hat that is poised and so cute that you can't resist. Let this be a special occasion where she can wear a bit of makeup and put on some beautiful jewelry. This is one of those things that little girls will remember about their childhood so by all means let them go all out and have some great memories to surround this!

The party guests and birthday girl are a great source of tea party ideas for costumes. Let them dress up in their favorite dress up clothes. To do this, just be sure to mention it in the invitation. Once the guests arrive, additional pieces such as hats, gloves, shoes, and other fashion items can be used to add to their outfits. To make this into an activity, you can even let the girls use make up and give each other makeovers.

If you will have male attendants at the tea parties for kids, have hats, gloves, and bowties available for them as well.

Here is a wonderful Tea party costume for girls Tea party ideas:

Tea Party Princess Child Costume

Tea Party Princess Child Costume
Price: $24.99

Tea Party Icebreaker Activities

Beautiful Dress Up

When you think of tea party ideas you likely think of all the beautiful dresses and outfits. If that's what you want to capture for your little girls then you absolutely must use this as the basis for a tea party icebreaker. In this activity the center of attention is just what you might think—a big dress up party! The girls can take turns checking themselves out in the mirrors that you put out when they dress in beautiful gowns, hats, purses, jewelry, and of course hats. This is so much fun and you can add a little extra something if you let the girls put on a tiny bit of makeup for a special touch if it's okay with the other parents. This is what girls love to do and it happens to work out very nicely for a tea party that you are hosting.

Tea Party Extravaganza

The whole center point of a tea party is the actual tea party itself. It sounds simple, right? However if you want this to be the perfect tea party icebreaker then you absolutely must make this special and significant and something to remember. In this type of party you set them up with a beautifully decorated table and make a special name card for their place at the table and place flowers everywhere. Then serve up tea or hot chocolate which may be more age appropriate. Serve up some beautiful little sandwiches that you make and cut to look dainty. Then put out all sorts of pastries, cookies, and other yummy treats. The girls will love it and you will have made them all feel very special indeed!

Playing in the Garden

A tea party is often hosted in and around a garden because it provides the perfect beautiful setting. In this tea party icebreaker, you set up a table and some fun activities in and around the garden. The activities themselves don't have to be too involved as the girls may have so much fun doing something as simple as picking flowers and making bouquets. You can invite them to try and find different types of flowers and get involved in some girlie activities such as painting the scenery. Just be sure that it centers around girlie types of things and that it features the things that they like to do in the perfect setting.

Creating Party Hats

One of the best tea party ideas is most definitely something that centers around the beautiful and rather ornate hats that guests wear at these affairs. If this sounds like something that your little girl might like, then why not turn this into an excellent tea party icebreaker activity? Put out some cardboard and if you want it to work really well trace and cut out the shapes of simple but cute hats. Then let the girls affix whatever they might like to the hats using glue sticks and coloring materials. Try glitter, feathers, jewels, and lots of paint, markers, and crayons. You can even let them use stickers to create a hat that is memorable and perfect for the occasion. This little craft keeps them busy, is centered around the theme of course, and is just so much fun for girls of all ages to enjoy!

Kids Tea Party Foods

Tea party menu ideas can include a teapot cake that be made one of two ways depending on your personal preference.

To make a 3D teapot cake, use a metal (and oven safe) bowl to bake your cake in. Once it is baked, flip it over onto a cake board and cut off the top. Then, with a wide spoon handle, “drill” a hole towards the center of the cake and fill it with pudding replacing the top when you are finished. Then, coat the cake with icing. To make the handle, use the wide round licorice by attaching it to the cake with wooden skewers. For the spout, thread marshmallows on a separate skewer and squish them together before adding it to the cake. The marshmallows can then be covered in icing to match the cake using a flat tip to hide the join.

For a flat teapot cake, use a round cake pan and an additional 9x13 pan to make your cake. Use a toothpick on the cake to mark out a spout and handle, then cut it out and lay it on a cake board next to the round cake. To make a handle, use a marshmallow cut in half length-wise. You can then ice the cake and decorate it or ice it and let the birthday girl add the teapot decorations. To add a lid, use a shell tip to make a semi-circle border around the top half of the circle.

The perfect tea party menu ideas should be items that are dainty and easy for the girls to eat. Try some of these simple tea party ideas:


  • Cucumber sliced onto bread with ranch dressing
  • Scones with cream cheese
  • Small pita sandwiches
  • Peanut butter and jam sandwiches cut into flower shapes


  • Iced tea with lemon curl garnishes on the side of the cups
  • Pink lemonade
  • Fruit juice punch (Just add lemon-lime pop.)

To dress up these drinks, make ice cubes with edible flowers in them or add the edible flowers directly into the drink. To make it look more realistic, serve them in glass bowls or in real teapots


  • Teapot or cup sugar cookies
  • Jelly beans in the party colors
  • Candy necklaces, bracelets, and watches

Tea Party Favors

The tea cup favor boxes are ideal to give to the guests at the end of an eventful day. In a tea party themed box, there is a blowout, stickers, ring, and necklace along with a delicious flower shaped cookie, notepad and pen.

Other tea party ideas for favors such as lip gloss, little girl’s nail polish, and perfume.

Here are some super creative favors for kids Tea party ideas:

Tea Party Ultimate Favor Set

Tea Party Ultimate Favor Set
Price: $ 9.99

Tea Party Deluxe Favor Set

Tea Party Deluxe Favor Set
Price: $5.99

Tea for You Party Favor Box

Tea for You Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

Tea Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Your Kids Tea Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Kids Tea Party Ideas for girls to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own kids tea party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete kids tea party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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