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Adolescents are definitely the hardest to please when planning a birthday celebration.

Ask any teen and you’ll discover there’s a fine line between cool and lame. Trying to find great teenage birthday party games can be challenging for this reason, but a few ideas will pass muster.

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Keep reading our suggestions for teen party games you might want to try.

Breaking the Ice

Even if all of the guests at the party go to the same high school, they may not know each other very well. Getting them to relax around one another so they can enjoy the rest of the festivities is important so you need to start off with some fun icebreakers for your teenage birthday party games.

With the help of your birthday teen, choose some celebrities, video games, television shows, movies, or things. Use squares of paper or Post-It notes then write one of the chosen phrases, words, titles, or names on the paper – create one piece of paper for each of your guests. When guests arrive, have each put their paper on their forehead without looking at what is listed.

Which is True?

They may be a bit resistant to this idea but if everyone is playing and if you are offering a great prize then they should participate. By asking and answering only yes or no questions, each guest needs to figure out who they are. The first person to do so gets the prize. The game is a great way to get guests up and moving.

Another fabulous ice breaker is Which is True? On this printable teen party game, guests fill in statements about themselves that will be read by the guest of honor. The other guests try to guess whose answers are being read.

Additionally, the game sheet lets guests write down three statements about themselves and one of them is a lie. Guests have to guess which statement isn’t true. This is a great way for guests to get to know one another better.

The Competition Heats Up

Finish  My Phrase

Once the party is underway, you’ll want to throw in some additional teenage birthday party games. A fun possibility is called Finish My Phrase.

You’ll need one sheet from this printable teen party game for each guest and for the guest of honor. First, the guest of honor completes the sheet by adding a word or words to what is listed in order to finish the phrase.

All of the guests compete by trying to match their finished phrases to that of the guest of honor’s responses.

The winner has the most correct matches and could receive a gift, such as a gift certificate to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or mall.

Riddle Me This

For a challenge, the Riddle Me This game makes an interesting addition to your teen party games. The game includes twenty riddles that can be customized with the birthday teen’s first name, such as “What does Kevin serve that can’t be eaten?”

Guests compete to answer all of the riddles as quickly as possible. Both a boy and a girl version are available depending on the gender of the birthday person.

Also, the host can relax because an answer key is also included so you don’t have to figure out the correct answers on your own. For this one, you might need to set a maximum time limit.

Otherwise, guests could be struggling to come up with the answers for the whole party.

Be careful not to plan for too many games. Guests will also want time to mingle, listen to music, enjoy the refreshments, and chill out. An icebreaker and one other printable teen party game would be a good mix. Just remember it’s a good idea to check with your own teen before finalizing your choice teenage birthday party games.


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