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Teen boys aren't the easiest crowd to please, but with plenty of good food and a theme like Tony Hawk as your guide, you can throw a party that they'll flip their boards for.

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on tony hawk party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the teenage birthday items you'll need:

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Tony Hawk Party Invitations

Get skaters to the party on time with one of these teenage party ideas for invitations.

  • On black cardstock, paint a rough version of "It's off the hook!" on the front. On the back, invite guests to "Jam with Tony Hawk at an awesome skateboard party!" List date, time, and location.
  • If you have pictures of the guests, or can discretely take them before the party, make copies of a picture of a skateboarder in action and cut out guests' faces to cover the heads on the pictures. Attach to cardstock and write "Catch some air at a Tony Hawk Boom Boom HuckJam party!" Scrawl time, date, and location across the bottom.
  • Cut out a skateboard shape from cardstock. Draw the Boom Boom HuckJam logo on the front, and then add the party time, date, and location on the back in graffiti or urban-style print.

Don't forget to check out these Tony hawk party invitations for Teenage party ideas:

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Invitations

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Tony Hawk Party Decorations

Announce your party with a Tony Hawk's boom boom huckjam personalized birthday banner. With two lines of 21 characters each, the list of possibilities is nearly endless. To reuse banner in the future, consider a generic message such as "Skate Party."

Cover the walls with bulletin board paper that looks like a brick or concrete wall. Use spray paint to write the boys' names on the wall in graffiti style. If you're artistic, try to recreate the Boom Boom HuckJam logo on the "wall" put it on a separately on a black background with white spray paint. (Note: You may want to do the spray painting outdoors if possible. Allow paint to dry before bringing paper indoors).

Scatter Tony Hawk Foam Hand around the room, attaching them to the walls or using them as table center pieces. Send them home after the party as fun keepsakes. Accent the décor with matching red, black, and white balloons.

You may not be able to put a real ramp in the party room, but a giant cardboard version will be almost as fun. Build it ahead of time, or let guests put these teenage party ideas into action. Create several large sheets of cardboard by disassembling appliance boxes. For the upright part of the ramp, tape the cardboard to the edge of a table or window ledge. Trace and cut the sides out and put them in place, taping the ramp down to create the curve. Repeat on the other side for a half pipe. Let Tony Hawk party guests decorate with paint or wide tip markers.

For the table, purchase Tony Hawk Party Supplies with the Boom Boom HuckJam theme on them.

Choose from 7" or 9" plates, cups, napkins, and placemats. Solid color coordinating party ware is also available, including cutlery, divided dinner plates, and table covers. Add a Tony Hawk party centerpiece for the finishing touch.

To keep the boys entertained while they eat, consider playing Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam North America Tour DVD.

I also recommend these Tony hawk party decorations for teenage party ideas:

Bowling Invitations

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Lunch Napkins
Price: $ 3.49

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Sticker Sheets

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Sticker Sheets
Price: $ 1.99

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Removable Wall Decorations

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $ 3.99

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Personalized Birthday Banner

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Personalized Birthday Banner
Price: $ 15.99

Bowling Bonanza : Fuchsia

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Foil Balloon
Price: $ 2.99

Tony Hawk Party Costumes

Skate for life and dress like a real skater! If you have ever seen a real live skater then you know that the attire is half the fun. In these homemade costume ideas for teens it’s a pretty simple concept to carry off. You can dress them in jeans that are loose and low fitting and a skater t-shirt. Go for one of the major brands as this has a following all its own and the kids will love wearing it. Give them a hat or let them brush their hair long over the eyes. Chances are that if you have a teen that loves skateboarding they already wear the attire all the time or you can pull these items out of the closet. Be sure that you send them with a skateboard and a helmet to complete the look too!

A good skater won't go far without his board, so get the creative juices flowing with a little board design with these boy's teenage party ideas. Have a piece of thin, flexible luan plywood (available from home improvement stores) cut into the shape of a skateboard deck on hand for each teen. (Cardboard would also work as an alternative).

Before the party, spray it with primer and allow it to dry. Set out paint, paintbrushes, and stickers for the boys to design, paint, and decorate their boards with. Take pictures of them posing with the finished product.

Tony Hawk Party Icebreaker Activities

Skate Park Visit

If you have ever tried to dream up teenage party ideas, then you know that this can be somewhat challenging at times. This is an age where they have very particular tastes and desires and you want to create something special, which is why a Tony Hawk party can be a perfect choice. This is a theme that works for nearly every teen as they get into this phase at some point in time. Sometimes the best way to celebrate such a theme is to keep it simple. Therefore if you want a great Tony Hawk party icebreaker plan a visit to a local skate park. You can have the food and cake in this theme at your house and then take them to a local skate park to burn off some energy and keep with the theme. This is easy enough for you to plan, keeps with the theme, and lets them do what they love to do.

Jumps and Spins

Creating your own fun, particularly in such a theme can be just as fun for you as it is for them. When you think of a Tony Hawk party icebreaker that is sure to please, consider setting up your own jumps and mini skate park right there at your house because this can work quite well and keep them entertained. You can build your own jumps for them to use on their skateboards and give them plenty of space to try out new tricks. Be sure that all the teens know to bring their boards, their helmets, and anything else they need to attempt such moves. They will love the opportunity to get in some practice and it works perfectly for this theme.

Video Game Championship

If you have yourself a big fan of Tony Hawk then chances are you own at least one of the video games. This can work really well as a Tony Hawk party icebreaker if you set it up in advance and make it an interesting type of championship. Rather than just having the teens sit around and play video games, keep it interesting. Let them try it while standing on their skateboard. Throw in other things that they need to do in between their play to keep them entertained. Set up certain criteria within the games that are not conventional which they have to adhere to or pass to move on in the championship. This is fun and since it introduces different twists, it can keep them entertained and having fun for hours on end!

Lessons for the Skater

Though your little skater may think that they are Tony Hawk chances are that they can always use a bit of improvement. So you may want to consider bringing in a professional to provide some lessons in this Tony Hawk party icebreaker. Though you may not land the man himself, you may very well find somebody in the area that provides professional skateboarding lessons. They may not need to teach the basics, but they can sure teach the kids some tricks. Though they may think that they are above this at first, they will quickly realize that this is an awesome activity and that it will just make them better. You just have to organize the group lesson with a qualified professional and they will have fun practicing their favorite hobby.

Tony Hawk Party Foods

Teenage boys need a lot of drink to wash down all of the food they'll eat! Consider these teenage party ideas:

  • Bottled sports drinks -- Chill them on ice in coolers if possible.
  • Tony Hawk sports bottle – With a big 25 oz capacity, these water bottles will make anything seem cool!

Serve up some serious grindage with these teenage party ideas.

  • Pizza – You can't go wrong with a giant pie (or three). Don't expect leftovers in a hungry crowd!
  • Nachos – Pile them high with salsa, cheese, olives, jalapenos, sour cream, and chicken or beef.
  • Party Subs – These three or four foot long sandwiches are perfect for the boys! Order them from a sandwich shop or deli, or make your own.
  • Chicken wings – Serve hot wings with a cool buffalo dipping sauce.

When the food runs out, there's always cake! Try one of these skater-inspired designs.

  • Tony Hawk boom boom huckjam cake toppers setCupcakes are fast and easy when you top each one with a Wheel Yo-Yo. Simple place one on top of store-bought or homemade cupcakes and serve.
  • Feature a skateboarder at your Tony Hawk party with a Tony Hawk boom boom huckjam cake toppers set. Bake a sheet cake or layer cake and ice in party theme colors of red, black, and white. Place the skateboard ramp and skater cake topper on the cake.
  • This is a cake that even a novice can easily take on! Begin with a sheet cake and cover it with white icing. Next, use a toothpick to sketch out a skateboard outline, and then fill it in completely with black icing. After that, use a flat tip with a decorator bag to draw the Tony Hawk Boom Boom HuckJam logo on the surface of the board. Next, use a large round tip to add the 3D trucks and wheels. Finally, switch to red icing to add the trim around the edges of the cake.

Tony Hawk Party Favors

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam favor boxes are full of teenage party ideas that skaters will love! Each easy-to-assemble box comes complete with a glo stick, Pop Rocks, a laser spinner, skateboard key chain, and tattoo. The Boom Boom HuckJam sticker sheets, included with the favor boxes, are the perfect addition to the skateboard decks the boys made. Sticker sheets are available separately, so it'll be easy to have enough for everyone.

Here are some creative Tony hawk party favors for Teenage party ideas :

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Party Favor Box

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Party Favor Box
Price: $ 4.99

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam 9 oz. Cups

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam 9 oz. Cups
Price: $ 23.49

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Empty Favor Boxes

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $ 2.99

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Sports Bottle

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Sports Bottle
Price: $ 2.99

Tony Hawk Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable teenage birthday party games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the teenage birthday party and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here is a cool Tony hawk pinata for your Teenage party ideas:

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam 23' Skateboard Pinata

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam 23" Skateboard Pinata
Price: $ 22.99

Tony Hawk Party Thank You Notes

Score big with pictures of the guys with their self-designed skateboards! Stick to the party colors and use red or black cardstock to attach the picture, either in a folded card or on a sheet picture frame style. Accent the picture with a Boom Boom HuckJam sticker. Use puff paint to scrawl each boy's name across the border graffiti-style and let dry before delivering to guests.

Also check out this Tony hawk party thank you note for your Teenage Party Ideas :

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Thank-You Notes

Tony Hawk's New Boom Boom HuckJam Thank-You Notes
Price: $ 3.59

Your Teenage Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their teenage party ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own Teenage party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete teenage party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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