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Kids of all ages will race into the fun when you throw a NASCAR birthday party. Follow these tips and strap yourself in for an unforgettable day with these kids party ideas' collection!

And you don't have to to search around forever trying to find the best deal on Nascar party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday items you'll need:

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Nascar Party Invitations

Send out one of these invitations, and you'll have guests racing over for a NASCAR theme party idea in no time!

  • Does your NASCAR fan have a favorite driver? If so, use cardstock to cut out the number, leaving two digits connected. On the front, inside the number, write "Welcome, Race Fans!" On the back or inside, add "We're throwing a party that even (driver's name) can't beat! Don't miss rookie (child's name) in the number (age) car as he burns up the track! The race begins on (date) at (time), (location)."
  • Cut a racecar shape out of card stock and allow your child to decorate it. Make copies of the original onto more cardstock and cut out for invitations. Invite guests to "Race over for NASCAR birthday fun! (Name) is joining the team in the number (age) car, and we're starting the season with a party!" Include party time, date, and location.
  • Take a picture of the birthday boy in a racer driver costume and put in inside a card. On the front of the card, decorate to look like a checkered flag.

    Write "And the winner is…" on the flag pattern. Inside, beneath your child's picture, write "(Name) in the number (age) car! Join us in the winner's circle at (location) on (date)! Gates open at (time of party)."

 Here are some wonderful kids Nascar invitation for your theme party idea:

NASCAR Full Throttle Invitations

NASCAR Full Throttle Invitations
Price: $3.59

NASCART Full Throttle Invitations

NASCAR™ Full Throttle Invitations
Price: $4.99 pkg/8

Nascar Party Decorations

In NASCAR, the race is for the checkered flag. Welcome party guests track-side with Racing Flags along the path up to the door. Add green and red flags and draw lanes on the driveway with chalk to complete the track scene.

Inside, the Racecar personalized birthday banner is a fun way to show sponsorship for your favorite driver! Add to the track feel by displaying the numbers of all of your favorite cars. Make them from poster board and display them against the wall, or, to be really authentic, hang them from the ceiling pit-road style.

Jr. Champion racer inflatable race car Every track has a car or two parked out for display, so keep with the trend by having an inflatable racecar on site. Kids up to 60 lbs can take a turn behind the wheel. They'll feel like superstars, so keep your camera ready to catch images of the newest celebrity drivers on the track!

Safety is a big concern for NASCAR officials, so use flashing round safety lights to mark the course. Designate a "no racing" zone near concessions to avoid accidents!

Another use for those flashing lights is on guests' very own stock or pace cars! Their imaginations will race when you give them an assortment of large boxes and markers or washable paints. Assist each crew chief with cutting and shaping his box, then let them burn rubber and decorate!

Every race day is a party, so be sure to hang plenty of streamers and balloons. Use the colors of your favorite drivers for a personal touch. Always a favorite theme party idea decoration, you'll crank the celebration up a notch by adding these festive touches!

Set the table with the NASCAR party supply pack, which comes with all of the plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery you'll need for a crew of eight, including a table cover and activity placemats. Also included are balloons, confetti, two racing flags, streamers, and more. Additional supplies are available.

I recommend these creative Nascar decorating kits for theme party idea:

NascarĀ® Wall Graphics

Nascar® Wall Graphics
Price: $14.99 pkg/25

NascarT Stickers

Nascar™ Stickers
Price: $1.99 pkg/2

NascarT Mylar Balloon

Nascar™ Mylar Balloon
Price: $2.99 each

NascarT Beverage Napkins

Nascar™ Beverage Napkins
Price: $2.49 pkg/16

NASCAR Full Throttle Sticker Sheets

NASCAR Full Throttle Sticker Sheets
Price: $1.99

Nascar Lunch Napkins (16 count)

Nascar Lunch Napkins (16 count)
Price: $3.49

Nascar Party Costumes

Calling all drivers to the race of the century! If your kids are into NASCAR then you have yourself one of the easiest homemade costume ideas for kids possible. The good news here is that you likely already have whatever you need to get them dressed up in the house. You want to supply them with their own racing t-shirt or sweatshirt, jacket, and of course hat. They can get something in their favorite driver’s car number or something that pays tribute to them. There isn’t an actual costume for this, just deck them out in their favorite NASCAR gear and watch them have so much fun!

To really shift your NASCAR birthday party into high gear, ask guests to come dressed in their favorite driver's team clothing. If guests don't have licensed tees, they can wear solid colors.

Alternatively, ask everyone to bring a tee shirt that matches their favorite NASCAR team and have an assortment of fabric or puff paints at the party so guests can decorate with car numbers or sponsor logos. Allow shirts to dry during the party for a very cool souvenir.

Here are some wonderful kid Nascar costumes:

Cleopatra Black and Gold Plus Adult Costume

NASCAR #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Child Costume
Price: $9.99

Greek Goddess Adult Costume

NASCAR "I'm At The Races" Camo Romper
Price: $16.99

Nascar Party Icebreaker Activities

Bring in a Professional

When kids feel strongly about something that they love, they really are interested in every aspect of it. If NASCAR is the theme party idea that you go with then you want to introduce a certain aspect of it that is sure to wow them. In this NASCAR party icebreaker you bring in a professional. Though the chances aren’t good that you will end up landing an actual professional NASCAR driver, you may be able to get a professional race car driver from a local level. You may even be able to get somebody who works on the car or even the car itself. With a bit of research you can find a company that hires these people out or you may even have a connection of your own. If you can have somebody who is part of NASCAR come in and talk to the kids, they will be amazed!

Cross the Finish Line

Setting up your own racing atmosphere can work so well for a fun NASCAR party icebreaker. You can let the kids race around in toy cars or even race mini race cars for fun. Just be sure that you set up a whole race track area with plenty of space for them to race around in. This is fun and interactive and all you need is toy cars that are either big enough for them to vroom around in themselves or a bunch of toy race cars that they can send sailing through the race track on their part. This is so fun because it pulls in the fun racing theme and it makes them feel as if they are a part of NASCAR so it works well on both accounts. If you put in the special touches they will feel like they just crossed onto a race track!

Viewing and Cheering Party

Kids that love NASCAR absolutely adore every single aspect of it! In this fun NASCAR party icebreaker you simply put on a big race and all the special things that they need to cheer on their favorite driver and car. This sounds simple, but in all honesty it’s what the kids want to do. If you can put out all the favorite snacks and invite them in advance to come dressed in their best NASCAR gear, it will really make it special. For this theme party idea it’s all about celebrating the big races and this is a very fun way to do it. Give the kids their own area to watch the game on a big TV and then give them plenty of snacks. Give them items to cheer with such as signs and they will feel like they are right there at the race!

Make Your Own License Plate

You need to do a little bit of work ahead of time, but it’s well worth the fun. In this NASCAR party icebreaker the kids all get to make their own license plates. That may not sound like it’s easy, but you would be amazed. You pick up some foam or a similar type of material that they can turn into a license plate. You cut each one out in the shape of a rectangle and give them room to decorate away. You give them stickers, foam markers, paints, or whatever else they might need and let them create their very own license plate that they get to take home with them. They may decorate it like their favorite driver or they may just make it their own, but it will always last as a fun memory for them!

Nascar Birthday Party Foods

It gets hot out there on race day! Try some of these NASCAR theme party ideas to quench their thirst.

  • Lemonade – A cool, refreshing drink for hot days on the asphalt.
  • Sweet tea – Trace NASCAR back to its roots with this southern favorite.
  • Cool slush – Use shaved ice and the flavored drink of your choice to create this refreshing slurry.

Nothing says NASCAR like tailgating! Serve up some of these track favorites at your NASCAR birthday party!

  • Hot dogs – Offer up all the fixin's for racing fans: ketchup, mustard, onions, relish, chili, and cheese.
  • Pizza – Always a concession favorite, you can make these yourself. Arrange a few rows pepperoni around the crust to make pizzas that resemble tires.
  • Soft pretzels – These fan favorites are even better when you offer a side of mustard or cream cheese for dipping.
  • French fries – A big pile of French fries is the perfect companion to any meal, or serve a la carte.
  • Fried Mozzarella sticks – You can bake these for a healthy twist on a kid favorite.
Welcome them to Victory Lane with any theme party idea for a racing cake!
  • You can't go wrong with cupcakes. A simple black and white checkered flag pattern is easy to do and perfect for any NASCAR party!
  • Turn a sheet cake into a track fit for your racing legend! Pipe in a track around the perimeter of the cake using black icing. Add surrounding details, such as the grandstand or pit road -- if you're feeling artistic. When the icing details are complete, arrange Die-Cast metal cars around the track. Be sure to clean them carefully and dry thoroughly before placing them on the cake.
  • If you're up for a challenge, then the racercar cake pan will take you straight for the winner's circle. The pan comes with complete decorating advice and instructions right on the insert.

Nascar Birthday Party Favors

Send your favorite pit crew off in style with racing helmets. Bright assorted colors let them match hues with their favorite drivers on the track!

Checkout the following some creative Party Favors:

NASCAR Full Throttle Party Favor Box

NASCAR Full Throttle Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

NASCAR Full Throttle Party Favor Kit

NASCAR Full Throttle Party Favor Kit

Nascar Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the child birthday party and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here are some super Nascar pinatas for your Theme party idea:

Cleopatra Black and Gold Plus Adult Costume

Car Pinata
Price: $11.99 each

Race Car Pinata

Race Car Pinata
Price: $15.99

Nascar Party Thank You Notes

Be sure to take pictures of guests and they work on their race cars or take a spin in the inflatable version. Have prints made, and let the birthday star scrawl his thank you on the back of the photo, celebrity style. Finish off the message with an autograph, and party guests will be able to say "I knew him when…"!

Also check out these great printed Nascar party thank you notes:

NASCAR Full Throttle Thank-You Notes

NASCAR Full Throttle Thank-You Notes
Price: $3.59

NascarT Invites/Thank You Notes Combo

Nascar™ Invites/Thank You Notes Combo
Price: $3.99 pkg/16

Your Theme Party Idea

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Theme Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own theme party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete theme party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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